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How to Choose Bathroom Tiles: A Quick Start Guide

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If you are planning a new home or a renovation and wondering how to choose bathroom tiles, we most certainly have you covered! Our quick-start guide simplifies the process into easy steps that will help you not only choose the perfect tiles for your design style but also ensure your renovation budget stays on track.

Setting a Budget for your Bathroom Renovation

The first step in creating the perfect bathroom design is to set yourself a realistic budget. Your bathroom renovation budget will dictate the types of tiles you can include your design as well as the extent of your tiling (i.e. where and how the tiles are used in the space). If you are wanting to tile right up to the ceiling for example, this will have to be accounted for in your renovation budget as you will need to allow for: the cost of the additional tiles required, the added cost of labour involved, as well as the additional waterproofing that will be required.

For more detailed information on setting a budget for your bathroom renovation, see our guide at Perini Design here. Once you’ve decided on how much of your budget can be allocated to the purchase and installation of tiles, you can start narrowing down your options by looking at the many different styles, types and sizes of bathroom tiles.

How to Choose Bathroom Tiles: Selecting Colours & Finishes

When it comes to choosing the perfect bathroom tiles for your home, you will find an endless amount of luxurious options available to you which can often make it a little tricky to narrow down your ideal options! The best place to start after setting your bathroom renovation budget is to seek inspiration and decide on what type of design style you want to achieve in your home. Our blog: Talking Tiles, is full of different bathroom renovation ideas, tile colour trends and more, helping guide you through the process of selecting your ideal design scheme. Social media sites such as Pinterest or Instagram can also be extremely helpful when it comes to seeking out inspiration on the type of aesthetic you’d like to create. Collect images of your favourite design styles to help you create a shortlist of tile options that will best suit your selected style.

Portsea Porcelain Tiles_How to Choose Bathroom Tiles

Our elegant and timeless Portsea collection combines the rich aesthetic of terrazzo tiles with the durability of modern porcelain tiles. These luxurious sandy toned tiles can be used as a floor or wall tile in the bathroom, offering a luxe yet subtle neutral backdrop to your chosen materials and finishes.

The term ‘Tile finishes’ often refers to the texture or sheen of a particular tile. Although gloss floor tiles can be used as a flooring solution in a residential setting, a semi-gloss or matte option is often preferred as these will usually offer a better level of slip resistance. No matter the type of finish you choose for your bathroom floor tiles, it is always a good idea to include a small bath mat beside your shower or bath that will catch water droplets upon exiting the shower to ensure a safer environment. Gloss tiles, textured tiles and 3D decorative tiles are usually restricted to wall use only which in turn allows for more creative designs in these types of tiles as there is no consideration required for potential slipping in the bathroom when it comes to wall tile design. For more detailed information on tile finishes and slip ratings, visit our guide here.

How to Choose Bathroom Tiles: Different Types of Tiles

When starting out on your tile selection journey, taking note of the different tile types available is a crucial step in the process. Each different type of tile will suit different types of applications throughout the home; this becomes especially important in the wet and humid environment of the bathroom where the materials you incorporate in your design scheme will be exposed to moisture.

The main tile types are:

  • Porcelain Tiles: Porcelain tiles are made using a combination of clays, sand and feldspar. The tiles are shaped, glazed and baked at an extremely high temperature, resulting in an incredibly dense, durable and virtually non-porous material that offers a range of different uses throughout the home’s interior and exterior spaces. These durable tiles are a popular choice as a bathroom floor tile; you will also find more decorative tile options available in a porcelain material that are most suited as a wall tile solution.

Stria Kit Kat Tiles_How to Choose Bathroom Tiles

A luxurious Italian tile collection, Stria offers a glazed porcelain solution that can be used to create wonderfully tactile feature walls in the bathroom. The collection includes Kit Kat tiles as well as smooth square tiles that can be used as a flooring solution to complement your bathroom’s feature tiles.

  • Ceramic Tiles: Ceramic tiles are created using a similar combination of ingredients as porcelain tiles; where their differences lie however, is in their baking process. Ceramic tiles are often baked at a lower temperature and for a shorter period of time in comparison to porcelain tiles which creates a softer and more lightweight tile solution. These tiles are often recommended for use as a wall tile only due to their softer nature. This quality allows for a range of more creative designer tile options to be achieved as the restrictions often applied to floor tiles do not apply.
  • Concrete/Encaustic Tiles: Concrete tiles (also referred to as encaustic tiles or cement tiles) are created using a combination of dyed cement mixtures that are poured into iron stencils or moulds to create vivid shapes and patterns. Each tile is individually run through a hydraulic press to smooth out the tile and remove any air pockets. These luxurious tiles are often used as a floor tile or as a decorative wall tile in the bathroom, adding a timeless yet modern touch to any design scheme. It is important to note however, that concrete tiles are best avoided as a shower base solution as consistent exposure to pressurised water, along with certain ingredients in shampoos, soaps and cleansers can damage or discolour the tiles.

