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Examples of the Best Kitchen Splashback Tiles 2021

Keeping a low maintenance finish throughout the kitchen is simple when you pay close attention to the various materials you choose. Your kitchen splashback tiles especially will need to be able to withstand the splashes and spills that occur in a busy home kitchen, allowing you an easy clean up to be able to spend more time enjoying your home and family. 

When selecting your new kitchen splashback tiles, there are many things aside from colours and patterns to take into consideration, especially if your key focus is to create a low maintenance space. Considering the sheen level of your tiles, the material and the texture are all crucial factors in selecting the perfect low maintenance splashback option for your home. 

What types of tiles can I use as a kitchen splashback?

There are many different tile materials that are all suitable as a kitchen splashback, from glass tiles to natural stone, porcelain and ceramic tiles. Each option offers its own unique benefits in a space as well as a range of different style possibilities. 

The main restriction when it comes to selecting kitchen splashback tiles is your cooktop and benchtop depth; if you are installing a gas cooktop in your next kitchen renovation, ensuring the use of the correct materials as your splashback is crucial in adhering with Australian Standards. In keeping with Australian Standards, any vertical surface surrounding a gas cooktop must be made of a non-combustible material if it falls within 200mm of the nearest gas burner. In these situations, porcelain tiles are the very best fit thanks to their temperature resistant properties. If you can meet the 200mm minimum clearance, you have more freedom in selecting your materials. 

terrazzo splashback tiles

A uniquely low maintenance option, the Galleria Terrazzo Look Tiles offer a speckled finish that is exceptionally forgiving in disguising marks or fingerprints – An excellent choice for a low maintenance kitchen.

Some exciting materials available in splashback tiles include:

  • Natural Stone Tiles: Natural stone tile options include marble, granite, terrazzo, limestone and plenty more. These options offer a classic and timeless elegance to the home with their naturally occurring patterns and colour variations. It is important to note that these options require sealing to protect their surface and keep a stain free finish. 
  • Glass Tiles: Glass tiles are perhaps most popular in mosaic styles and feature endless colour and pattern options to choose from. Simple to wipe down and keep clean, glass mosaic tiles can be paired with an epoxy grout to ensure an exceptionally low maintenance splashback option. 
  • Ceramic Tiles: A popular choice, ceramic tiles are available in both machine made as well as handmade varieties to create a unique look in your next kitchen design project. These tiles are often softer and therefore lighter than other options making them ideal for vertical applications. As ceramic tiles will often feature a glaze that is baked onto their surface, they can be easily wiped down and kept clean with nothing more than a damp cloth.  
  • Porcelain Tiles: Featuring extraordinary temperature, stain and water resistance, porcelain tiles remain a popular choice for all areas of the home, especially in the kitchen where their many benefits provide a spectacular low maintenance surface finish. 
  • Concrete Tiles (Encaustic tiles): A traditionally styled tile option, concrete tiles (also known as encaustic) are created using a cement mixture paired with a range of colourful dyes and additives to create a smooth and hard wearing matte finish. These tiles often feature bold geometric patterns in a range of dusty colour options, making for a stunning statement in the kitchen. Similar to natural stone tiles, concrete tiles should also be sealed in order to maintain the quality of the surface finish and assist in avoiding staining over time. 

What size tiles should I use as a kitchen splashback?

The beauty of selecting kitchen splashback tiles is that you have a lot more creative freedom in your choice of colours and patterns as well of course as your tile sizes. Kitchen splashback tiles can range from the smallest of mosaic tiles to sleek large format pieces for a modern finish. If you are looking to use a larger tile as your new splashback, selecting from a range of options that are available in the same size as your splashback is the best solution (for example a 600 x 600 tile will suit a standard 600mm high splashback perfectly). As a general rule of thumb, it is important to keep cutting of the tiles to a minimum to ensure a final outcome that is perfectly in proportion with the available space. 

kitchen splashback tiles 2021

When selecting your splashback tiles, keep the available space in mind to ensure there are minimal cuts in your selected tiles. This will ensure your selection sits perfectly in proportion with the space no matter how large or small it is. Our Render ceramic tiles are featured in this light and breezy kitchen with the square format sitting perfectly within the height restraints of the splashback.

Continuing a Low Maintenance Finish with Grout

Your grout will play an important part in both the look and care requirements of your new kitchen splashback. Grout can often be a concern when it comes to creating a low maintenance finish in the kitchen however there are many design solutions that will effectively eliminate this issue to help you create the perfect low maintenance kitchen. 

kitchen splashback tiles 2021

The exciting Fitzroy White Tiles create a stylish geometric design featuring a distinct staggered effect for a modern look. The crisp white tiles are paired with a soft grey coloured grout to create the perfect contrast and accentuate the lined patterns

Certain types of tiles will allow for minimal grout lines, allowing the use of traditional cement-based products while still offering a low maintenance finish. Rectified porcelain tiles are a perfect example: These tiles are machine cut at a perfect 90° angle for a sharp, straight edge that can be perfectly aligned with the next tile on your walls to achieve an extremely narrow grout line. This style offers a near seamless look in the kitchen that minimises the need to scrub grout lines. Where this solution is not a possibility, an alternative option to consider is epoxy grout. Epoxy grout can be used with a range of different tile materials (you can confirm whether it is suitable for your tile selection during your design consultation!) to create a low maintenance finish thanks to its non-porous and water resistant qualities, making it an absolute breeze to keep clean. This alternative to traditional cement based grouts will also assist in preventing the build-up of dirt and grime in your kitchen splashback, minimising clean up time in the kitchen. 

Creating the perfect low maintenance kitchen splashback in your next project is simple with the right materials and grout options. Our design team at Perini Tiles can recommend the very best solutions to suit your style, needs and budget for that perfect look. Visit our Richmond Tile Showroom or book a free online design consultation to get started on your next kitchen project!