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Designing a New Bathroom? Use this handy checklist to get started

There are many decisions to make throughout the process of designing a new bathroom, from selecting a Design Professional and creating any necessary documentation to carefully considering your lighting options, fittings, fixtures and finally, creating the perfect colour scheme that will truly reflect your own unique style. Our bathroom design guide walks you through each step of the process, making the process that much simpler!

Step One: Hire a Designer & Builder

The very first step in creating your new bathroom is to speak with a Designer and Builder in order to create the best possible layout to suit your home’s unique constraints, your own personal needs and lifestyle requirements to create a space that will work best for you. These Design Professionals will also prepare all relevant documentation for your project, including construction drawings, product and material specifications that will ensure you are getting exactly what you are hoping for in your new bathroom design while also providing you with the very best advice in order to satisfy your requirements and meet your budgetary goals, as well as project managing the actual construction of your new bathroom. 

Step Two: Fine-Tune your Layout

During your initial discussions with your chosen Design Professionals, you will have already looked at your bathroom’s existing layout and started exploring how it can be improved to better suit your needs. Once you’ve come up with a new layout plan, measure and walk out the space in order to gain a more realistic understanding of where each item or fixture will be placed. This exercise will make any flaws in the layout more obvious, allowing you the opportunity to amend these areas during the design phase rather than during construction where issues can be addressed without adding any considerable costs to your project.

bathroom tilesThis spacious bathroom layout includes a double vanity and oversized walk-in shower, allowing for a versatile design scheme that emphasises luxury and space. Our Wall Basics collection of bathroom wall tiles creates the perfect neutral backdrop for the luxurious finishes, allowing the bathroom’s fittings and opulent materials to take centre stage.

Step Three: Plan your Lighting

Considering the various solutions available and carefully planning your new bathroom’s lighting is key in creating a highly functional space. A healthy and balanced combination of both natural and artificial lighting solutions is best however there are many ways of achieving the perfect lighting plan where drawing in natural light from the outdoors is not an option. Lighting solutions to consider include: 

  • Ambient ceiling lighting that provides general illumination to the space
  • Focused task lighting that is installed in key areas (such as over the vanity unit and mirror) to allow a direct stream of light where it is needed most
  • Natural lighting can be introduced with the use of windows or skylights
  • Feature lighting solutions can also be included where desired: Chandeliers or feature pendant lights provide a stunning decorative feature over a vanity unit or freestanding bathtub while LED strip lighting can be installed beneath a floating shelf or vanity unit to create a soft, diffused lighting solution that provides ambience and atmosphere to your bathroom design.

Step Four: Selecting Bathroom Fittings

Your Design Professional will recommend suitable bathroom fittings and fixtures that will meet your needs, guiding you through the selection process. Most bathroom fitting manufacturers have their full catalogue available online, allowing you to start the selection process from the comfort of your own home. You may also want to visit your nearest bathroom showroom in order to view and wherever possible, test out your chosen fittings prior to making any purchases to ensure you are happy with the product. 

Step Five: Planning Storage Solutions

Next, taking the time to carefully plan out your bathroom storage options will ensure there is a dedicated space for everything, from necessary toiletries to cosmetic products, spare towels, laundry hampers, etc. Where space allows, consider including a combination of vanity storage and wall storage options that can be placed in key locations throughout the bathroom.

Carnivale tile collectionThis contemporary styled bathroom design includes twin basins, each on sitting atop their own vanity unit for added personalised storage for each user of the space. The design also includes a neat bath caddy as well as a wall niche that allows for daily necessities such as shampoo bottles, conditioner and soaps to be stored and kept where they are needed. Feature bathroom wall tile: Carnivale Collection

Step Six: Creating a Colour Scheme & Finish with Accessories

Finally, the fun part! Putting together your new bathroom’s colour scheme is an exciting process. Our qualified and experienced design team at Perini Tiles can assist you with the creation of your complete colour palette, from choosing your new bathroom floor tiles and wall tiles, to finding the perfect complimenting vanity and benchtop materials to complete the look. Get a head start by having a browse of our online tile store, where you can order samples of your favourite bathroom tiles to see how they will react to your home’s existing lighting and conditions. You can also book a free consultation either in our showroom or online via zoom or FaceTime for a personalised experience where our Design team can discuss your options, answer any queries you may have and curate a complete colour scheme for your new bathroom. 

tile selection Our Instagram account provides a world of inspiration with curated colour schemes using our own tile collections and coordinating benchtop and cabinetry finishes to create that perfect look.

Our design team at Perini Tiles is able to assist you with your next bathroom renovation, from providing expert design advice to carefully curating your perfect colour scheme using products and finishes that suit your own unique tastes. Visit our Richmond Tile Showroom or get in touch with us here to arrange a free design consultation.