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Glass Mosaic Tile Trends For 2022

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Glass mosaic tiles offer a timeless choice in all areas of the home, whether you are looking to create a stunning feature using outdoor glass pool tiles or an elegant feature in your new bathroom and kitchen design scheme. Glass mosaic tile trends for interiors are evolving to include smooth, matte options that provide the perfect complement to materials such as timber, concrete or natural stone, all of which feature prominently in modern interiors. These are the top glass mosaic tile trends to keep an eye out for in the new year!


Mini glass mosaic tiles are available in a range of different shapes, from classic penny round tiles to simple mini squares, chevron and even herringbone tile patterns. These enameled glass tiles are suited for both floor and wall use, offering an incredibly versatile design solution for just about every area of the home, from the kitchen to the bathroom.

Glass Mosaic Tile_Moda

Our luxurious Moda collection is available in a vast range of shapes and colours. These exciting modern mosaic tiles can be used as a flooring option or as a wall finish in the home, making for a wonderful feature element in any design scheme.

Mini enameled glass mosaic tiles have been especially popular as a feature wall or feature flooring option for the bathroom as their smooth, matt finish provides a wonderfully comfortable surface underfoot. Pair mini glass mosaic tiles with an epoxy grout for the ultimate in low maintenance solutions! A quality epoxy grout will assist in preventing the build-up of grime and dirt in your grout lines, creating a surface finish that needs nothing more than a simple wipe down to keep clean.


Interior design and architectural trends are placing more emphasis than ever before on sustainability in the modern home. Various techniques are being employed in modern home design that aim to work with nature rather than against it to create spaces that are not only soothing and comforting but also better for the environment. Using sustainably sourced materials in your next project is an excellent way to reduce your eco-footprint while also adding a glamorous touch of character into your overall design scheme.

Glass is a material that can be infinitely recycled, making it an excellent choice for the eco-conscious. Recycled glass mosaic tiles offer a truly show-stopping option for all areas of the home with most recycled glass tiles being perfectly suited to indoor floor and wall use as well as an outdoor pool solution.

Glass Mosaic Tile_Omnia Recycled Glass

The elegant Omnia collection is made from 98% recycled glass, offering a sustainable yet glamorous choice for all areas of the home.


Thanks to their smaller size, glass mosaic tiles offer an incredibly flexible option that can be used in all sorts of applications. Glass mosaic tiles can be easily wrapped around curved surfaces or laid in small, tight areas (such as shower niches for example) making them a supremely versatile choice. Their smaller size also means that an endless range of stylish designs can be achieved with their use, from intricately detailed patterns to elaborate murals! Glass mosaic tiles have historically been used to create such artworks, making them the perfect choice where you are looking to add a unique personal touch to your design scheme using a range of bold and vivid colours.

Glass Mosaic Tile_Bisazza Greg Natale

In collaboration with world renowned glass tile creators Bisazza, Interior Designer Greg Natale has created an impressive collection of glass mosaic tiles using a range of colours and patterns. This collection can be used in all areas of the home to create a glamorous and timeless touch that is truly unique!

Glass mosaic tiles offer a timeless option for all areas of the home, from the kitchen and bathroom to outdoor spaces and more! Thanks to their everlasting beauty and elegance, these tiles continue to be a hot trend with many new and exciting options becoming available to suit every style of design. Our Richmond Tile Showroom is full exciting options to choose from, including custom looks and stylish patterns. Our Design Consultants will assist you in your selections to help you create the perfect colour scheme for your next project!