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Different Styles with White Bathroom Tiles

White bathroom tiles are perhaps one of the most popular colour options thanks to their renowned versatility. White after all is the perfect neutral backdrop for any range of colours and materials, allowing you to easily change up the look and feel of your bathroom design and decorating scheme by simply swapping out your accessories, creating a whole new look as trends change over time.

Using white tiles in the bathroom will also assist in creating a light, breezy, and light-filled space in the home, perfect for relaxing and unwinding in after a long day. Although traditional rectangular or square shaped white tiles will help create the same look in your design scheme, there are many other exciting options to consider that will offer your design more depth, texture and character while still taking full advantage of the infamous versatility of white tiles. 

White Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo tiles are traditionally made using chips of marble, granite, quartz or glass that is embedded in a cement mixture to create a unique and timeless look that is suited as both a wall or floor finish. The finished product features a distinct and characteristic tonal variation thanks to the use of natural materials that form the speckled patterns terrazzo tiles are widely known for. 

New TechOur New Tech collection of natural terrazzo tiles offers an impressive range of patterns and tonal variations in the bathroom, allowing you to easily coordinate the balance of your colour and material palette by using these tones as an inspiration for your remaining bathroom finishes. The soft grey tone featured in the terrazzo finish for example, can be mirrored with a grey toned feature tile or cabinetry colour, creating a perfectly harmonious and balanced look in your new bathroom design.

White Marble Wall Tiles

Marble wall tiles have been widely used in the home for centuries, creating a glowing air of luxury and opulence in any design scheme. This traditional look has been reinterpreted into a stunning 3D effect style using a stunning curved shape to create a series of columns. These unique tiles offer the same luxurious air that natural marble is known for while instantly elevating your design scheme with a wondrously tactile element creating a spectacular show of light and shadow.

Curve CollectionOur luscious Curve Marble Tiles make for the perfect feature element of a predominately white bathroom design scheme. The curved shape offers an organic textured element that will perfectly soften and complement the balance of your new bathroom’s colour palette and materials.

White Timber-look Tiles

Timber tiles have seen an impressive surge in popularity over recent years as they offer a wonderfully textured surface that perfectly simulates the warm character and charm of a traditional timber floor finish. As these tiles are most commonly made using porcelain, you will not experience the usually issues that are often associated with natural timber such as staining, scratching, warping or water damage. Thanks to the incredibly hard and durable porcelain surface, timber tiles will last a lifetime in any application in the home making them the perfect finish for your the bathroom.

Dante timber look tilesOur Dante collection perfectly simulates the natural textures and tonal variations of timber, offering a unique range of options to choose from, including a whitewashed timber finish and a recycled timber look tile.

White Patterned Tiles

Using patterns to your advantage, you can create a visually stunning feature element in your next bathroom design project with white bathroom tiles. Patterns can be created with either a tile that features a printed pattern on the surface or can be created using uniquely shaped tiles with a complementary coloured or contrasting grout colour that will accentuate the shapes, creating a stylish feature design in your bathroom design. 

Greg Natale Marmo marble tilesCreated using natural marble, our geometric patterned Greg Natale Marmo mosaic tiles can be used with a contrasting coloured grout to accentuate the unique shapes of these stylish tiles, emphasising the pattern for a stunning feature look.

White Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles provide a classic and timeless feature element in any bathroom design project, creating pattern and texture in the space. Depending on the type of mosaic tiles you choose, you can create a more distinct or a more pared back look in your bathroom design scheme, allowing you the flexibility to create a personal and unique style that will best tie in with your overall palette. 

Yubi collection finger tilesOur Yubi Fingers mosaic tile collection offers a stylish yet simple textured surface for a more pared back feature element in your next bathroom design scheme, creating a wonderfully textured surface that will not detract from your overall design scheme.

Stepping away from the more traditional square and rectangular shaped white tiles, you can create an incredibly stylish and timeless look in your next bathroom design project that still takes advantage of the endless decorating schemes allowed by the use of a simple and clean white palette while introducing a range of shapes, patterns and textures. Our team at Perini Tiles will guide you through the process of selecting your perfect bathroom tiles to create the perfect design scheme for your next project!