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How to Choose Floor Tiles: 6 Floor Tile Options

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When it comes to selecting your new floor tiles, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind in order to find the most suitable fit; these include: budget, materials, maintenance and style. Each of the following floor tile options will provide you with a durable and long lasting solution for the home however each option will suit a different style of interior design, sit in a different price bracket and will require different maintenance techniques to ensure the product’s longevity.

Porcelain Floor Tile Options

Perhaps one of the most popular floor tile options, porcelain tiles are available in many varied solutions in terms of style, budget, shape and even size. You will find small, mosaic tile porcelain options available as well as jumbo-sized porcelain tiles that provide an incredible flooring solution that will effectively minimise grout-lines, allowing for a low maintenance finish in the home. Many designer tile options in porcelain collections are specifically designed to simulate the look and feel of materials such as concrete, timber, natural stone and more, allowing you a versatile range of styles to choose from. Porcelain tiles are a popular choice as a floor tile option as they are well known for being resistant to scratching, staining, moisture and heat, making them ideal for any application. These tiles are also non-porous, meaning they will not require sealing.

Dante Timber Tiles_Floor Tile Options

Porcelain tiles are available in an endless range of options: from tiles that effortlessly replicate the natural look and feel of real timber such as our Dante Range to stone look or concrete look tiles.

Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta tiles offer a luscious, earthy atmosphere with their distinct warm, rusty tones and tactile finish. These tiles are often handmade and will show irregularities in their shape, size, texture and colour as a result of the handcrafting process. These qualities enhance their charm, making them an irresistibly ‘touchable’ surface finish that can be used as a flooring solution in your home’s interior spaces. Terracotta tiles can be left unglazed however, this leaves them susceptible to moisture as the material is porous. In order to keep them best protected, unglazed terracotta tiles will require sealing. Glazed terracotta tiles on the other hand will not require sealing as the baked-on glaze acts as a protective barrier.

Prato Terracotta Tiles_Floor Tile Options

Our Prato terracotta tiles provide a warm and rustic floor tile option for the home. Handmade in Mexico, these tiles will each differ in shape, texture and colour, offering a warm sense of character and charm in any application.

Encaustic Tiles

Encaustic tiles are another handmade option using a combination of wet cement with pigments added in to create colours. The cement mixture is poured into stencils or moulds (or sometimes designs are completely freestyled by the Artisan!) and then run through a hydraulic press to extract air pockets from the tile. The tiles are then left to dry out, resulting in a durable material for the home. These tiles are well known for their impressive patterns and intricate designs as well as their dusty colour tones, making them a timeless choice for any area of the home.

The Beach Club Encaustic Tiles_Floor Tile Options

The stylish Beach Club encaustic tile collection draws inspiration from retro themed colour palettes to create a warm, vibrant and earthy feel in any space.

Similar to terracotta tiles, encaustic tiles are also porous and will require sealing. This floor tile option can however make for a spectacular solution to tile your home’s interior flooring and covered outdoor spaces, adding a vibrant touch in every space. It is important to note however that although encaustic tiles can be used in the bathroom, they are best avoided as a shower base solution. Additives in our water systems as well as ingredients in most shampoos and cleansers can cause damage to these tiles over time.

Natural Stone Floor Tile Options

Natural stone floor tile options can be used throughout your home’s interior spaces for a luxurious and timeless quality. From various varieties or marble to limestone, slate and more, natural stone tiles have long been a favourite floor tile option thanks to their elegant and classic charm. Once again, these tiles are porous and will require sealing however, natural stone tiles provide an incredibly long lasting and durable floor tile option that offers the added benefit of allowing for professional rejuvenation when needed.

Greg Natale Marmo Marble Tiles_Floor Tile Options

Greg Natale’s Marmo II collection combines a selection of different naturally occurring marble colours to create a distinct look in any application.

Glass Floor Tile Options

Glass tiles are most commonly in a mosaic format with a range of exciting shapes to choose from including penny round tiles, hexagon tiles, square tiles and more. Glass mosaic tiles are often used as a swimming pool tile as well as to create decorative wall features and murals throughout the home’s interior and exterior spaces however certain collections can also be used to create an incredibly durable flooring solution. Glass floor tiles will often feature an enameled finish which boosts their durability when used as a floor tile option. As mosaic tiles will require an additional amount of grout to install, cleaning and maintenance can often be a concern however, the use of a quality epoxy grout instead of the traditional cement based grout options will easily resolve this dilemma. Epoxy grout offers a non-porous grouting solution that is resistant to moisture and staining, creating a flooring solution that is incredibly simple to wipe clean and will not require sealing.

Moda Glass Mosaic Tiles

Our delightful Moda mosaic tiles are made using enamelled glass for an impenetrable finish. These mosaic tiles can be used as either a floor or wall tile solution for a playful and tactile finishing touch to your interior design scheme.

Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo tiles are traditionally made using a bed of concrete with randomly scattered chips of natural stones or coloured glass embedded throughout them. These tiles have been a popular choice for the home for many years thanks to their impressive durability and strength.

Teknika Terrazzo Tiles_Laundry Tiles

Our Teknika terrazzo tiles are available in an impressive selection of neutral colour options, perfect for classic or modern interior design schemes alike.

Similar to natural stone floor tile options, terrazzo tiles can also be professionally rejuvenated when necessary to provide a lifetime of use. These tiles can be used in all areas of the home and can easily complement a range of interior design styles and colour schemes to create that perfect designer touch in your next home renovation project.

Each of these floor tile options will sit at a different price point with different levels of care required to ensure the product’s longevity. You will find more detailed information on caring for your new floor tiles in our Resources section. Our Richmond tiles store houses an ever growing collection of floor tiles for you to choose from for your next project. Whether you are buying tiles online or in person at our showroom, we have a range of services to assist you throughout the process.