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High Grip Outdoor Tiles: Options for your Outdoor Pool Surround

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High grip outdoor tiles need to meet certain specific requirements as set out by the NCC (National Construction Code) and the relevant Australian Standards. These tiles will include ratings in their descriptions that will allow you to ensure they are a suitable fit for your intended application, a factor that must be adhered to in outdoor pool areas to ensure a safe environment. There are a several luscious options to consider, especially in porcelain tile varieties that will allow you to create that perfect outdoor design scheme while ensuring a safe space.

Porcelain or Ceramic Tiles for Outdoor use: What’s the Difference?

Although ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles are extremely similar, there are certain key differences that will dictate each tile’s suitability to different applications. Both ceramic and porcelain tiles are made using the same raw materials however, ceramic varieties are baked at a lower temperature and for a shorter period of time in comparison to porcelain tiles. Porcelain tiles are baked at an extremely high heat and for a longer stretch of time, resulting in a tile solution that is non-porous, resistant to moisture, heat and scratching. This means that porcelain tiles offer more options in terms of how and where they can be laid. You will find porcelain tile options that are suitable for use both inside and outside of an outdoor pool, being an ideal solution for outdoor spaces while ceramic tiles are often too soft for these types of installations and are much more suitable for use as a wall tile option inside the home or in covered outdoor areas.

Livorno porcelain collection

Our Livorno porcelain tiles effortlessly emulate the appearance of an authentic terrazzo tile, complete with realistic variations in tone and pattern. These luscious tiles are available in an impressive range of modern colour options to suit a contemporary styled home design.

Porcelain tile manufacturing processes have become incredibly sophisticated over the years. These tiles can be designed to look and feel like a range of different materials such as natural stones, timber and more, allowing you to incorporate more creative solutions in your outdoor design scheme.

High Grip Outdoor Tiles: Stone Look & Concrete Look Tiles

Stone look tiles are made of a high quality porcelain material. These types of tiles recreate the look and feel of natural stone varieties such as marble, limestone and more, allowing you to include these luscious finishes in applications where they may not normally be a suitable fit. You will also find many options available in concrete look collections, once again allowing you to create a specific aesthetic in your design scheme. Each of these options will include variations in colour, tone and pattern in order to create the most realistic look possible while allowing you to take advantage of the many benefits that porcelain tiles offer from their immense durability, longevity and strength to their resistance to heat, scratching, staining and moisture.

Geology Concrete Look Porcelain tiles

The stunning Geology collection offers a realistic concrete inspired option that is suitable for use in outdoor applications. These elegant tiles are available in two classic concrete colours: a light and a dark grey option.

Natural Stone: Travertine Tiles

Travertine tiles are a natural stone solution that can be used as a pool surround solution. These high grip outdoor tiles feature a unique grip-like finish that makes them a great choice when you are looking for more of a natural solution for your outdoor flooring. It is important to keep in mind that not all travertine tiles can be used as a pool surround tile; our team at Perini Tiles will assist you in selecting the perfect high grip outdoor tiles from our range of natural stone tiles to ensure the most suitable fit for your design.

Tumbler Travertine Tiles_High Grip Outdoor Tiles

The Tumbler range of travertine tiles features an irresistibly tactile surface finish and is available in a selection of naturally occurring colour options. These tiles can be used to create a stunning natural look in your outdoor design scheme, being an ideal fit as a pool surround tile.

High Grip Outdoor Tiles: Timber Look Tiles

Timber has long been a favourite material for use in outdoor spaces, providing a wonderful solution for decking, fencing and other outdoor features. There is of course, a certain amount of maintenance involved throughout the lifetime of outdoor timber installations. Directly addressing this issue, timber look tiles provide a low maintenance solution for use in your outdoor design scheme. Outdoor specific timber look tiles can be used to create a unique and timeless look. These high grip outdoor tiles feature realistic variations in their colouring and texture to enhance their authentic appearance which in turn, provides a wonderfully slip resistant quality making them an ideal fit as a pool surround tile.

Legno Timber Tiles_High Grip Outdoor Tiles

Crafted in Spain, the luxurious Legno porcelain tiles offer the same luscious colouring and texture of real timber, allowing for a low maintenance alternative solution that is suitable for use in outdoor applications. These luxurious tiles are available in three classic colour options, allowing you to create that perfect look in your outdoor design scheme.

High grip outdoor tiles must meet the requirements for slip resistance when exposed to the elements, ensuring a safe yet beautiful look in your home’s design scheme. Our team at Perini Tiles will guide you through the process of selecting your outdoor tiles while offering expert advice on the most ideal options for your intended application.