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Encaustic Tiles for Bathroom Walls & Floors

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Also referred to as concrete tiles or cement tiles, encaustic tiles offer a traditional and timeless choice for the home, being especially popular for bathroom designs where a vintage touch is desired. Encaustic tiles for bathroom use must be selected carefully and their specific placement throughout the bathroom must also be well considered to ensure a quality outcome that will be enjoyed for a lifetime.

What are Encaustic Tiles?

These tiles are often handmade and have continued to be created using the same traditional techniques over centuries. Encaustic tiles (also referred to as cement tiles or concrete tiles) are made using pigmented wet cement that is poured into moulds or stencils to form unique designs, patterns and shapes. Once the cement is poured out into the mould, each individual tile is compressed using hydraulic equipment and allowed to dry into a dense concrete. For more information on the history of traditional encaustic tiles, view our post: What are Encaustic Tiles?

Concreto Encaustic Tiles for Bathroom

The elegant and colourful Concreto collection offers a selection of modern and traditional tile patterns and shapes to choose from. These tiles make for the perfect bathroom feature wall tile that will compliment a range of different trending materials such as concrete or timber. You can also use these elegant tiles for bathroom floors outside of the shower, adding a classic touch to your design scheme.

Concrete Bathroom Wall Tiles

Encaustic tiles can be used as a bathroom wall tile to create stunning design elements in the space. These tiles traditionally include striking, repeating patterns in a range of luscious colours and styles, making them ideal for use as a bathroom feature wall tile where a bold design element is desired. Balance out the tile’s patterns and colours using neutral tones in solid colours for the remainder of your wall or bathroom floor tiles for an elegant and stylish look.

Concrete_Encaustic Bathroom tiles

Our Concrete collection offers a modern take on these classic and timeless tiles using playful polka-dots atop a smooth grey background. The concrete wall tiles in this contemporary bathroom design scheme are carefully balanced out with solid coloured grey bathroom floor tiles for the perfect finishing touch.

Encaustic Tiles for Bathroom use: Floor Options

Traditional encaustic tiles can be sensitive to the ingredients found in soap products such as cleansers, shampoos, etc. As such, they are not often recommended for use as a flooring tile in the bathroom and especially not as a shower base tile where they will be exposed to consistent moisture as well as soap deposits. Instead, you have the option of using porcelain concrete-look tiles in these applications. Porcelain tiles are well known for their resistance to moisture, scratching and staining, making them an ideal solution for use as a bathroom floor tile.

You will find many creative designer tile collections available that perfectly simulate the look and feel of an authentic concrete tile in a porcelain material that will be much better suited to the bathroom and shower floor.

Arcade_Encaustic tiles for Bathroom

The elegant Arcade collection offers a realistic representation of an authentic concrete tile. These tiles are a suitable fit for the bathroom and shower floor as they are better able to stand up against the ingredients included in common household soap products.

Caring for Encaustic Tiles

Encaustic tiles are porous in nature and as such do require sealing at regular intervals to ensure they are adequately protected. It is important to note that more sensitive cleaning products should be used in their maintenance to avoid any damage or discolouration of the products however you will find that an authentic concrete tile will last for a lifetime! Their impressive durability and strength is evidenced in their use throughout history where these tiles still offer a durable flooring solution in centuries old structures across the world. For more detailed information on caring for encaustic tiles, visit our Resources page.

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