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Feature Wall Tiles & How to use them in your New Bathroom

A bathroom feature wall creates a sense of drama in your new design while also making for an interesting element that allows you the opportunity to get a little more creative! A feature wall can be made using any choice of bathroom tiles, from tactile mosaics to honed natural stone tiles, rustic handmade options and plenty more. Each of these exciting selections creates its own unique and stylish look in any bathroom design, leading to a feature element in your new bathroom that will truly show off your own distinct interior design style.

Which wall should be my feature wall?

Once you’ve created your ideal bathroom layout or plan, it is time to start selecting your new finishes and colour palette. It is important to note on your drawings which areas of the design are to become your featured elements. Traditionally, a room’s feature wall is most often the wall that you see first when walking into the room, i.e. the wall directly opposite the entry. In a bathroom design however, there is a little more flexibility in creating the ideal feature wall. You can choose the wall behind your vanity unit to create a feature of, the wall directly behind your bathtub or even within your shower. You can even use feature wall tiles to highlight key elements in your design, for example a tiled bath hob or shower niche. 

Mosaic Tiles Feature Wall

Mosaic tiles have long been a favourite choice when it comes to creating the perfect feature wall in the bathroom thanks to their incredible flexibility as well the vast range of choices available that allow the creation of many different looks that simply cannot be achieved with any other tile option. Mosaic tiles are small enough to be able to easily wrap around curved surfaces, making them ideal for designs that include curved shower seats for example. They are available in an incredible amount of materials, from luscious, glimmering glass varieties to smooth, honed marbles and more. Glass mosaics especially are often available in an astonishing amount of colour choices, allowing you to create solid coloured walls, blends of colours or even ornate patterns and murals for the ultimate wow factor in your bathroom design. 

Greg Natale Bisazza mosaicBissazza’s collaboration with Australian born interior designer Greg Natale uses colour and pattern to create a stunning feature element that instantly creates an incredibly stylish visual impact in the bathroom.

Handmade Tiles as a Feature

Handmade tiles offer a distinct look in any bathroom design. Their uneven edges and delightfully tactile finish ensure they are always on trend, offering a unique type of style as each piece is different from the next. The finished look of a handmade tile feature wall is a wonderfully textured patchwork of colour, pattern and soft organic line-work, creating a wonderful personal touch in the bathroom that is simply bursting with character and charm. 

You will find that most handmade tile collections are created using ceramic which would normally require sealing before being installed in the high moisture environment of the bathroom. There are many specific collections however, that include a high-shine glaze that has been applied by hand in order to create a waterproof layer that will protect the body of the tile, making them the perfect fit for this wet environment. 

casablanca handmade tilesOur Casablanca collection is entirely handmade right here in Australia. Being a handmade product, you have the freedom of choice in specifying your ideal custom shape and colour to create a feature in your bathroom renovation that is truly personal.

Handmade-look tiles provide another interesting option to consider when selecting your new bathroom feature tiles. These options are specifically designed to offer the same luscious, organic qualities of a handmade product while offering a cost effective alternative. There are many exciting collections, shapes, patterns and colours to choose from that will help you create the perfect look in your next bathroom renovation.

Natural Stone Bathroom Feature Wall

Natural stone tiles will instantly lift your design, creating a strong sense of drama and luxury. Marble tiles in particular can be used to create a stunning and timeless feature wall in your new bathroom, boasting soft, organic lines in their veins and luscious variations of colour depending on the particular type of marble you choose. Taking a step away from the traditional white marble tiles, you may consider using a variety of different options such as black marble (Nero Marquina), pink marble (Rosa Portugués) or green marble (Verde Green) for more of a personal and unique look in your bathroom renovation. 

Jade marble tilesOur classic styled Jade Marble Tiles create the ultimate luxe touch in this bathroom design. The collection is available in three beautiful shapes to help you create a bathroom feature wall that is truly unique and absolutely extraordinary!

Creating the ultimate feature wall in your next bathroom project is an exciting step in the design process. There are many exciting options to consider, from luscious natural stone tiles to tiny mosaic pieces that are bursting with colour! Our team at Perini Tiles continues to be available for online design consultations where we can offer you a virtual showroom tour while creating the perfect tile scheme for your project.