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Different Types of Marble: Natural Marble Tile Options

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When it comes to selecting marble tiles for the home, the possibilities are truly endless! There are many naturally occurring colours and patterns available to choose from with traditional marble tiles also being available in a vast range of shapes and sizes, each offering its own unique range of benefits in the home. There are several different types of marble available to choose from including the elegant classic white varieties, deep greys or charcoals as well as more brighter options in pink and green.

Armani Marble Tiles

Our Armani collection offers a stunning three dimensional wall tile solution that can be used as a decorative feature throughout the home. These luscious tiles are available in two classic marble types: Statuario and Pietra Grey.

What are the Different Types of Marble?

There are many different types of marble each of which are sourced from different parts of the world. The price of these natural stones is dependent on the scarcity of the specific type of marble you select and its country of origin.

Carrara marble for example, is a luscious white marble with soft, grey veins that is sourced from Carrara, Italy. This natural stone can be found in abundance making it the most cost effective marble option in comparison to other varieties.

Calacatta marble is another popular choice; although this natural stone is quarried from the same locations as Carrara marbles, Calacatta is rarer and therefore, will fetch a higher price tag.

Other popular options available in natural marble tiles include:

  • Nero Marquina: Featuring a luxurious, deep black base with soft white veins, this type of marble is sourced from Spain
  • Pietra Grey: An elegant charcoal toned marble with contrasting white veins Pietra Grey Marble is most often sourced from Iran
  • Crema Marfil: Another Spanish marble, Crema Marfil offers a rich and warm creamy toned marble stone with varying shades of warm beige and white
  • Verde Oasis: Found in Greece, this rare marble features a luscious Mediterranean blue base
  • Rosa Levante: Sourced in Spain, this unique marble features a soft pink or blush tone with faint grey and white veins

These are some of the most popular options available in natural marble tiles, with many more varieties to choose from, each with its own unique colouring and vein pattern.

Blush Marble Tiles

Our Blush Marble collection is available in two trending shapes, suitable for use as a floor and wall tile. The creamy pink tones of the pink marble are beautifully contrasted by variations in soft grey and white veins, creating a wonderfully luxurious touch.

Using Marble Tiles in the Home

Marble tiles have been a go-to choice when it comes to design and architecture, being included in luxurious structures since ancient times. These classical structures are still standing, welcoming millions of visitors each year, proving the immense longevity and durability that a natural marble stone can offer to a design.

As marble is a material that can be professionally rejuvenated when necessary, marble tiles will stand the test of time when included in your home’s design scheme. Marble tiles offer a popular design solution as a floor tile throughout an entire home, creating a rich and opulent quality. These tiles have also been favoured for use as a kitchen splashback tile, as a laundry wall tile and even as a bathroom tile. This material’s timeless qualities have ensured its place in interior design and architecture for thousands of years, making it one of the most timeless design solution for any area of the home.

Jade marble tiles

Jade Marble, an elegant natural stone that combines layers of green shades, provides a stunning choice as a feature element in any style of interior. Our Jade Marble collection offers a striking solution for the home and can be used as a floor or wall tile solution.

Caring for Marble Tiles

Marble is a porous material, meaning that it can easily absorb liquid or powder spills that can lead to staining or marking. Using a quality tile sealer is the key in ensuring your natural stone tiles are well maintained over the years as this can help reduce the likelihood of staining. Specialised cleaning products should also be used on natural marble tiles so as to protect the natural stone.

Harsh cleaning solutions can strip the sealant from the tiles, leaving them susceptible to staining and discoloration. The beauty of natural marble tiles however is that they can often be professionally rejuvenated should any damage occur. You will find more detailed information along with specific cleaning product recommendations in our Resources page.

Greg Natale Marmo marble tiles

Greg Natale’s Marmo collection uses combinations of marble types to create contrasting patterns. These pattern tiles offer a high end, elegant and timeless quality to the home.

Natural marble tiles are the perfect option when you are looking to create a timeless and elegant look in your next design scheme. Our Richmond tiles store houses an immense collection of options in a variety of naturally occurring marble patterns and colours where our team can assist you in your tile selection and curating the perfect colour palette.