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Herringbone Bathroom Tile Trends

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Herringbone bathroom tile patterns add a glamorous touch to your design scheme with this timeless look being easily created with the use of classic subway tiles. Using a herringbone bathroom tile as a feature in the space will allow you to experiment with a vast range of different tile materials, colours and finishes while adding a patterned element to your design that adds character and movement.

What is a Herringbone Tile Pattern?

A herringbone tile pattern is created using simple rectangular shaped tiles (often subway tiles or elongated subway tile options). The tiles are laid in a repeating pattern that forms a ‘V’ shape with each tile being laid at a forty-five degree angle and interlocking with the next.

Calacatta Marble Tiles_Herringbone Bathroom Tile

A classic herringbone bathroom tile look, this elegant space uses our Calacatta marble tiles to complement the soft colours and finishes included in the bathroom’s design scheme. The warm tones of the natural stone tiles provide a soft and luxurious backdrop to the gold hardware and blush toned basins, creating a stylish finishing touch.

The best way to plan your herringbone bathroom tile pattern is to start the design from the central most point of the area being tiled and working the pattern outwards from there towards the walls. This technique will ensure a perfectly symmetrical look in your new bathroom design scheme.

Herringbone Pattern Trends: How to use these tiles in your design

Herringbone bathroom tiles can be used as either a floor or wall tile solution depending on the specific material and finish chosen. Natural stone tiles and porcelain tiles for example can often be used as a flooring option in the bathroom while softer ceramic tiles and more decorative feature tiles (options that feature 3D effects, etchings or hyper-glossy glazes for example) are often restricted to wall applications only as they could pose a trip/slip hazard when used as a floor tile.

3d tiles Konvek_Herringbone Bathroom Tile

The exciting Konvek collection uses a convex profile to create a show-stopping 3D effect. These wall tiles are available in a range of stylish colour options and can be used to create the timeless herringbone tile pattern in the bathroom as a creative feature element.

The first step in creating this timeless look in your new bathroom design scheme is to decide where in the space you want to include a patterned feature: Will you be running this pattern on all of your bathroom walls, just the floor or just a single feature wall? Your Perini Tiles consultant will recommend the most suitable tile materials and finishes that will best suit your intended application whether you are choosing from our vast range of natural stone or porcelain tiles or more stylised wall tile solutions that will create a dramatic touch in your design scheme.

Mountains collection

Our Mountains collection offers a unique elongated subway tile option that can be used as both a floor and wall tile. These elegant tiles are used in this modern bathroom design scheme in the stylish herringbone tile pattern, paired with a contrasting coloured grout that highlights their layout.

Your grout colour selection will also play crucial part in the final outcome of your tiling project as this element can allow you to either accentuate the herringbone bathroom tile pattern or dial it back for more of a discreet feature in your new design scheme. If you are using charcoal tiles for example, selecting a matching charcoal coloured tile grout will create a softer look while still giving you a discreet element of pattern in the space. If you are looking to accentuate the herringbone tile pattern however, you will instead opt for a contrasting grout colour that will effectively outline each individual tile and highlight the pattern, adding a dramatic touch to your design.

Herringbone bathroom tiles can be used in your next bathroom design project to create the perfect patterned feature element, whether you opt to use them as a flooring solution, a feature wall tile or as an all-around tiling option throughout the space.