Everything you need to know about Timber Tiles


When it comes to porcelain timber tile, the benefits compared to natural timber planks are numerous, but the most important one lies in the ability and freedom to install them in areas that are not suitable for the real thing- for example, in bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor areas.  In these ‘wet areas’ natural timber is likely to bow over time due to their porosity and soft nature but by using a porcelain product,  you can still achieve the raw and natural look of timber without any issues arising down the track.

Timber Tiles used in a bathroom- Montserrat

Timber Tiles used in a kitchen- Woodlands

Porcelain timber tiles are stronger, will not scratch or mark and do not need to be sealed so are the perfect option for large areas of the home and even outdoors.  Outdoor versions of timber tiles are made with a textured surface making them non-slip under foot if water is present.

Timber Tiles- Woodlands White External

Timber Tiles- Woodlands Grey External

Timber Tiles- Colours

Timber Tiles used on floors and walls- Montserrat

With so many stunning varieties of timber tiles available, we’re spoilt for choice.  Some of our favourites include timbers that perfectly simulate Oak, Teaks, Wenges, Chestnuts and Jarrah.

Timber Tiles- Woodland Wenge

Beautiful coloured timbers available in soft pastel colours offer an innovative look that are styled to perfection.

Timber Tiles- Paint Collection

Bold coloured timbers enhance visual impact and make quite the statement.

Timber Tiles- Colours, Plum

Timber Tiles- Madera Collection

New Parquetry look porcelain tiles offer characteristic pattern and tonal variations just like the real thing.

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