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Exterior Facade Tiles: Our Top Tips on Tiling your Home’s Facades

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Outdoor wall tiles (or exterior façade tiles) offer an exceptionally low maintenance and incredibly stylish option that will add character and curb appeal to your home’s external appearance. There are many benefits to using outdoor wall tiles on your home’s facades from providing a sustainable approach to designing your home to adding a glamorous and timeless touch to your overall design scheme.

Tile Cladding vs. Render: Can I use Exterior Facade Tiles Instead?

Outdoor façade tiles can be used as a replacement to traditional lightweight render options, offering a design that is bursting with character and charm. Outdoor wall tiles will require added support to be worked into your new home’s wall design due to their additional weight in comparison to the often used lightweight render options. Furthermore, waterproofing must also be allowed for in your new home build to ensure moisture will not penetrate into the walls.

Bata Brick Look Tiles_Brick Tiles

Our versatile Bata Collection offers a stylish alternative solution to traditional brickwork, being ideal for use as an outdoor wall tile. These tiles are made of durable porcelain, ensuring a long lasting finish that will not require sealing to maintain. These tiles are available in a selection of rich, earthy tones, each offering an irresistibly tactile finish for your new home’s design.

It is important to note that using outdoor wall tiles in place of traditional render options will require more structural support and thus may fetch a higher price tag; in this case, a great solution is to limit your use of outdoor wall tiles to creating feature areas in place of cladding entire facades if need be. This technique will allow you to experiment with a range of exciting materials and colour schemes while also ensuring your new home build stays on budget!

Outdoor Wall Tile Sizes & Finishes

Matte finished, honed or textured outdoor wall tiles are often best suited to your home’s front (street facing) façade so as not to be a distraction on the road in sunny weather. Outdoor porcelain tiles or natural stone tiles are often the best option in these sorts of applications as they do not have a high amount of reflectiveness. If you are planning on including more decorative outdoor wall tiles that include sleek glossy finishes, these are best applied to facades that will not be facing the street.

Paladino Outdoor Wall Tiles_exterior façade tiles

The elegant and modern Paladino collection is available in a range of tile sizes and colours, allowing you to experiment with your outdoor colour and material combination. These porcelain tiles show variations between each tile in their tone, texture and pattern, creating a realistic stone-look option for use in outdoor applications.

It is important to note that your selected tile’s size will make an impact on the labour costs involved in your new home build. Common outdoor wall tile sizes such as 450 x 450mm or 600 x 600mm will often be priced at the Tiler’s standard rate whereas significantly larger or even smaller sizes will often add to the total bill. Larger tile sizes will often attract a higher labour cost as these are heavier and more cumbersome to carry and apply, usually requiring more than one person to assist in their installation. Small tile sizes on the other hand, although lighter in weight, will require more work and more materials to be used in their installation in comparison to standard options. When selecting the most appropriate outdoor wall tiles for your new home build, seek your Builder’s recommendations on which options will best tie into your budget and suit your needs.

Exterior Facade Tiles & Sustainability

Outdoor wall tiles are available in such a vast range of colours, materials and finishes, allowing you endless design possibilities when creating your new home build. These tiles will also provide a long lasting finish that is incredibly hard wearing while offering a low maintenance solution for the exterior facades of your home. Aside from these appealing benefits, exterior façade tiles will also ensure better acoustic and thermal insulation of your new home while also protecting the structure from harsher weather (direct sunlight, heavy rain/hail, etc.). These unique qualities ensure a sustainable option for your home that may contribute to keeping a more comfortable temperature within the property through the cooler winter months as well as the hot summer months.

Legno Timber Look Tiles_Timber Tiles_exterior facade tiles

The rustic Legno timber look tiles are made of hard wearing porcelain, offering a long lasting and low maintenance solution for use as an outdoor wall tile. These tiles can be used on both vertical and horizontal outdoor applications, allowing you to incorporate them into your outdoor design scheme as an alternative to traditional timber decking as well as an exterior façade tile solution.

Exterior façade tiles provide many benefits to the home from offering a sustainable option to adding a wonderfully tactile and irresistible decorative finishing touch to your new home build. Our team at Perini Tiles can recommend the very best options to suit your style preferences and budget whether you are buying tiles online or in our Richmond tiles store.