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How to Choose the Best Bathroom Tiles for Your Home

Choosing your new bathroom tiles can often be overwhelming. After all, there are an infinite number of possibilities, each with the power to create its own distinct style in your project. The process of selecting bathroom tiles can be quite straight forward though, following just a few simple steps: Hone into the design style you are after, select an appropriate tile size or format, mix and match tiles to create a unique feature wall, understanding which tiles will need continued maintenance and of course, finish off your tile selection with a suitable grout.

Settle on a Design Style

The very best way to get started on selecting your new bathroom tiles is to spend a little time to consider the specific design style you want to achieve. By selecting a design style, you are effectively narrowing down the many options available, making your decision that much simpler. Consider the overall look and feel you want to create in your new bathroom. Are you going for a luxury hotel vibe? Glamorous glass and sleek metallic tiles may offer the ideal look. Considering a more traditional, timeless style? You may want to consider elegant subway tiles or ornately patterned floor tiles to create that authentic vintage style in your home.

Porcelain floor tilesA highly versatile porcelain tile, the Mountains collection includes various tile formats to allow for an incredible amount of choice when it comes to creating your own individual design style.


Size Preferences

Tiles are available in an assortment of unique shapes and sizes, from the smallest of mosaics to oversized porcelain slabs. Each tile format brings its own unique characteristic to your bathroom design: Mosaic tiles create pattern, movement and texture in your space while large format rectangular pieces inject your design with an opulent and sleek finish. When deciding on the size of your new bathroom tiles, you will also want to take your room’s dimensions into consideration to ensure your selections are in proportion with the space. Contrary to popular belief, large format tiles can make quite the impact in a smaller sized bathroom as they have the ability to create a sense of space in the room. They will also work within a larger bathroom’s proportions, blending in seamlessly with the overall scale of the space. 

Washington porcelain tile collectionWorking in proportion with the room’s overall size, the Washington tiles featured in this ultra-modern bathroom design create a tranquil vibe in this space.

Mix and Match

Create your ideal material and colour scheme by mixing and matching different tile designs and finishes for a well-balanced and unique look. A general rule of thumb when it comes to selecting tiles is to stick to a maximum of three different tile styles or formats in the one room. Any more than three different designs can lead to an overwhelming outcome, with too many finishes competing for attention in the one space. Get creative with your selections: Use larger format floor tiles with contrasting wall tiles for example, and complete your look with a show-stopping feature wall. There are many ways to mix and match both tile sizes and styles in the bathroom – you will find plenty of inspiration in our recent blog post: 5 Ways to Mix & Match Tiles Sizes in your New Bathroom.

bathroom wall tilesA flawless reproduction of concrete, the Windmill porcelain tile range includes textured pieces with complimenting smooth finished tiles, allowing the use of different textures in your design without becoming an overwhelming feature. 

Consider Maintenance

Another all important factor to consider when selecting your new bathroom tiles is their required maintenance. Tiles by nature are generally extremely simple to maintain, offering incredible strength and durability. Certain materials however, will require a little more effort over time to ensure they maintain their integrity and quality finish. Natural stone tiles for example, will require regular cleaning and sealing in order to keep the surface from marking or staining, an important factor to consider when making your final selection. Porcelain tiles on the other hand, will not require the same ongoing maintenance and make for an excellent alternative in the bathroom, especially for a high traffic busy home!

mosaic bathroom tilesCalacatta marble tiles provide the ultimate luxury finish for the bathroom, pairing extremely well with just about any other colour to create a sleek look. Being a natural stone, Calacatta marble bathroom tiles will require sealing to ensure the surface maintains its quality. 

Selecting a Grout Colour

Although often overlooked during the selection process, your choice in grout can be a crucial decision. Depending on the shape and colour of your selected bathroom tiles, your grout colour can either become a standout feature in itself or blend inconspicuously into the background, pulling attention back to your selected tile’s colour or texture. A darker coloured grout paired with contrasting light coloured tiles for example, will emphasise the pattern of your tile’s shape, making this option especially effective with feature shapes such as lanterns, circles or hexagons. A grout of the same hue as your tiles though, will blend into the background to create a much smoother and more uniform finish. 

Cabra colour porcelain tilesOur fabulous Cabra porcelain tile collection features an assortment of playful colours in varying sizes, perfect for floors, walls and even swimming pools. Emphasising a grid pattern, a white grout has been used in this designer bathroom in contrast with the deep orange small format tile to create a soothing feature in this space.

Creating your perfect colour scheme and design style in your new bathroom can be an incredibly exciting process! Our knowledgeable team at Perini Tiles can assist you in selecting the best bathroom tiles and suitable grout to create the exact look you are after in your new bathroom