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Handy Kitchen Design Trends that will make cooking & cleaning a breeze in 2021

Kitchen design trends of 2021 are showing a strong focus on creating an efficient and simple-to-maintain space that will allow us to spend less time cleaning and more time doing the things we love! Combining the right materials and finishes with the best kitchen organisational and cooking systems is the key to creating the ideal space that will work best for you and your needs. This year, we’re seeing a strong focus on using low maintenance finishes paired with a range of kitchen organisational systems that will help you create the perfect space.

Low Maintenance Finishes

The very best way to create a low maintenance and long-lasting new kitchen is to take the time to carefully select your new finishes and materials. With the rise in popularity of complete matte or satin cabinetry finishes, brands such as Laminex and Polytec for example have created collections of finger-print repellent laminate products, allowing the creation of ultra-modern designs without the added hassle of constant tidying up! The ever popular two pack cabinetry finishes have shifted away from higher maintenance glossy finishes to using satin sheens, creating a sleek and smooth look in the space.

This colourful Collingwood kitchen renovation by Perini Renovations uses smooth matte finished laminate products for an ultra-modern look.

Kitchen Benchtop Trends

Natural materials and organic textures are both hot trends in 2021 when it comes to selecting kitchen benchtops, creating a soothing atmosphere while also pairing well with a vast range of colours and materials. 

Engineered stone benchtops continue to be a top choice in Aussie kitchens thanks to their impressive durability as well as their ease of maintenance. Where natural stone and traditional concrete benchtops are porous and would require ongoing sealing to avoid stains, engineered stone tops are almost completely non-porous, not requiring sealing at any point throughout their lifespan. Engineered stone tops are available in an excellent range of options, from granite and marble lookalike products to textured concrete look stones, allowing the creation of many different kitchen design styles. 

AArcade porcelain collection

Stylish and timeless, sleek concrete-look engineered stone benchtops make for an ideal neutral feature in this modern kitchen. Our Arcade wall tiles are the perfect complement in this space, tying together the deep charcoal toned cabinetry with the soft grey benchtops.

Kitchen Splashback Tiles

Tiles offer endless possibilities in creating the perfect kitchen splashback. With the many different materials, shapes, colours and patterns available, you just can’t go wrong with a tiled kitchen splashback! Each different tile material will come with its own range of benefits to help you create the perfect look. Porcelain tiles for example, feature an incredible resistance to extreme temperature fluctuations as well as stains and scratches. Unlike other materials, porcelain can be installed within extremely close proximity to gas cooktops, making it an ideal splashback choice for tighter spaces. Glass mosaic tiles can be used to create intricate and colourful patterned designs for a unique look in the home while ceramic tiles will feature more ornate designs in their collections to suit just about any style of interior.


This modern take on the traditional Hamptons kitchen design style uses bold ocean blue tones to contrast the soft white marble benchtop and overhead cabinetry for a well-balanced colour palette. Our delightful Pippa kitchen wall tiles are used throughout the space, perfectly reflecting the deep blue tones of the base cabinets.

For maximum protection, pair your new kitchen tiles with a high quality epoxy grout that will help you create the perfect low maintenance splashback solution in your next kitchen renovation project. An epoxy grout differs from traditional cement based products as it is created using epoxy resins and filler powders making it a non-porous finish that can be easily wiped clean without the need of scrubbing or harsh cleaning materials. 

Cooking Smarter

A well planned kitchen should include a combination of organisational accessories and smart cooking appliances to create a comfortable and efficient working space. Top trending kitchen organisational systems include pull-out corner units, spice rack and storage caddies as well as drawer dividers or organisers that will make the very best possible use of the available space. Your Kitchen Designer will recommend the most suitable options for your needs that will perfectly fit in with your dimensions and requirements. 

When selecting your new kitchen appliances, it is essential to consider your own cooking style and needs. From steam ovens to built-in coffee machines and more, there are many different options available for specific cooking requirements. An exciting trend that continues to be a favourite choice in a modern kitchen is the appliance cupboard; this is a concealed spot in your kitchen that includes added bench space as well as extra power points, allowing you to both store and use your favourite small appliances without any hassle. An appliance cupboard will not only boost your workspace but also allow you to keep your kitchen clutter-free as all small appliances are neatly tucked away, increasing your kitchen’s efficiency while also creating a clear space that is simple and straight forward to maintain. 

Working closely with your Kitchen Designer and Builder, creating the perfect kitchen layout complete with the best fittings to meet your needs is simple. Our team at Perini Tiles can also assist you through the process of selecting your ideal colour palette and finishes, from your new kitchen splashback tiles to your cabinetry and benchtops.