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Glass Mosaic Tile Design: Benefits & Uses

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Glass mosaic tiles vary in colour, shape and size, allowing for an endless range of design solutions to choose from for your next project. This incredibly versatile material can be used throughout a home’s interiors as well as outdoor spaces (such as glass pool tiles for example) to add energy, pattern and of course, vivid bursts of colour in any design scheme. There are many exciting and unique benefits that come with glass mosaic tile solutions, from the endless range of colour and customisation options to their impressive hygienic qualities and more. 


One of the greatest benefits of using glass mosaic tile is that there is an endless range of colours available to choose from. You can create any number of custom and personalised design styles using glass mosaic tiles with an assortment of colours, shapes and sizes to choose from. Many brands of glass mosaic tiles (such as Bisazza tiles for example) offer highly customisable options; Bisazza’s astounding collections include a range of tiled works of art, murals that are created using a range of different coloured mosaic tiles. 

Bisazza greg natale Glass Mosaic Tile

 In collaboration with Bisazza, famous interior designer, Greg Natale’s stylish collection includes a selection of murals, patterns and styles created by glass mosaic tiles in a range of exciting, timeless colours. 

These murals can be customised to suit your own colour and size preferences or, should you prefer to create your own unique artwork, this too can be achieved! Working together with your Perini Tiles Consultant, you can select from an endless range of colourful glass mosaic tiles along with feature tile options such as yellow or white gold pieces, crystals and more to create a unique work of art that is a true reflection of your own creativity and personality. 


Glass mosaic tiles are often very small in size with options in 10x10mm, 20x20mm and other size variations or shapes. In order to simplify and streamline the laying process, each individual mosaic tile is usually attached to a mesh sheet during manufacture with these sheets often measuring approximately 300x300mm. Thanks to the tile’s smaller size and the addition of mesh sheeting, glass mosaic tiles offer a range of flexible design solutions that cannot be achieved with large format tiles. Glass mosaic tiles can be wrapped around curved surfaces for example or used as a border in a tiling scheme as well as providing the perfect solution for tiling in tighter areas such as shower niches. 

Moda Glass Mosaic Tile

The Moda enamelled glass tile collection includes a selection of colours and neutral tones in a modern matte finish. The collection includes a wide range of shapes and patterns to choose from including mini-penny round tiles, chevron and even herringbone tile patterns. 


Another exciting feature of glass mosaic tiles is that their sleek, non-porous surface provides a hygienic and highly durable design solution. These tiles are incredibly simple to clean, care for and maintain with only a simple wipe down required every so often to clean the tiles followed by a once over with a dry cloth (or dry mop in the case of glass floor tiles) to buff up the surface. 

As the tiles themselves are non-porous and feature a sleek smooth surface finish, you will find them incredibly simple to keep tidy however, it should be noted that grout lines are often the biggest concern when it comes to keeping mosaic tiles clean. If using a traditional cement based grout product, this is a porous material and as such will require regular sealing in order to help prevent the build-up of dirt or grime. Most glass mosaic tiles however can be paired with a modern epoxy grout instead; this type of grout provides a non-porous finish that is resistant to staining, providing the ultimate in low-maintenance grouting solutions and doing away with any concerns you may have when it comes to cleaning and maintaining grout lines. 


It is important to consider the environmental footprint of your next project. Using sustainable materials that are ethically sourced is an excellent step in creating an eco-conscious design scheme with glass mosaic tiles being a great solution. The process of creating these tiles is far less intensive than that of other options such as ceramic or porcelain, minimising their eco-footprint in the manufacturing process. Another exciting option in glass tile collections, recycled glass mosaic tiles offer a second life to discarded glass products. These tiles further enhance your project’s sustainable features and as glass can be recycled again and again without loss of quality your glass tiles too can enter the recycling system later on. 

Omnia Glass Mosaic Tile

Our elegant Omnia collection is manufactured from 98% recycled glass. These sustainable tiles can be used in a range of applications as they are perfectly suited to floor and wall use and can even be used as a pool tile, creating a luxurious natural effect as the varying shades of colour present in the tiles themselves interact with the pool water and natural light. 

Glass mosaic tile solutions offer endless design possibilities as well as a host of impressive benefits and uses throughout your home’s interior and exterior design schemes. Our Richmond tiles showroom is full of that latest trends and timeless glass tile solutions. Schedule a free online design consultation or visit our showroom to start bringing your ideas to life!