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Designing a Modern & Elegant Space: Using Herringbone Porcelain Tiles

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Herringbone porcelain tiles offer a supremely flexible design solution for all areas of the home. As porcelain tiles are dense enough to be used as both a floor and wall tile solution, you can create the trending herringbone tile pattern in your interior design scheme as a feature wall or feature floor design, adding a glamourous touch to any space. The herringbone tile pattern is created using rectangular shaped tiles that are laid at a forty-five degree angle, interlocking with the next tile in the pattern. The tiles fit together to form a sort of zig-zag look, adding a modern and elegant finishing touch to any style of interior design being a popular choice for sprucing up traditional style homes as well as adding a luxurious finishing touch to a modern or contemporary styled home.

Herringbone Porcelain Tiles in the Kitchen

The classic herringbone tile pattern can be used to make a statement in your new kitchen design scheme either as a kitchen splashback, as a feature on the face of your kitchen island or even as a flooring option. With the continued popularity of open plan living, using herringbone porcelain tile options as a flooring solution throughout the kitchen will help you create a continued theme in the adjoining dining and living area for a seamless finish in the home. Porcelain tiles are famous for their impressively low maintenance qualities, offering a surface finish that is resistant to heat, moisture, staining and scratching making them the perfect solution for busy environments in the home such as the kitchen where you can take full advantage of these many benefits.

North Star Porcelain Tiles

Our North Star collection includes two earthy, neutral tones that can be easily integrated into a modern or classically styled home. These elegant porcelain tiles can be used as both a floor or wall tile option, offering you endless design possibilities.

Herringbone Tiles in the Bathroom

Used as a feature in the bathroom, the classic herringbone tile layout can add a sense of drama and pattern in the bathroom. The example below uses the same elongated rectangular tile as a bathroom floor tile with the pattern continuing up the shower wall to create a luscious design and feature element in the space. The deep charcoal tones of the tiles effortlessly contrast the rustic timber finishes and soft white vanity top to create a modern yet timeless style in the space’s colour scheme. Once again, porcelain tiles offer many benefits in the bathroom, being a tremendously low maintenance solution that is perfect for the busy home.

Mountains collection_Herringbone Porcelain Tiles

An incredibly versatile option, Mountains is available in a selection of sizes and formats in a range of classic charcoal tones. These modern tiles make for the perfect bathroom feature, offering a flexible solution that can be used as both a floor and wall tile solution in the bathroom.

Outdoor Tiles with a Herringbone Pattern

Outdoor tiles are often used to add a sense of pattern, texture and charm to a home’s outdoor design scheme. These tiles must be durable enough to withstand the elements while offering a hard wearing solution that will last a lifetime. Porcelain tiles fit this bill perfectly with many options available for use in outdoor spaces as a wall cladding or even as an outdoor flooring material. Incorporating a herringbone tile pattern in your outdoor design scheme instantly recalls the traditional paved walkways of period style homes, introducing this classic style into modern and contemporary spaces to offer a timeless style. Outdoor tiles can be used to clad your home’s facades, to create and define zones in your outdoor layout and to create paths and walkways for a safe and neat flooring solution.

Outdoor tiles (especially those that are recommended for use as an outdoor floor tile) will often feature a textured surface finish that will provide some grip underfoot to ensure the user’s safety in outdoor applications. These tiles will stand up against the elements, being resistant to marking and staining while also offering UV resistant qualities.

Bata Brick Tiles_Herringbone Porcelain Tiles

The Bata collection is a luxurious porcelain tile that emulates the look and feel of a rustic brick finish, offering a low maintenance and cost effective alternative solution that can be used in your home’s outdoor spaces for a long lasting finish.

Designing a modern and elegant space using classic herringbone porcelain tiles is simple with the right combination of tiles! Each of the above options offers a wonderfully low maintenance solution that can be used in any area of the home to create a sense of drama and pattern while injecting your home’s design scheme with a timeless quality. Our Richmond tiles store is bursting with the latest in designer tile options for indoor and outdoor spaces with new options arriving regularly!