Argo Concrete Tiles_Green Tiles

Concrete tiles offer an immensely durable bathroom tile solution that can be used as a floor and wall tile. These elegant tiles continue to be handmade around the world using traditional methods that emphasise colour, pattern and shape to create a unique designer tile solution. Our Argo Concrete tiles will create a dynamic style in the bathroom, being perfectly suited to both traditional and contemporary styled interiors.

  • Natural Stone Tiles: A timeless and luxurious choice for the bathroom, natural stone tiles are available in a variety of elegant options including marble tiles, limestone tiles, travertine tiles and plenty more. Being a porous tiling option, natural stone tiles should be sealed every few years or so in order to keep them best protected. Offering a luxurious, unique and sophisticated touch, natural stone tiles continue to be one of the most popular options for the bathroom.
  • Mosaic Tiles: Mosaic tiles have been featured in design and architecture for thousands of years. Each tiny tile is attached to a mesh backing sheet for ease of installation which also allows you to coat more intricate surfaces such as shower niches or curved walls for example. Mosaic tiles are available in an endless range of materials, patterns and designs, offering an incredibly creative tiling solution for the bathroom.
  • Terracotta Tiles: Terracotta tiles offer a rich and earthy aesthetic in the bathroom. These types of tiles are created using iron rich clays that create that iconic, rusty red tone when placed through the firing process. Similar to natural stone tiles, concrete tiles and terrazzo tiles, terracotta tiles are porous and will require sealing in order to be best cared for. Terracotta tiles can be used to create stunning bathroom feature walls, creating a rich and welcoming vibe in the bathroom.
  • Terrazzo Tiles: Terrazzo tiles were first created as a means of making use of by-products of the stone industry. Assorted chips and slivers of natural stones (most commonly marble or granite) are embedded into a cement tile, creating the timeless speckled pattern these tiles are so well known for. These elegant tiles can be used as a bathroom floor and wall tile to create a stylish and timeless look.

Ditto Terrazzo Tiles

Our stunning Ditto collection offers a new take on the traditional terrazzo tile look with a wide variety of tile shapes, styles and colours to choose from. Creating a playful yet timeless look in the bathroom, Ditto can be used as both a floor or wall tile, allowing for the creation of a range of designer looks.

How to Choose Bathroom Tiles: Tile Sizes

Next, it’s time to select your new bathroom tile sizes! Once you’ve settled on the type of tile material and style you are after, having a better look at available shapes and sizes will help you further narrow down your options and create the perfect tiling layout that will best suit your space’s overall dimensions.

Selecting Tiles for Small Bathrooms

When choosing bathroom tiles for smaller spaces, it is important to keep a few key points in mind in order to avoid creating a visually cluttered look. Large format tiles are in fact an excellent choice for smaller spaces as they reduce the amount of grout lines visible in the space which in turn will reduce the amount of visual clutter in the room, creating the appearance of a larger space. These types of tiles can be used as both a floor and wall tile in the bathroom and you have the option of introducing a feature tile as well to add more texture and character in the space. For a more in-depth guide on how to choose tiles for small bathrooms, see our guide here.

Pastelle_White Wall Tiles_How to Choose Bathroom Tiles

When choosing tiles for a small bathroom, opting for a bright, glossy wall tile will help create the illusion of a larger space. Gloss white wall tiles are one of the most popular bathroom tile solutions as they allow light to travel through the space, creating a brighter look. Our Pastelle collection offers a luxurious handmade look option that can be used to create a rich and sophisticated style in the bathroom.

Selecting Tiles for Large Bathrooms

When designing a larger bathroom, you do have more freedom in your tile selections as you can choose to incorporate both large and small tiles as well as feature tiles. Large format tiles are once again, an excellent choice for rooms with bigger dimensions, especially as a floor tile that can be complemented with wall tiles in varying sizes. A variety of different shapes can be introduced in your design scheme, especially as a feature tile to frame and highlight key areas of your design such as the shower wall or behind a luxurious freestanding bathtub.

When choosing your new bathroom tiles, starting off with a clear design vision and a realistic budget will allow you to make the best decision. From there, you can easily start to narrow down your options in terms of tile types, shapes and colours to help you create the perfect look in your new bathroom. Our team at Perini Tiles can assist you through the process of curating the perfect colour scheme in your new bathroom – Visit us or shop for tiles online here!