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Glass Mosaic Feature Tiles For The Home

Glass mosaic feature tiles are often used in the kitchen or bathroom and even in outdoor spaces as well as pools. These incredibly durable tiles offer a range of benefits, from offering a rainbow of colour options to choose from to allowing for a sleek and smooth surface finish that is incredibly simple to keep clean and maintain. Mosaic feature tiles can be used in just about any area of the home, from wet areas and outdoor spaces to living rooms and bedrooms. The possibilities truly are endless when it comes to creating the perfect feature element in your next home renovation project!


Available in an endless range of colour options, mosaic feature wall tiles can be used throughout your home’s interiors to create a dramatic and luxurious touch that will instantly elevate your home’s ‘wow factor’! 

The Bisazza Blends 20 collection includes a large range of colour selections, each of which features varying shades of the same colour for a wonderfully varied feature element in the home. Irridescent pieces and solid colours come together to create a luxurious look that can instantly bring life to any interior or exterior design scheme.

Our Bisazza mosaic tile collections for example, include a vast range of colour options which can be used in a wide range of customisable styles. Single colours can be selected to create a solid coloured feature wall or you can instead select from a range of blended tiles that include varying shades of colour for a cascading effect. Highlighting feature tiles can even be included in your selection with Swarovski crystals, white and yellow gold tiles available to create the ultimate in luxury looks.


Traditional pool tile options often include shades of bright blue and aqua however, with the freedom offered by glass mosaic feature tiles, you can create a completely customised look in your outdoor or indoor pool. These colourful tiles can create any desired look in your pool as the colour of the tiles themselves will show through the clear water while also reflecting light throughout the area. From purple to green, white or black, you can use any variety of glass tiles to create a stunning and unique look in your new pool. 

Our diverse collection of Bisazza pool tiles offer a designer tile solution for indoor and outdoor pools with endless design and customisation possibilities. Glass mosaic feature tiles can be used to create ornate murals and patterns for a truly show stopping feature in your new pool.

Thanks to the smaller size of glass mosaic tiles, you also have the option of creating a mural or pattern using combinations of contrasting colours to create a unique and personal style. Mosaic tiles have long been used to create images and patterns as far back as Ancient Greece and Rome where they were used to decorate places of worship and city centres. Our team at Perini Tiles can assist you in the selection of the perfect tile design solution for your new pool; design options can be selected from a range of different options and customised to suit your own colour preferences and then scaled to suit your pool and surrounding area’s measurements. 


Using glass mosaic tiles in the bathroom to create a luxurious feature element is an excellent choice as you can take full advantage of the many spectacular benefits of this traditional and luxurious material. Glass is well known for being a simple to maintain surface finish making it the perfect choice for the often messy area of the bathroom. Soap scum and grime will simply slide right off with a quick rinse or wipe down of the surface of your glass wall tiles, making for a super-simple and quick clean-up process in the bathroom. 

Bisazza greg natale mosaics

Greg Natale’s stunning collection of designer tiles for the Bisazza mosaic tile brand include a selection of intricately detailed patterns that can be used to create the ultimate bathroom feature wall. The varying shades of black and white used in the Malachite Grey pattern make for the perfect complement to this Art Deco bathroom design scheme.

These tiles can be used to create a feature wall in the shower as demonstrated above and many collections of enamelled glass mosaic tiles can even be used as a floor finish in this space, creating a smooth and comfortable surface underfoot. 

The use of epoxy grout is often recommended for use with glass mosaic tiles as it offers a sleek and smooth grouting option that unlike traditional cement based grouts, is non-porous and will also actively assist in the prevention of built up dirt and grime, making it an excellent choice for areas like the bathroom or the kitchen splashback which are prone to splashing and dirt. For more information on grout options checkout our guide that details the various options available. 


Similar to the bathroom, glass mosaic tiles provide a spectacularly low maintenance surface finish for the kitchen that is incredibly simple to clean and maintain, especially when paired with an epoxy grout. These elegant tiles can be used as a feature kitchen splashback tile option and can even be used as a decorative touch in other areas of your kitchen design scheme such as the face of an island bench for example. 


Our Glacier glass tiles are used as a decorative touch in this stylish kitchen design by Perini Renovations. The tiles are used as kitchen splashback and are matched up with the kitchen island to create a timeless and elegant feature element in the space.

Once again, you have the freedom of selecting from a vast range of delightful options, from traditional clear or coloured glass varieties to ornate murals as a means of introducing an artistic element to your home’s interior design scheme.

Glass mosaic feature tiles can be used in all areas of the home, inside and out to create the ultimate feature element in any style of design. You have the freedom of selecting from a vast range of endless colour options while also being able to create your own completely custom look and design with mosaic tiles. Our team at Perini Tiles can help you create the ultimate feature element in your next renovation or new home build, with in-showroom and virtual consultations for added flexibility during your design journey.