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When selecting tiles for bathrooms, there are many different styles and options to choose from. As the bulk of your new bathroom’s design scheme will be made up of your choice of tiles, finding the perfect fit for your own unique style is a must! Thankfully, there are many exciting designer tiles to choose from that will help you make that perfect bathroom design scheme come to life, from luxurious ceramic options to soft pastels and more!


Ceramic wall tiles are often slightly thinner and lighter in weight in comparison to traditional floor tiles, paving the way for more creative and stylised designs that are most suitable for wall use. As such, you will find an impressive range of bathroom feature tiles available in a sleek ceramic option, from ultra-high gloss tiles to ornately etched or three dimensional raised designs. Ceramic wall tiles are available in options that even replicate the antiqued look of pressed tin panels, making ceramic feature wall tiles a well sought after designer tile option for the bathroom.

Our Cloud Wall Tiles are available in an impressively large format in a vast range of luscious colours. Each tile features a gradient of colour, with darker toned edges that fade into a lighter tone in the centre of each individual piece, creating a deep and tranquil experience of colour in the bathroom.


Trending in the world of interior design, Japanese tile designs celebrate texture and smooth, clean lines to create a striking architectural feature in the home. These decorative tiles create a bold, modern feature, being especially popular in the bathroom as their smaller size or format allows for the creation of a range of feature elements in a design scheme. These small tiles can be comfortably used in a shower niche, as a textured decorative touch to clad a bath hob or as a full wall feature tile for a wonderfully tactile finish in your bathroom. 

Our authentic Japan made Sabu Japanese Tiles are available in four sleek colours that will tie in well with a large range of materials such as natural stone, timber or concrete for a modern and elegant finish in the bathroom. These designer tiles offer a slimmed down take on the traditional subway tile, reinventing the traditional subway into a contemporary styled wall option.


Pastel colours offer a different style of neutral tone in the bathroom; just like the traditional neutral colour options of white, beige or grey, pastel tones also have the ability to tie in well with just about any material often used in the bathroom, from natural stones such as marble and granite to bright gold hardware and more. Pastel toned tiles will add a soft and elegant touch in the bathroom that fills the space with a light and charming quality. 

You will find many exciting pastel toned tiles available from mosaic tiles to luscious glossy wall tiles that will help you in creating that perfect designer touch in the bathroom. 

Designed to replicate the look and feel of a traditionally handmade tile, our Taffee Wall Tiles are made in Spain and feature a double glazed surface finish that creates a stylish and unique translucent effect for an almost ethereal finish. The collection includes a range of subtle colour options in both a plain and bevelled style which can be used individually or mixed together to create a custom look.


Taking inspiration from the traditional stylings of Moroccan tiles, introducing colour and shape in your bathroom tile selection can inject your overall design scheme with life and energy, making for an excellent choice for a luxurious feature wall. Lantern tiles are an especially popular choice thanks to their classic and timeless look that will add an elegant designer touch to your bathroom’s style.

When choosing lantern shaped tiles, paying close attention to your grout colours is the best way to ensure the perfect finish. When you are looking to create a feature of the tile’s unique shape, selecting a contrasting grout colour to your tile’s main colour is the best way to accentuate the shape and patterns, creating a bold and striking feature. 

If you are instead looking to create more of a muted look in the bathroom, select a grout colour that will match or complement the tile’s main colour for a softer look. This technique will allow you to either draw attention to the tile’s shape by outlining it in a bold grout colour or create more of a seamless touch with a matching grout colour for a dialled back approach in creating your new bathroom’s feature wall. 

Our Berber Lantern Tiles draw inspiration from traditional Moroccan tiles design, introducing shape, colour and texture to a bathroom’s design scheme. The collection includes a vast range of deeply saturated colour options for a bold and dramatic look in your next bathroom renovation project. 

Our Richmond tile store is full of inspirational displays, with an ever-changing collection of designer tiles to suit your own unique style preferences. During your visit, our team will guide you through the selection process to help you find your perfect match while also recommending complimenting colour or material options as recommendations for your new bathroom cabinetry and benchtop for a well-balanced design scheme. We also offer free online tiles consultations, allowing you to select from our extensive collection right from the comfort of your own home! You can also explore bathroom tile trends for 2021 in our blog.