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How to achieve a Scandinavian style bathroom

Scandinavian styled bathrooms are definitely a trend that is here to stay and for very good reason. The classic pairings of warm white, deep neutral tones, rustic timbers and organic textures creates a soothing and stylish atmosphere, perfect for achieving that relaxing vibe in the bathroom where a tranquil design scheme is most desired. 

There are several elements that make up a traditional Scandinavian styled bathroom with the main focus being to create a light filled space while also introducing warm, rustic textures in your design scheme. 

Whether you want to create more of a traditional styled space or opt for a more modern take on this favourite interior design style, the following elements are key features of a Scandinavian styled bathroom: 

Scandinavian Bathroom Tiles

The very best place to start when embarking on a bathroom renovation project is to select your floor and wall tiles. Tiles make up the bulk of your bathroom’s colour palette and as such, will often dictate the overall vibe of your design, making the perfect canvas for your selected bathroom fittings and accessories.

Our top picks for Scandinavian bathroom tiles include:

Concrete Inspired Porcelain Tiles

hexagon bathroom tilesThe rustic and organic texture of our concrete inspired Pueblo collection provides a virtually maintenance-free surface for the bathroom. Made of hard wearing porcelain, this collection offers all the organic beauty of a concrete finish without any concern of staining or continued sealing.

Timber-Look Tiles

rigo tiles collectionAn Italian made porcelain tile, our Rigo collection can be used as both a floor and wall tile. Perfectly replicating a timber texture, this unique twist on the classic subway tile is the perfect fit for a Scandinavian bathroom design, adding a warm layer of texture in the space.

Patterned tiles

Scandinavian style bathroom designAdd character and movement in your newly designed Scandinavian bathroom using a decorative patterned floor tile. Balanced with solid coloured wall tiles, a patterned bathroom floor can be as prominent or discreet of a feature as you wish with the right tile selection. Our stylish Hampshire porcelain tile collection features a combination of warm whites and light greys to create an intricate pattern that makes a soft feature in the bathroom. 


Natural Stone

penny round bathroom wall tilesAgeless, luxurious and incredibly stylish, natural stones such as marble perfectly complement the rustic warmth of a Scandinavian bathroom design. Used as a feature wall in this Nordic inspired bathroom, our Stone Penny Rounds are made of a rich marble and are available in several different colours, from classic white to deep black and even blush tiles. 


Keep it Bright and Airy

The key to nailing a Nordic inspired bathroom design is to keep the space light filled and airy. Where possible, make use of natural light, including windows or skylights in your space. In situations where this is simply not an option, take a minute to carefully plan out your bathroom’s artificial lighting solutions, which can include a combination of LED ceiling downlights, feature pendant lights, LED strip lighting and wall lighting options.

Contrasting Light and Dark

Scandinavian styled bathrooms traditionally make excellent use of both light and dark materials to create a harmoniously balanced colour scheme. A light-filled space is ideal in any style of bathroom and will, of course, work wonders in enhancing the traditional appeal of a Scandinavian style interior. Balancing your colour palette with darker tones will help in grounding your overall scheme, creating an element of contrast in the space. This can be achieved in many ways, from selecting the right bathroom tiles to using a contrasting stone vanity top for added warmth and diversity in your design. 

Layering Textures

Aside from creating warmth and interest in a space, textured surfaces have the unique ability to enhance a design’s feelings of comfort. Use a combination of textures in your Scandinavian bathroom design, from textured tiles to natural stones and timber, finished with a unique selection of bathroom fittings. Our collection of concrete basins makes for the ultimate finishing touch in a Scandinavian bathroom design, contrasting the lineal textured surface of natural timber. Complete your design with matching bathroom accessories such as handmade bathroom towels, stone or timber tumblers and trays, wicker baskets for additional storage and timber or metallic bathroom furniture, adding additional layers of texture for a warm and relaxing experience.

concrete basinIndividually handcrafted to suit your preferences, our custom range of concrete basins can be made in an array of sizes, designs and colours.

A Scandinavian styled bathroom offers a timeless elegance in the home, perfectly pairing natural textures with warm, crisp whites and other neutral tones to create the ultimate tranquil retreat. This style offers endless elegance and charm, ensuring a bathroom design that will be enjoyed for many years to come! Visit our Richmond tile showroom to view our complete collection of Scandinavian inspired tiles as well as complimenting concrete basins to complete your look.