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How much does a kitchen renovation really cost?

Kitchen design in Melbourne  is fast becoming a trend setting industry with our designs becoming not only more functional but also highly varied and unique in style. With more adventurous and quality materials, hardware and storage options now available more so than ever before, the possibilities are truly endless. Having so many choices can however make it difficult to determine a fair budget as the overall costs associated with a new kitchen or kitchen renovation can vary significantly  depending on the scope and specifications of your project.

There are a multitude of variables that can greatly affect the final cost of your new kitchen or kitchen upgrade. The key considerations to ensure you ’ve included in your budget are : your selection of flooring, cabinetry finish, benchtop material, splashback, appliances, hardware/storage options and then of course any associated design fees, trades and labour required to complete your project.

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Using a timeless kitchen colour scheme of navy blue, soft marble and timber creates a sophisticated look in your new kitchen. Pair with luxurious pendant lights for a decadent look. 
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When determining your budget, take the time to consider the overall amount you are comfortable in spending on a new kitchen and then research the different options in finishes, fittings and appliances available to be able to make an educated decision on which will best suit not only your set budget but also your home, style and needs. Your Designer or Builder will be able to advise you accordingly and point you in the right direction to achieve the best possible result within the constraints of your budget.

As a general indication of the overall costs involved, you can expect to pay anywhere up to $35,000 for a budget kitchen; up to $55,000 for a standard kitchen and in excess of $80,000 for a luxury kitchen. As mentioned, these figures will vary significantly depending on the final selections you make in terms of materials, finishes and appliances; so let ’s have a further look at the different price categories of each element in your new kitchen.

Your selection of cabinetry  will make up the biggest percentage of your project ’s budget. High end cabinetry options include: two pack, solid timber and timber veneer . These three finishes are perhaps the most labour intensive options to manufacture with the cost of materials also playing a huge factor in their price point. Of course that being said, there are also many selections of luxury kitchen laminates (such as Cleaf Laminates or Laminex ’s Innovations collection) that can cost just as much as a two pack cabinetry finish.  As you can see, your selection in finishes will have a huge impact on the final cost of your project. Discuss your preferences with your Designer or Builder for the best advice on brand and product selections.

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This Glen Iris kitchen renovation by Perini Kitchens & Bathrooms includes all the latest in kitchen storage options and accessories, from door activated lighting in the pantry to pull out units for convenient storage.
When it comes to selecting your new benchtop, once again you will find a vast amount of variation in costs not only between different material options but also within different brands of the same product, and even different price categories within these specific brands. For example, engineered stone manufacturers such as Caesarstone have several different price tiers within their range, from the Standard Collection being the least expensive to the Supernatural Ultra Collection being the most expensive. Other high end benchtop options include: porcelain, natural stones (such as marble or granite), pre-sealed granites, stainless steel and solid surface products (such as Corian).

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‘White Attica’ from Caesarstone ’s latest creations,  features bold veins atop a soft white background. This piece is from their top of the range Supernatural Ultra collection, which includes several styles to give you an authentic look of a natural stone  without the maintenance concerns that come with the real thing. Image Source
With consideration to splashback options, once again you will find different price tiers and a vast range of selections from coloured glass, standard or coloured mirrors, kitchen wall tiles, engineered or natural stone, porcelain and acrylic panels. Toughened coloured glass splashbacks have been a standard option in kitchens over the last decade however, we are now seeing a shift back towards the classic tiled splashback in the kitchen. This is thanks to their high durability, versatility and endless possibilities in terms of colour, texture and materials available making a tiled splashback one of the most preferred options for kitchen splashbacks.

Render splash back tiles. See full collection HERE
All of the above elements will have a significant impact on the final cost of your kitchen so it is important to invest the time and effort during the design stage researching all options available and selecting items to create a space that will meet  your requirements and expectations.

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