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Dulux Colour Forecast 2023: Our Top Tile Picks

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Each year, Aussie paint company Dulux announces their much anticipated colour forecast for the coming year. These colour palettes are expertly selected to pay tribute to the current and future predicted trends in the design industry, with each colour combination evoking certain emotions while also reflecting current trends and feelings in society. The Dulux Colour Forecast for 2023 is split into three evocative categories: Balance, Connect and Revive with each offering a stunning combination of rich, earthy and playful tones to inspire your creativity!

Dulux Colour Forecast: Balance

The Balance colour palette includes deep ocean blue tone and lush natural green shades. Playful pastels of blue and lilac soften these bold colours while bursts of warm yellow combined with accents of pink and purple add warmth to the palette. This colour selection represents our collective yearning to seek out a sense of balance and control after the events of these last few years and what better way to create that balance than to begin right at home!

Busan Pattern Tiles

Our luxurious Busan pattern tiles are available in an impressive range of rich colour options in a selection of unique patterns. This tile collection reflects both the bold colour options and softer accent colours of the Balance colour palette included in the Dulux Colour Forecast with each tile option boasting a variety of earthy greens, blues, warm yellow tones as well as softer terracotta hues for a rich and vibrant look.

Dulux Connect Colour Palette

The Dulux Colour Forecast Connect palette is representative of our desire to reconnect with our surroundings and community; a desire to embrace nature and create a sense of calm and tranquillity in our spaces. These last few years have altered the way we work and live, allowing us the opportunity to embrace tools that allow us to spend more time at home, with friends and family. This colour palette uses these ideals to create a smart, authentic and serene style in our interior spaces with strong retro influences for a familiar and comforting experience. The Connect colour palette includes warm terracotta tones, soft neutral colours, warm, earthy greens with soft creamy colours. Varying shades of charcoal add a sense of grounding to this exciting yet tranquil colour palette.

Galleria terrazzo look tiles_Dulux Colour Forecast

Our timeless Galleria terrazzo look tiles are made using durable porcelain, allowing for an alternative solution to traditional terrazzo tiles which are traditionally made using a mixture of natural stone pieces embedded in a concrete base. Galleria offers a selection of striking terrazzo pattern and colour options that reflect the colours of the Dulux Connect colour palette, allowing you to create stylish yet timeless spaces in your home.

Dulux Revive Palette

The Revive colour palette reflects our readiness and excitement to feel secure and empowered, offering a creative and playful combination of colours that allow us to unleash our artistic side! Joyful tones of pink, peach, purple and blue each star in this exciting celebration of colour, offering a youthful selection of hues that allow us to explore our creativity.

Nakito Kit Kat Tiles_Dulux Colour Forecast

Our Nakito slim format finger tiles create a luscious, tactile environment in any interior space. The range is available in a variety of playful colours along with sleek neutral tones that perfectly reflect the colour combinations presented in the Dulux Revive colour palette.

The Dulux Colour Forecast promises a wider exploration of colours in upcoming trends that will be reflected in the world of interior design from lush, earthy, nature-inspired colour options to bolder retro themed hues and excitable, playful options to light up our interior spaces.

Our Richmond tiles store houses a wide selection of tiles sourced from all around the world. Our collections reflect current and forecast trends as well as timeless styles that will suit any style of interior design: Visit our showroom or shop for tiles online!