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How to Choose Kitchen Splashback Tiles

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Tiles are perhaps the most popular kitchen splashback option and with good reason: The right kitchen splashback tiles can create the perfect complement to your overall kitchen design scheme and colour palette while also providing an exceptionally low maintenance finish. As tiles are available in a vast range of colours, shapes, patterns and even materials, the possibilities are truly endless!  There are a few things to consider when you are looking to choose kitchen splashback tiles however, from the particular style, shape or colour as well as the most suitable materials for your kitchen design scheme. 

Creating a Kitchen Colour Scheme

The first step in selecting the perfect kitchen splashback tiles is to carefully consider how all of your kitchen’s colours and finishes will work together. Ensure you have sample pieces of your new kitchen benchtop, cabinetry and flooring in order to ensure your new splashback tiles will tie in perfectly in your design scheme. 

Using the colours present in your range of kitchen materials as a reference, finding tiles that will tie the look together becomes much simpler. A few techniques to consider when creating the perfect kitchen colour scheme include:

  • Matching your splashback with your flooring: You can choose to match your kitchen splashback tiles with your new flooring while using contrasting materials for your benchtop and cabinetry. This style creates a wonderfully balanced look in the kitchen and is perfect for colour schemes that use a minimal palette.
  • Matching your benchtop and splashback: Create a seamless look by matching your splashback’s colour with your kitchen benchtop while using your cabinetry to contrast the tones. This style creates a sleek and elegant look in the space and is a perfect fit for classically styled interiors.
  • Create a feature splashback: Alternatively, you can opt for a feature splashback that completely contrasts your kitchen’s colour scheme, creating a bold and dramatic touch in your new design. This design style works best when your benchtop and cabinetry match in colour as this will allow your feature splashback tiles to be the focal point of the design. 

How to Choose Kitchen Splashback Tile Types & Materials

There are many different types of kitchen splashback tiles to choose from such as tactile mosaic tiles, traditional subway tiles and luscious handmade ceramic tiles. The key to selecting the perfect kitchen splashback tile is to not only keep your overall design scheme in mind but also ensure the tile’s material meets your needs and design goals. 

There are many different tile materials to choose from when it comes to finding the right kitchen splashback tiles, from shining glass to luscious marbles, durable porcelain, handmade ceramic tiles and more. These options will all create a spectacular finish in your next kitchen renovation or design project however, it is important to select the right material for your intended application. 

Glass tiles for example, offer a sleek, glossy surface finish that is super simple to wipe clean making it an excellent material choice for the kitchen. Glass is a popular material most often used in mosaic tile designs as it can be coloured and shaped into virtually any style, shape or pattern. Paired with a quality epoxy grout, glass mosaic tiles offer an elegant and timeless choice for a kitchen splashback that is both easy to clean while also providing many versatile options in terms of colour, shape and pattern. 

kitchen Moda splash back tiles

 Moda mosaic tiles are an enamelled recycled glass tile that is  perfect as a kitchen splash back as they create an impressive textural and tactile finish

Porcelain tiles are another excellent choice for the kitchen, offering the unique benefit of allowing their use as both a wall and floor tile. With this versatility in mind, you have the option of matching you kitchen flooring with your new splashback; a technique that works especially well in modern or contemporary kitchen designs where minimal colour variations are desired. Porcelain tiles offer an impressive range of benefits in the kitchen as they are resistant to fire, water, scratching and staining making them a popular choice for the home kitchen. 


 Porcelain tiles are incredibly dense and durable while also being impervious to moisture, resistant to fire, staining and even scratching. These exciting qualities make porcelain tile an excellent choice for the kitchen that can be used as both a splashback option as well as an easy to maintain kitchen floor tile. This award winning kitchen designed by Glen Co Building Group uses our designer tiles to create a stylish splashback feature.

Ceramic tiles can also be used in the kitchen, making for quite an impactful feature or statement piece in your new design. As ceramic tiles are often softer than their porcelain counterparts, they are normally restricted to vertical applications only and usually cannot be used as floor tiles. This quality has led to more creative and impactful designs being created in ceramic tile collections, from incredibly patterned tiles that feature etchings and raised surfaces to wonderfully handmade products and even perfect replicas of trending materials such as pressed tin, offering a low maintenance alternative solution for the home.

Avanos handmade look tiles

As ceramic tiles are often restricted to wall applications only, more ornate and decorative designs can be created to create the perfect feature element in your new kitchen design. The Brazilian made Avanos collection is a ceramic tile specifically designed to simulate a natural handmade look tile

Thanks to the many different materials, shapes, colours and patterns available to choose from, you will find endless kitchen and splashback tile options and combinations that will help you to create that perfect look in your next kitchen design project. Choosing the perfect tiles is simple when you take the time to carefully plan your overall kitchen colour scheme and the final look you want to achieve in the space while also considering the specific materials and qualities you are after in your new splashback. Following these simple steps, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your next kitchen design project!