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Floor Tiles: Modern Monochrome using Wood Look Porcelain

Natural timber textures have the unique ability to create a sense of tranquillity in any space, providing warmth, colour and organic beauty in a design. Timber flooring has long been favoured in the home, allowing for a consistent floor finish option that can be used throughout almost all areas, carrying from the living and dining spaces straight through to the bedrooms. 

The material’s use in a wet area such as the bathroom however, requires extensive and ongoing care in order to maintain its integrity, where issues of mould, mildew and even extreme warping can occur, severely compromising the product’s longevity and integrity. A wood look porcelain tile on the other hand, offers the same tactile and lustrous aesthetic appeal of a natural timber product without the usual concerns that normally accompany the selection of timber flooring in the home, allowing for a more durable and flexible option that truly can be carried throughout every interior space, including in wet areas. 

timber look porcelain tile The Dante collection perfectly replicates the organic textures and tonal variations seen in natural timber. A highly durable tile, Dante can be used in every area of the home with the collection also including an outdoor wood look tile option that allows for a uniquely chic look in your exterior lounge area.

Creating a Modern Monochrome Interior Style

Using tiles instead of timber throughout the home opens the door to a world of possibilities in your overall colour scheme. Creating a modern look is a breeze with the many colourways, shapes and tactile textures available in timber tiles, from deep, earthy charcoals, to soft greys or milky whites and the more traditional timber tones of honey, blonde and walnut.

Wood look porcelain tileOur Driftwood collection is pictured here in the colour ‘Ice’ which uses a soft, milky white tone to represent a distressed, whitewashed timber finish. The perfect complement to a Shabby Chic or Modern Rustic interior design scheme, this white wood porcelain tile creates a strong sense of warmth and casual elegance in the home.


A modern or contemporary styled interior design scheme lends itself extremely well to the use of monochrome (in this case, black or white) flooring options. Using a natural timber that is stained to achieve these shades will not provide the best solution as the surface colour does not penetrate deep into the timber, making any scratches exceedingly noticeable. A tile that looks like wood however, offers the very best alternative in a monochrome interior scheme as the tile’s colour will not fade or scratch, promising a longer lasting and infinitely more durable flooring solution. 


timber look porcelain floor tilesMade in Italy, our modern and stylish Rigo collection includes a bold, warm black wood look tile that is right at home in any modern interior design scheme, providing warmth in its rustic texture while also creating the perfect contrasting surface for brightly coloured décor and accessories.


A dark wood look tile selection in tones such as charcoal, black or even a deep, chocolate brown provide an excellent choice for the modern styled interior, creating a stunning contrast between your selected furnishings and the floor finish. This same principle also applies to shades on the opposite end of the spectrum, including fresh whites and softer grey tones, forming an elegant and harmonious aesthetic in your interior decorating scheme. 

The Benefits of Timber Porcelain Tiles

A porcelain wood tile allows you all the incredible benefits that porcelain products are known for while also introducing the warmth and organic, rustic textures most often seen in natural timber flooring. Porcelain floor tiles are renowned for their strength and durability, providing a waterproof, non-porous, scratch and stain resistant surface finish that is simply unparalleled. Although natural timber provides a rich and earthy element in a design, the additional care and maintenance required to ensure the products’ longevity and integrity can be quite extensive, making porcelain tiles much more favourable in most areas of the home, especially in wet areas such as laundry rooms and bathrooms as well as outdoor spaces.

warm timber look porcelain tileCombining a grey wood look tile with warmer neutral tones, the Driftwood collection is made in Italy and includes a range of sophisticated colourways from the warmer Blend as pictured above, to deeper toned blacks and even fresh whites selections that perfectly represent a distressed timber finish.

Porcelain tile flooring offers an extremely low maintenance solution in the home. While timber flooring requires regular sanding and polishing in order to maintain its lustrous surface finish, porcelain floor tiles do not require sealing and can simply be maintained with a quick mop and deep clean every now and then to remove any stubborn dirt.

wood grain timber look tilesA warmer toned wood grain porcelain tile, the Huski collection is available in both plank and chevron tile formats making it a perfect selection as a feature wall or floor tile in the home.

Porcelain timber-look tiles offer a highly durable flooring solution, a perfect substitute to natural timber finishes that can be prone to staining and scratching while also requiring additional extensive care and maintenance, especially when used in wet areas or outdoor spaces. As the surface colour of stained natural timber flooring does not run through the body of the plank, any scratches will be incredibly noticeable, especially when using stronger shades such as bold blacks or pure whites in a modern interior, once again making porcelain wood-look tiles an excellent choice in these home styles.

Our team at Perini Tiles will assist you in the creation of the perfect colour story for your next design project, offering in-showroom as well as online design consultations with the use of Zoom and FaceTime for a personalised experience.