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Green Bathroom Tiles: A Passing Trend or a Timeless Choice?

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Green bathroom tiles will introduce a bold element of colour in your design scheme while complementing a range of luxurious textures and finishes such as natural stones, concrete or timbers. A bathroom renovation represents a significant investment into your home so it is important to ensure your design and colour scheme will meet your expectations so as to avoid any disappointment (and costly replacements!) later on down the track. So, are green tiles a passing trend or are they a timeless choice for the bathroom? We explore different green tile options to decide whether or not this stunning colour is a passing trend or a timeless choice.

Green Marble Tiles in the Bathroom

Marble tiles in general have long been a favourite choice for the home, creating a rich and sophisticated style in any application. Green marble tiles tend to come in and out of vogue: deep, emerald toned marble tiles were a hot trend in the 80s and 90s for example but have since dropped off in favour of lighter, more subtle colour options. From lush pistachio tones to soft, pastel green mint options, lighter green marble tiles create more of a timeless experience in the bathroom in comparison to other options; their softer and more subtle nature pair well with a range of materials and finishes without distracting from other feature elements in your bathroom design scheme to create a softer look.

Marble Tiles

Our Caido collection features a selection of different natural stone options that can be mixed and matched to create a unique and stylish colour scheme in your next bathroom design project.

Mosaic Wall Tiles

Mosaic tiles create a wonderfully tactile atmosphere in the bathroom while offering a range of exciting benefits that cannot be achieved with other tiling solutions. Due to the smaller size and flexibility, mosaic tiles can be used to clad curved surfaces and also to tile in tighter areas (such as shower niches and open shelves for example), making them an excellent choice for these types of designs. Mosaic tiles can be sourced in a wide variety of different materials with the most popular options being glass or natural stone such as marble or travertine tiles. Collections of glass mosaic tiles will offer an endless selection of green options with aquatic greens, forest greens and even glimmering golden apple green tiles. These tiles can often be used as a feature wall tile as well as a flooring solution, providing a simple to clean surface finish that is further enhanced with the use of a quality epoxy grout. Epoxy grouts are often paired with glass mosaic tiles as it is a non-porous alternative to traditional cement based grout and will actively assist in the prevention of dirt and grime building up in your tiles’ grout lines.

Pez Ceramic Mosaic Tiles_green bathroom tiles

Available in a wide selection of bold colours as well as neutral tones, the Pez Ceramic tile collection creates a wonderfully tactile look in the bathroom.

Green Concrete Tiles in the Bathroom

Concrete tiles (also referred to as cement tiles or encaustic tiles) have a rich history, steeped in tradition. These tiles are hand made by highly skilled artisans using traditional methods that have been passed down from one generation to the next. These types of tiles have most definitely cemented (!) their place as a timeless choice for the home, being a favourite choice when renovating period style homes as well as well as more contemporary spaces.

Argo Concrete Tiles_green tiles

Concrete tiles such as our Argo Concrete tile collection, continue to be made by hand using traditional methods. These tiles are available in a wide variety of different styles and shapes from classic patterns and motifs to more contemporary options to suit any style of home.

Concrete tiles will often feature striking patterns or colour blocked designs in a vivid palette, allowing you to create a bold visual statement in the bathroom. Concrete can comfortably be used as a bathroom wall tile however, some care must be taken when specifying these types of tiles as a flooring solution.

Concrete tiles can be used as a floor tile in the bathroom however, we do recommend that they not be used as a shower base as ingredients in various soaps and cleansers can disrupt the tile’s surface finish. Pooled water on these tiles may also lead to some wear and discolouration so they are best avoided for use as a floor tile within the shower area. They can however be comfortably be used outside of this space, allowing you to incorporate their classic designs and colour palettes in your bathroom design scheme.

Handmade & Handmade Look Tiles

Another classic option, handmade tiles are famous for their lustrous glazes and variations in colour, shape and size. These unique qualities will effortlessly create a lush yet tactile atmosphere in the bathroom, especially when paired with the classic shades of green often featured in these types of collections. Deep, bottle greens, grassy toned options or more aquatic themed hues are strong features of ceramic handmade tile collections. Heavily inspired by the colours most often seen in nature, these tiles combine a lush tactile finish with rich, earthy colours to create a timeless aesthetic in the bathroom.

Riverside Handmade Look Tiles_green bathroom tiles

Available in a vast range of bold colour options as well as softer neutral tones, our Riverside bathroom wall tiles offer a stunning handmade style. These machine made tiles replicate the authentic look and feel of a handmade product, offering a similar look and experience at a different price point.

Are Green Bathroom Tiles a Timeless Choice?

Green bathroom tiles certainly do offer a timeless style in the bathroom! The colour green is symbolic of nature and evokes feelings of serenity and cleanliness, making it an excellent choice for the bathroom and other areas of the home. Each of the above examples presents a different way of incorporating this luscious colour in your bathroom design scheme to create a timeless and elegant look.

Whether you are renovating your bathroom or building a new home, our Richmond tiles store boasts an extensive range of designer tile options. Our team at Perini Tiles can assist you with creating the perfect colour scheme in your new bathroom, curating a stylish combination of bathroom floor and wall tiles for that perfect designer touch!