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Hamptons Bathroom Tiles: Ideas & Inspiration

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The classic Hamptons style design offers a wonderfully timeless aesthetic in the home making it a popular choice for areas such as the kitchen and of course, the bathroom. As your floor and wall tiles will set the foundation for your overall bathroom design scheme, selecting from a range of Hamptons bathroom tiles will allow you to create that perfect look in your next project.

What is a Hamptons Style Bathroom?

Inspired by the luxurious coastal communities of The Hamptons area in the US, a Hamptons style bathroom is defined by a range of features and finishes. White tiles, pattern tiles and marble finishes are all classic features of this particular aesthetic with shaker style cabinet doors and metallic finishes completing the look. This particular design style combines elements of traditional French interior design with breezy, beachy vibes, creating a sophisticated quality for a timeless and elegant style in any area of the home.

Hamptons Bathroom Tiles: Pattern Tiles

Pattern tiles are often used in a Hamptons style bathroom design scheme as they offer a classic and timeless look that perfectly ties in with this glamorous theme.

Hamptons Bathroom Tiles_pattern tiles_Hola

Pattern tiles are often used in a Hamptons Bathroom design scheme to add a touch of character and old world charm to the space. This bathroom design by Perini Renovations uses our Hola collection which is available in a range of classic colour options, perfect for use as a Hamptons style bathroom floor tile.

These exciting tiles can be used to create a feature floor or wall in your bathroom that will instantly add character to your design scheme. It is important however to ensure that bold patterns in your bathroom tiles are carefully balanced out in your material selection to ensure the space does not feel overwhelming to the senses. In the example above, the pattern floor tiles are perfectly complemented with crisp white cabinetry and wall tiles to create a soothing and well balanced look in the space that is not overwhelming to the senses and can comfortably accommodate decorative touches such as colourful towels, flowers and more.

Marble Bathroom Tiles

Natural stone tiles are a classic designer tile option for the bathroom, instantly creating an opulent and timeless look. Being a popular choice in Hamptons bathroom tiles, marble is available in a variety of naturally occurring colours with options in white, jade green, deep blacks and charcoals as well as soft blush tones. Carrara tiles are a classic option when creating a Hamptons inspired bathroom design scheme as the material will effortlessly complement a range of different features that make up this designer bathroom look from crisp whites and soft greys to pastel tones, metallic fittings and more.

Carrara Marble Tiles_Hamptons Bathroom Tiles

Timeless, elegant and luxurious Carrara marble tiles offer a sophisticated quality to the bathroom. In this modern Hamptons Bathroom design scheme, marble wall tiles are used to create a feature around the room, mirroring the soft grey floor tiles for a well balances look.

Pastel Tile Options

A classic Hamptons style bathroom design scheme can include soft, pastel tones that will complement the traditional white and marble materials while providing a discreet pop of colour in the space. Pastel tones can be incorporated in pattern tile options or even as a solid coloured tile to create a delicate feature element in the overall design that will not detract from other key elements included in the space. Pastel tones provide a warm and comforting atmosphere making them an ideal fit for the bathroom where a soothing and tranquil experience is desired. These colours can easily complement a classic Hamptons inspired bathroom design scheme being the perfect pair for white marble finishes, gold, brass or chrome tapware and elegant crisp whites.

Torquay collection

Pastel tones make for the perfect complement to a traditional Hamptons inspired bathroom design scheme, effortlessly tying in with the classic white marbles, crisp whites and neutral tones. Our stylish Torquay collection offers a collection of distressed solid colours and pattern tiles to create a rustic yet elegant look in a modern Hamptons bathroom design scheme.

A classic Hamptons style bathroom will combine traditional white marble surfaces with a range of elegant bathroom tiles and luxurious shaker style cabinets. Add your own unique touch to this trending interior design style with pastel tones, patterns and natural stones for a stylish new look in your next project.