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Handmade Tile Trends that we can’t get enough of in 2021

Handmade tiles continue to be a hot trend this year thanks to their bold, saturated colours, striking patterns and ever stylish shapes. An authentically handmade product will of course show some variations between each item – there may be some slight colour variations as well as an extraordinarily tactile undulating surface finish, reflecting and bouncing light as no other tile varieties can. These unique qualities have ensured that handmade tiles continue to be a favourite feature element in the home, making for the perfect colourful finish in any interior application, from the kitchen to the bathroom. 

An authentically handmade tile is created using centuries old techniques that have been passed on from generation to generation offering a truly characteristic touch for the home! Red, white or brown clays are carefully shaped into moulds and baked in a kiln before having any surface treatment applied to them (such as colours, glazes and other unique effects), resulting in a distinct and stylish look that provides the perfect decorative wall feature. You will find an impressive range of options to choose from, from our stylishly shaped Speciale handmade collection, the classic Arabian collection and even several handmade-look varieties, ensuring there is a stylish option to suit all tastes and budgets!

Speciale Handmade Tiles

The exciting Speciale Handmade tile collection creates the perfect feature wall in the home. These wonderful glazed wall tiles are made entirely by hand right here in Australia and boast the unique characteristics and charming qualities that have become synonymous with handmade tiles, from the wonderful rolling surface finishes to the slight colour variations that create a spectacular patchwork effect as a timeless feature wall. 


Handmade in Australia, the exquisite Speciale collection includes an impressive range of bold and neutral colour options in an assortment of stylish shapes to create the ultimate feature element in the home.

Arabian Handmade Tiles

Authentically handmade in Morocco, the Arabian tile collection is a celebration of rich earthy colours. Available in both a stylish square and classic subway format, the collection boasts an exquisite palette inspired by nature, from rich botanical greens to rusty terracotta varieties, soft, misty hues and even deeper storm inspired tones such as smoky greys, deep blues and more! As with all handmade tile products, you can expect slight shape and colour variations between the tiles, resulting in a wonderfully tactile surface finish that oozes style and sophisticated elegance. 


An authentic handmade Moroccan tile, the Arabian collection includes an extensive variety of nature inspired colourways to complement any style of interior.

Handmade-Look Tiles

Should an authentic handmade product not suit your budget, you can rest assured that there most definitely are other options to consider that will still offer you the same charm and character. Handmade look tiles are specifically designed to show the same variations in colour, edging and shape that a true handmade tile would. Spanish made, our Vincenza Handmade look tiles are made of durable ceramic and include a luscious glaze on the surface, requiring only a simple general tile cleaner to easily maintain the cleanliness of your new wall tiles. 

The exquisite Vinceza Handmade look tile collection is a machine made ceramic tile that is specifically designed to create a handmade look in your design project. Available in both glossy and matte finishes, these stylish wall tiles boast an impressive array of neutral and pastel tones to create a charming and warm aesthetic in your interiors.

Ceramic tiles are most often best suited to wall applications only as they are softer and more lightweight than the much denser porcelain options and will often feature a decorative surface finish. There are of course some exceptions so it is always advised to seek out your tile expert’s advice during the process of your selection. As many handmade options may not be suitable for floor use, a porcelain handmade look alternative is the very best choice for creating the same luscious look on your interior flooring. These exciting floor tiles will once again boast the same colour and slight shape variations as an authentically handmade product but are much thicker and denser, making them the perfect fit for use as a flooring option in your kitchen, bathroom and throughout the interiors of your home. 

The Metro Porcelain tiles provide a wonderful alternative to handmade tiles with the additional benefit of allowing their use as a floor finish in the home. Italian made, the collection is available in a range of earthy neutral tones to perfectly complement any style of interior. 

Our ever growing tile collections include an impressive range of options, from deeply saturated colourful handmade tiles that will instantly lift any interior design scheme to more subdued options that will provide the perfect complement to a cosy, neutral toned interior palette. Our team at Perini Tiles is available for both in-showroom and online design consultations where we can recommend the best handmade tile options to suit your own creative vision while also assisting in the curation of a complete colour palette for your project, inclusive of benchtops and cabinetry finishes.