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Everything You Need To Know About Ceramic Tiles

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Ceramic tiles offer a popular solution for the home that can be used in all sorts of applications, from the bathroom through to the kitchen and more. An incredibly versatile design solution, ceramic tile will offer a vast range of benefits in the home, making for a simple to clean surface finish to allowing you the opportunity to experiment with a range of colours, finishes, textures and even patterns. 


Ceramic tiles are made using a combination of raw materials (most often made of clay, feldspar, sand and talc) that are shaped and fired in a kiln to remove all moisture from the final product and create a hard, durable and long lasting surface finish. If a glaze is included in the tile’s design, this is applied to the surface of each individual tile prior to the kiln firing process. As the glaze is baked, it will harden into an almost glass-like finish which will act as not only a decorative element across the tile but also as a form of protection against moisture and dirt. 

sorbet Ceramic Tile

Soft tones make up the colour palette of our Sorbet Handmade Look Tile Collection. These delightful ceramic wall tiles feature wonderfully varied textures and uneven edges to create a handmade style in the home. 

Ceramic tiles are available in a range of different options from unglazed, glazed, handmade or machine made selections. These tiles are often softer and thinner than other tiling solutions which make them a better fit for wall applications. Specific selections of ceramic tiles can however be used as a flooring option in low traffic spaces however, it is always important to confirm your selected tile’s recommended application prior to placing an order. 

These tiles differ from traditional floor tiling options such as porcelain tiles for example which although are made of the same combination of raw materials, are baked at significantly higher temperatures and are slightly thicker than ceramic tiles, making them suitable as a flooring solution as are most natural stone tiles or concrete tile options. 


Ceramic tiles are most often used as a decorative feature wall in the home, making for an easy to clean and maintain surface finish for all spaces, from the kitchen and laundry room to the bathroom and more. Depending on the specific type and collection of ceramic tiles, some options can be used as a flooring solution in low traffic areas however most ceramic tile collections are best used as a wall tile. 

Marbella Ceramic Tile

Spanish made, our Marbella wall tiles replicate the look and feel of an authentically hand made tile. This collection is available in a range of luxurious, nature inspired colour options in a classic subway tile format. 

These tiles are often softer, lighter and thinner than traditional flooring solutions such as porcelain tile or natural stone tiles and as such, they are most often restricted to wall applications. You will find many exciting ceramic tile available in our showroom that will make an excellent choice as a kitchen or laundry splashback tile, a bathroom feature wall tile, or as a decorative solution in other areas of the home. 


As ceramic tiles are most often restricted to wall applications, you will find that there are many different decorative options available. These tiles can include hyper-glossy glazes, etched or 3D designs and patterns and different textures. As their design is not restricted by the need for creating a slip resistant surface (as would be the case with floor tiles) more elaborate and exciting design styles can be achieved. 

Due to their lightweight nature, ceramic tiles are often simpler to lay than thicker, heavier tiles, making them more straight forward and cost effective as a wall finish when compared to other options. Being a softer material, you will also find that ceramic tiles are easier to drill through, allowing better ease of installation of wall accessories such as towel rails, wall shelves and more. 

Arthouse Ceramic Tile

The modern Arthouse ceramic tile collection uses raised surfaces to create a three dimensional effect, perfect for a dramatic decorative feature in the home!

Another interesting benefit of these tiles is that glazed options in particular will do away with the need for sealing. Although ceramic tile in its raw form is a porous material that would normally require sealing to ensure it is adequately protected, in the case of glazed tiles this is not a concern. The baked-on glaze forms a hardened barrier across the surface of each tile, protecting the material from absorbing liquids and moisture and in turn, doing away with the need for sealing. This quality ensures glazed ceramic tiles make for an excellent choice in areas such as shower walls or kitchen walls where a simple to clean surface finish is most needed. 


As with any material, ceramic tiles have a few things to keep in mind when making your final tile selections. Unglazed ceramic tiles for example, do not include a baked-on glaze on their surface which makes them susceptible to marking or discoloration as a result of dirt or liquid spills. The porous body of the tile can be prone to absorbing such spills so it is important to maintain a quality sealant on their surface. As noted above, most collections of ceramic tiles are restricted to wall applications only; options are rather limited in terms of floor tile solutions as a result of their thin and lightweight nature. These qualities however can be seen as a benefit as they have resulted in more artistic designer wall tile options to be created using the durable ceramic material. 

As you can see, ceramic tile offers an endless range of designer tile solutions that will help you bring your home’s interiors to life! These stylish tiles can be used throughout the home, adding a bold touch of colour, pattern, shape and texture in your interior design scheme. Our team at Perini Tiles can assist you in selecting the perfect tiles for your next project with an endless range of possibilities to choose from. Our consultants are available for in-showroom or online design consultations to help you create that perfect designer colour palette in your home!