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Glass Tile Splashback Ideas

Glass tile splash backs offer a range of benefits in the kitchen thanks to the sleek a smooth surface of the glass itself. This allows for ease of maintenance, a definite plus in any home kitchen! Thanks to the non-porous nature of glass, you will also find that dirt and moisture will not penetrate into the tiles themselves, once again offering a super simple to maintain option in the kitchen. There are many different glass tile splashback options to choose from ranging from traditional clear, coloured glass tiles to enamelled glass options and many more.


Traditional glass mosaic tiles offer immense flexibility in their design possibilities. These tiles use a traditional glass that is either clear or coloured with a flat or rippled surface finish, creating a wondrous jewel-like appearance that reflects and refracts light throughout any interior space. There are many specific types of glass mosaic tiles that can even be used outdoors, being especially popular as a pool tile option. As glass is a non-porous material, the surface will not absorb liquids or dirt, making it exceptionally simple to maintain in the home while also making for a perfect choice of material for your pool as well as a glass tile splashback option for the kitchen.


Glimmering glass mosaic tiles create a stunning, light filled atmosphere in this modern Hamptons inspired kitchen design scheme by Perini Renovations. Our Glacier collection includes a stylish range of geometric patterns in a luscious glass finish, from traditional lantern tiles to fish scale shapes and more, this collection offers a luxurious look in any project.


Combining the benefits of sleek glass with the warm and textured surface finish of natural stone, you will find many options available in these collections that offer the very best of both worlds. These types of combinations create an elegant and refined look in the kitchen that offers endless charm and appeal, making it an excellent choice where a timeless look is desired. 

Available in three luscious nature-inspired colour options, our Lust collection combines glass tiles with natural slate for a timeless and elegant look in the kitchen.

The pairing of natural stone with the sleek surface finish of glass offers an excellent choice for those seeking to add more texture and character to their kitchen design scheme, making these options popular in classical, country or traditional styled interiors. It should be noted that natural stone tiles will require sealing in order to maintain a quality finish over time. The sealing process ensures that the tiny pores present in the stone’s surface are not clogged up with dirt or moisture which can often lead to possible erosion and staining. Your tile consultant at Perini Tiles will advise you during the tile selection process of what types of products are best suited to your natural stone tile selection. 


Enamelled glass is a type of glass that has been coated in vitreous enamel. The tile is then fired in a kiln to achieve a smooth and incredibly hard surface finish that offers the flexibility and durability that is required of a floor tile option. Unlike traditional glass tiles, most enamelled glass mosaic tile options can be used as either a floor or wall tile solution, being especially popular in home bathrooms as well as a luxurious kitchen splashback. The surface is completely smooth, allowing for a simple clean-up process in the home while providing all the benefits of a non-porous material that will not absorb spills or splashes in the kitchen. 

The Moda collection is made up of smooth and sleek enamelled glass, a uniquely durable material that can be used as either a floor or wall tile in the home. The collection includes an impressive range of soft colours in various shapes, offering a stylish option for just about any type of kitchen design scheme, from traditional to contemporary looks.


Sustainability is at the forefront of design today, with manufacturers and designers seeking out more environmentally friendly solutions for the home. Recycled glass tiles are a perfect solution, offering all the benefits of a traditional glass tile option while being a sustainable option for the home. These splashback tiles are made using glass products that are sorted by colour and then melted down to create a new product. Glass is a 100% recyclable material that also offers the benefit of an unlimited life span, meaning it can be recycled time and time again. When formed into tiles, the recycled glass can be shaped into a range of exciting styles and tile patterns, making for an excellent choice in a modern styled home kitchen. 

Made from 100% recycled glass, the modern Cubo collection features an intricate geometric pattern with raised and lowered surfaces for a luxe three dimensional effect. The tiles offer a sleek and stylish look that is perfect for the contemporary styled kitchen. 

Glass tile splashbacks offer a straight forward and simple to maintain surface finish for the home kitchen, allowing for a smooth and simplified clean-up process. The many options available in terms of colour, shape, pattern and size ensure that glass tiles will continue to be one of the most popular choices for the home! Our team at Perini Tiles can guide you through the process of selecting your perfect splashback tiles with in-showroom and virtual design consultations available to help you keep your project on track.