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Hamptons Style Kitchen Tiles: 4 Inspiring Looks!

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Hamptons style kitchen tiles will create the elegant and sophisticated look that has become synonymous with the specific style of interior design. The Hamptons design style is characterised by a combination of soft whites, sleek textures and finishes, lush marbles and luxurious pastel tones that combine to create a sense of casual opulence. Our top picks in Hamptons style kitchen tiles will easily complement your new kitchen’s design scheme, adding a touch of character and texture to your home with options in classic subway tiles, pattern tiles and more!

Hamptons Style Kitchen Tiles: Subway Tiles

Subway tiles have certainly come a long way from their humble beginnings! These classic tiles were first introduced in the subway stations of New York (hence the name ‘subway tile’) as a hygienic wall cladding solution that could easily be kept clean. Since then, these tiles have been reinvented time and time again with new interpretations: subway tiles are now available in slim or large formats as well as an endless range of different colours, materials, textures and finishes. Handmade-look tiles are one of the most popular options in modern subway tile trends as they provide a luxurious yet casual ambience in any style of interior design, especially in the classic Hamptons style kitchen. These elegant wall tiles can be used as a timeless choice for your kitchen splashback or as a feature tile throughout your new kitchen’s design scheme, adding a sophisticated yet rustic look that is ideal for the classic Hamptons style.

Lucida Kitchen Wall Tiles

Offering an authentic handmade style, the Lucida wall tiles are made in Spain and designed to emulate the look and feel of a handmade product complete with variations in their texture, colour and surface finish. The Lucida collection includes a wide variety of different options allowing you to experiment with your new kitchen’s colour palette.

Pattern Tiles for a Hamptons Style Kitchen

Pattern tiles can be incorporated in your Hamptons style kitchen design scheme to add interest and energy to the space. Popular pattern tile options for this type of interior design style include ornate, repeating motifs and intricate geometric designs in subdued, dusty tones such as sage, powder blue or warm grey. Although these types of tiles offer a luxurious choice for your kitchen splashback, you may also want to consider creating a feature of your kitchen flooring instead. Kitchen floor tiles can create a dramatic and timeless statement, especially when combined with luxurious patterns that will complement your selected interior design style.

Hola Kitchen Floor Tiles

Representing the irresistible look of terrazzo tiles, the Hola collection is a porcelain alternative that features luxurious patterns for an elegant finishing touch in your new kitchen. These stunning pattern tiles can be used as a floor or wall tile, allowing you a versatile design option.

Handmade Kitchen Wall Tiles

As a result of the hand crafting process, authentic handmade tiles will show variations in their size, shape, texture and colour that combine to create a stunning patchwork style effect. No two pieces of a handmade tile collection are exactly the same, adding to their luxurious yet rustic look. Incorporate a lush handmade style in your kitchen splashback to create that luxurious yet casual look that the Hamptons style is so well known for! As can be expected by a handmade product, these types of tiles are often on the higher end of the pricing scale. If you are looking to recreate the same experience at a different price point, handmade-look tiles offer the next best thing. Although these options are machine made, they will still show similar variations in their style to create a unique and stylish look.

Arabian Handmade Hamptons style kitchen tiles

Our Arabian handmade tiles are available in an endless range of colour options from lush neutrals to bold, saturated colour options. These Moroccan made tiles will effortlessly complement your Hamptons kitchen design scheme, adding a wonderfully tactile element to the space.

Kitchen Feature Tiles: Curved Marble Tiles

A Hamptons inspired kitchen will often include sophisticated marble surfaces. Whether you opt for a marble benchtop, splashback tiles or feature tiles, marble will introduce a luxurious and timeless look in your design scheme. Curved or fluted marble tiles are emerging as a new favourite in the world of interior design, offering a fresh and exciting way to introduce the luxury of marble in any area. These types of tiles can make for a wonderful splashback in a Hamptons inspired kitchen design, especially in areas of your layout that will not experience as much grease or food splatter. They are also a favourite choice when creating a feature element in the kitchen, making for a timeless finishing touch to your kitchen island.

Apex Marble Tiles

Available in four stunning natural stone options our Apex collection features a wonderfully tactile peaked design that adds a strong element of interest and depth to a design.

Hamptons style kitchen tiles include sophisticated marble tiles, tactile handmade tiles as well as ornate pattern tiles. Each of these timeless options will help you create that perfect finishing touch in a Hamptons inspired kitchen design scheme.

Whether you are buying tiles online or visiting our Melbourne tiles store, our friendly and knowledgeable team will assist you at every step of the way to help you bring your creative vision to life!