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Everything you Need to Know About Timber Tiles

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Timber tiles continue to be a popular option for use in the home. These tiles are available in all sorts of styles and finishes, allowing you to create a stunning look using a timber style product. Aside from their luxurious appearance, timber porcelain tiles will also provide an impressive range of exciting benefits in the home thanks to their incredibly versatile qualities.

We explore the many uses and benefits of modern timber look porcelain finishes in the home, from their use in wet areas to outdoor spaces and more!

What are Timber Tiles?

Timber tiles are made of a porcelain tile material that has been specifically designed to emulate the appearance and texture of natural timber. These tiles are created using an ultra-high definition image that is printed directly onto the tile, offering a realistic level of variation in depth of colour and grain texture. These tiles are available in a range of different timber colour options as well as a variety of different tile sizes or formats; you will find timber tiles available in plank formats, parquetry styles, chevron and even herringbone tile options.

Huski Chevron Tiles

Available in an assortment of realistic timber colour options, the Huski collection can be used as a floor or wall tile throughout the home’s interior spaces. The collection includes an elegant plank format as well as a stylish chevron tile option, enabling the creation of a variety of styles and patterns in your interior design scheme.

Where can I use these Tiles in my Home?

Timber tiles are available in a wide variety of options to suit all areas of the home. These tiles can be used as an all over floor tile, running right through the entirety of your home for a continued theme. Timber tiles can also be included in the bathroom or laundry as either a floor or wall tile, allowing you to include a luxurious timber finish in these wet areas of the home where real timber is usually avoided so as not to cause issues in terms of water damage or mould.

Legno Outdoor Tiles_Timber Tiles

Our Legno collection effortlessly emulates the appearance and texture of natural timber, complete with subtle variations in tone and grain pattern for a realistic look. These tiles can be used in indoor and outdoor applications, offering a long lasting alternative solution to traditional timber decking or timber finishes in wet areas of the home.

You will also find timber porcelain tiles available for outdoor use; these tiles offer a long lasting alternative option to traditional timber decking that can often also be used to surround a pool area. Unlike timber decking, porcelain timber tiles will not require sealing, sanding or polishing. These tiles can be kept clean with a simple hose down to remove any debris from the garden or animal droppings, keeping them in their best shape over time.

The Benefits of Timber Tiles

Traditional timber finishes provide a warm, elegant and timeless aesthetic in the home however, they do require special care and attention in order to keep them looking their best. Furthermore, timbers are often avoided in wet areas of the home such as the bathroom and laundry as continued exposure to the humidity and moisture in these spaces can warp and damage the timber. If you are looking to introduce the warmth of real timber into your home but would prefer a solution that does not require the same level of care, timber look porcelain tiles are the perfect option. Porcelain tiles are well known for their immense strength and durability; these types of tiles are resistant to moisture, staining, scratching and heat, making them an incredibly versatile option that can be included in your indoor and outdoor design schemes.

Rigo_Timber Tiles

Expertly crafted in Italy, the Rigo collection offers a rustic timber look tile option that can be used as a floor or wall finish throughout your home’s interior spaces. Taking a step away from the traditional timber formats, Rigo is an elongated subway tile option that features a wonderfully tactile texture and subtle variations on colour for a realistic treated timber finish.

Timber look porcelain tiles can be used throughout the home’s interior and exterior spaces to create a warm, rustic aesthetic that is inspired by nature. These incredibly versatile tiles provide a low maintenance solution that will benefit every area of the home! Our Richmond tiles store houses an immense collection of options suitable for use in your indoor or outdoor projects while our team is on hand to provide their best advice when curating the perfect colour scheme for your home.