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How to Buy Tiles Online in Australia

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If you are looking to buy tiles online in Australia, our quick guide is all you need to get started! From sourcing inspiration for your tiling project to consulting with our team on the most suitable products and materials, our quick How-to guide will help you through the simple process of buying your tiles online.

Buying Tiles Online: Start with Inspiration

The very first step to take when buying tiles online is to seek out inspiration. Our website hosts an impressive catalogue of tiles in a vast range of options from porcelain or ceramic tiles, handmade tile options, natural stone tiles, concrete tiles and plenty more. You will find that each tile’s listing on our website will include detailed images and descriptions of the tiles, including measurements as well as recommended usage of the tile to ensure the best outcome for your project.

Crazy Paver_Buy Tiles Online

Our Crazy Paver collection can be used as either a floor or wall tile solution throughout your home’s interior spaces, offering a unique yet timeless look. These natural stone tiles each vary from the next, boasting the characteristic variations in tone and pattern that natural stone products are famous for. It is important to keep in mind when viewing tile samples that they can differ from the final batch of tiles you receive, especially when selecting from natural stone tile collections.

Social media, online magazines and interior design blogs are all excellent sources of inspiration where you will also have the opportunity to read expert reviews, guides and more. Collate your favourite designer tile options into one handy directory (whether this is a digital file full of inspirational images or printed out copies for easy reference) and bring them along to your design consultation.

Consult our Team

The next step is to consult with our team on your favourite tile options. Your design consultant will easily be able to determine the look and style you are looking to create based on your inspirational images and from there, recommend the most suitable options that will tie into your budget while also being suitable for your intended application. We often recommend that you visit our tiles store in person as this is often the best way to experience full size tile samples as well as to explore all of the many various options available however, this may not always be possible. Instead, you can reach out to us via phone or email and we can attend to your queries or arrange an online style consultation where possible.

Buying Tiles Online: Ordering & Testing Tile Samples

Tile samples can be ordered online through our website, allowing you the opportunity to view your selections in your own home’s natural light. These samples offer up a small section of your selected tile and are best used as a guide for their colour and pattern as well as their finish (gloss, matte, etc.).

Fracture_Buy Tiles Online

Our Fracture collection offers the perfect complement to a range of different materials and finishes. Our website is full of exciting images that showcase various layout options of our tile options, allowing you to easily visualise your new tiles in the home.

Place your tile samples in the area that you are planning on tiling and make sure to view them in a range of different lighting from morning to night, in both natural and artificial lighting for the most accurate representation of how their colour and finish will react. You can also use these pieces to test out cleaning methods or products as well as performing scratch tests and staining tests to see just how well your tile selections will hold up in various circumstances.

Buy Tiles Online: Confirming your Order

Finally, when you are happy with your tile selection, it is time to confirm your order! Your new tiles can be ordered directly from our website with Australia wide delivery available. You can also speak to one of our consultants who will guide you through the process and make any recommendations required in terms of tile quantities, recommended grout products and accessories to suit your tiling project.

Huski Timber Look Tiles_Buy Tiles Online

There are many exciting different tile solutions available to choose from, including natural stone tiles, ceramic tiles, handmade tile options and more. Many porcelain tile collections even offer perfect replicas of materials such as concrete, terrazzo, natural stone and even timber, complete with realistic colour variations and textures. Our Huski collection for example, is available in a range of different timber tones as well as tile formats, allowing for a customised look in your next project.

When looking to buy tiles online in Australia, the process is incredibly simple and straight forward using our range of online guides, tools and of course, our friendly team who is always happy to help with any queries you may have!