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Floor & Wall Tiles for your next Kitchen Renovation

Starting out on your kitchen renovation journey can often seem quite overwhelming! After all, there are so many decisions to be made, options to consider, materials and colour schemes to sift through. The best way to start creating the perfect kitchen colour scheme though is to work from the ground up, selecting your floor finish first and then making your way throughout the remainder of your selections while using your selected flooring as a guide. 

Kitchen floor tiles provide an excellent option for the home, offering a highly durable and hard wearing surface finish that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. There are many different options to choose from, including timeless terrazzo tiles to sleek concrete and porcelain products. 

Terrazzo Tiles

Drawing inspiration from the exciting designs of the 1950’s era, terrazzo tiles have surged back into popularity over the last year. These speckled tiles create a spectacularly timeless aesthetic in the home, being especially ideal in the kitchen as their scattered patterning works well to disguise any spilt crumbs! Traditional terrazzo tiles are made of randomly sized chips and pieces or marble, glass or granite that is set into a bed of concrete. As most of these materials are porous, terrazzo tiles will require sealing upon installation as well as every few years thereafter depending on their wear. 


Terrazzo tiles create a wonderfully timeless, speckled look in the kitchen. Using a range of different colours in their assorted chips, it is simple to create an entire colour scheme based around the tile as you draw colour inspiration from these pieces to use around the space, creating a perfectly balanced look. Our range of natural Terrazzo can be used as kitchen splashback tiles as well as a flooring solution.

If instead you would prefer an option that does not require sealing, porcelain terrazzo look tiles are the perfect solution. Made of high quality and impressively durable porcelain, these collections offer the same timeless look of a natural terrazzo product without the requirement of additional maintenance as the product is non-porous, meaning it will hold up better against staining and as such, does not require sealing. 

Concrete Tiles

Concrete floor tiles often feature a smooth, matte finish, making them a highly versatile design option that can blend in exceptionally well into any style of kitchen, from the more modern looks to traditional and period style interiors. Concrete tiles are available in both handmade and machine made options, each providing its own range of benefits to the home. An attractive range of bold colours and patterns can be included in the tile’s design, creating a stylish visual feature in your new kitchen that can act as the perfect ‘jumping off’ point to help you create the balance of your new colour scheme in the space, using these colours as inspiration.  

concrete floor tiles

A stunning collection of cement tiles, the The Beach Club collection includes an exciting range of colours and patterns that can be used to introduce a sense of character and charm in to your next kitchen design project.

As with all porous materials, concrete too will require sealing to ensure any liquid spills do not penetrate into the body of the tile which can lead to marking, staining or discolouration. This process can be completed every few years to ensure your new kitchen floor tiles stay looking their best over time. You can also select from a range of specialised cleaning products that actually include an amount of sealant within them; these cleansers will decrease the amount of time required in between professional sealing while also keeping your tiles incredibly clean. You will find more information in our Tile Cleaning and Care Guide on these exciting products for the home! 

Porcelain Tiles

Although natural stone tiles such as marble or slate can be used in the kitchen, these materials will require sealing as well as continued care and maintenance throughout their lifespan. In busy homes where this upkeep routine can become somewhat cumbersome over time, porcelain alternatives are often a better fit, offering a low maintenance option for the kitchen while still boasting the same look and feel as that of a natural product. 

Futura Collection

Perfectly simulating the look and feel of concrete tiles, our Futura collection is created using high tech Italian porcelain

Stone look tiles, timber look tiles, marbles and even concrete replicas can all be created using porcelain. These options provide a non-porous surface finish for the home that has the additional benefit of being both scratch and stain resistant. These impressive qualities make porcelain floor tiles an excellent choice for the busy kitchen, requiring no more than a regular wet or dry mop to ensure their cleanliness while they also do away with the need for regular sealing. 

Using your kitchen floor tiles as an inspiration, selecting the remainder of your kitchen materials and colours is simple as you now have the perfect jumping off point. Traditional terrazzo, sleek and smooth concrete and wonderfully varied porcelain tiles all provide the perfect surface finish for your kitchen renovation project, each being a highly durable and hard wearing option that is sure to last a lifetime in the home. Our team at Perini Tiles can assist and guide you through the process of selecting the perfect floor tiles as well as offering advice in coordinating the balance of your kitchen material selections from cabinetry and splashback tiles to benchtops and more.