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Everything You Need to Know about Glass Mosaic Tiles

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Glass mosaic tiles have long been a favourite choice in the world of interior design, being a popular choice for the home, for retail and commercial applications thanks to the impressive variety of colours and shapes that can be used to create completely custom works of art in any style of design. These tiles provide a vast range of benefits, from allowing for a simple to maintain surface finish and of course, the impressive variety of colours that are available that will allow you to create any type of design you desire.


Glass mosaic tiles can be used in all areas of the home, from the bathroom and kitchen to both indoor and outdoor living spaces. These incredibly durable tiles can even be used to coat your swimming pool, creating a glimmering and colourful experience in your outdoor or indoor pool for that perfect custom touch. It is important to keep in mind that there are various types of glass mosaic tiles available, each with its own unique features or characteristics that permit its use in various applications.

The Bisazza Vintage collection features 25 x 25mm square shaped tiles with irregular edges to create a handmade effect. These stunning tiles are available in a range of different solid colours and offer the flexibility of being suitable as a wall or floor finish as well as a pool tile option.


Glass mosaic tiles are available in a range of different options to suit various applications. Certain varieties of glass tiles are best used as a pool tile solution for example, while others can only be used to create a decorative glass mosaic tile pattern on the walls and others can be used as a flooring option, allowing you a vast range of flexible design solutions. 

Glass Pool Tiles: Glass pool tiles are available in an assortment of small sizes that are perfectly suited for application to the curves, corners, steps and borders of an indoor or outdoor pool. The tiles are incredibly durable and strong, being able to withstand being exposed to the elements as well as being completely submerged underwater, making glass mosaic tiles the most popular choice for use as a pool tile. 

Our vast collection of glass pool tiles includes a range of different colour options from glimmering aquatic blues and greens to deeper tones of purple and plenty more! Our team can even assist you in the creation of a completely custom pool tile solution that can include any combination of colours in a range of different styles and patterns to create a unique piece of art in your new pool. 

Glass Floor Tiles: Specific collections of glass tiles and glass mosaic tiles can actually be used to achieve a durable and long lasting floor finish that has proven to be extremely popular in home bathrooms thanks to the smooth and decorative surface finish that provides the added benefit of being simple to keep clean. These varieties are normally a type of enamelled glass. 

Glass Wall Tiles: Glass wall tiles are often more ornate and decorative in comparison to glass floor tiles as there is no need to adhere to safety standards that would dictate the slip resistance of a floor tile. 

Recycled Glass Tiles: Glass is a material that can be recycled time and time again, making it an excellent sustainable choice for the home. Recycled glass tiles will feature luscious variations in colour for an exciting patchwork or blended effect in the home. 

The stunning Zafra collection is made up of over 90% recycled glass that has been designed to simulate the look and feel of a range of natural stones. The collection includes an impressive range of options from herringbone tiles to hexagons and more, allowing for a low maintenance alternative option to natural stone tiles. 


Most glass mosaic tile collections are available in sheet formats; this means that each individual mosaic tile is attached to a large mesh sheet (a common measurement is 300mm x 300mm sheet size) which makes the laying process infinitely simpler. Where your mosaic tiles include a connecting pattern or design, then each sheet is clearly identified on the back, giving your Tiler instructions on which sheet is next in line in order to achieve a perfect finish. 

When it comes to laying glass pool tiles however, the process is a little different. Our Bisazza glass pool tile collection for example, is applied using a unique hotmelt system that is exclusive to Australia and New Zealand. This process uses polyurethane (PU) thermo set adhesive to create an ultra-strong bond between the tiles and the pool’s surface. The adhesive will not change its characteristics when wet and is also UV resistant, making it the perfect solution for outdoor pools.

The luscious Bisazza Smalto 20 collection offers the perfect solution for you indoor or outdoor pool and spa. The collection includes a range of exciting colours, from traditional pool tile options of blue, green and aqua to rich purple and vibrant orange selections, allowing for a personal touch to your next project. 


The most popular choice of grout when it comes to laying glass mosaic tiles is epoxy grout. This specialised grout is non-porous while also being resistant to staining and moisture and sun damage. Epoxy grouts are fast setting, making them a little more difficult to install; a quick and experienced hand is needed to apply this type of grout to ensure a perfect finish that will last a lifetime! 


Mosaic tiles in various materials ranging from glass to natural stone have long been used throughout history to create luxurious works of art. Traditionally, they have been used in places of worship and city centres in ancient times, adorning temple walls, floors and ceilings as well as city fountains and walkways. Their ability to withstand thousands of years of wear and use are evidence of the durability and incredible longevity of mosaic tiles.

In collaboration with the world renowned glass designer tile brand Bsiazza, Greg Natale’s collection of mosaic tiles offers a selection of patterns in a variety of exciting colours and can be used throughout your interiors for a unique and personal touch that creates a work of art in itself!

Mosaic tiles continue to be used to create incredible works of art in the home as well as in commercial applications, offering a timeless and luxurious option that is proven to stand the test of time. Thanks to the small format of a traditional mosaic tile, each individual piece can be carefully arranged to form an image or pattern, from romantic floral designs to Art Deco inspired geometric patterns and shapes. 

Once again taking advantage of the smaller size of the tiles themselves, mosaic tile designs can be used to coat curved surfaces for an elegant finishing touch to a modern design scheme. When selecting glass mosaic feature tiles, you have the freedom of choosing from a range of set designs and patterns that can be customised to suit your colour preferences. 

The size of the pattern itself is also scaled to suit your space’s measurements, ensuring the design is properly shown in your intended application. You even have the option of creating a completely custom design or pattern; this option is especially popular in commercial and retail fitouts where company logos and branding can be created using mosaic glass tiles for the ultimate in customisable design.  

Glass mosaic feature tiles offer a range of benefits in any application, from the endless range of colour options available to the product’s impressive durability, longevity and strength. These amazing tiles can be used in any indoor or outdoor space for a truly custom design choice. Our team at Perini Tiles can guide you through the process of creating the perfect designer tile scheme using glass mosaic tiles for that perfect custom look in your next project. Visit our Richmond tile showroom or schedule a free online consultation to get started on your next design project today!