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Design Inspiration: 10 Creative Kitchen Tile Ideas

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Kitchen tiles can be used in more ways than flooring and splashbacks in your design scheme; when designing a new kitchen, you can choose to incorporate a range of different finishes, colours and textures in a way that will truly showcase your own creative flair! From cladding kitchen islands to introducing more energy and pattern to your overall interior design scheme, we’ve compiled some of our favourite kitchen tile ideas to inspire your next design!

Using Tiles as a Feature on your Kitchen Island

Tiles can be used to create a stunning visual display on the face of your kitchen island, adding a dramatic and stylish touch to your overall interior design scheme. Aside from being a spectacular design feature, tiling a kitchen island will also provide protection from bumps and scuffs making this solution ideal for designs that incorporate bar seating.

rosetta_kitchen tile ideas

Our Rosetta natural marble tiles are used to create a soft yet colourful design feature in this space, cladding the kitchen island for a timeless and elegant finishing touch. The soft blush ones of the natural marble tiles are a perfect complement to the gold hardware and soft timber touches used throughout the kitchen.

Create a Colourful Kitchen Feature Wall

The kitchen splashback provides an excellent space for allowing your creative side to shine through however, if you have the right space for it, using your splashback tiles to create a full feature wall in the home is an excellent way of introducing more colour and pattern to your design scheme while also allowing you to create a sense of continuity between adjoining spaces such as the dining area for example.

A vivid burst of emerald, our Fern glazed ceramic tiles offer a glistening surface finish in this kitchen design scheme that allows light to bounce around and travel through the interior despite the deep colour tones of the tiles themselves.

Mix & Match Kitchen Tiles in a Modern Design Scheme

A great way to add a tactile and welcoming look to a modern kitchen design scheme is to mix and match different tile textures or materials. There are many exciting options available to explore such as natural stone and mosaic tile combinations for example that will add a classic element to your design while the small format of the mosaic tiles create a modern touch.

Fracture Kit Kat Tiles_Kitchen Tile Ideas

A large format Kit Kat tile, our Fracture collection is available in four earthy colour options that will perfectly complement a range of modern kitchen materials and finishes, adding a modern touch to your interior design scheme.

Pressed Tin-Look Kitchen Tiles

Pressed tin panels provide a classic, rustic quality to the home but can often require a little maintenance. If you are looking to achieve a similar look using a fuss-free finish, ceramic kitchen tiles are an excellent alternative solution. These tiles are designed to offer the same look without the maintenance, adding a touch of character and charm to your interior design scheme.

As far as stylish kitchen tile ideas go, our Konya collection provides a creative and maintenance free option for the home. These charismatic tiles are available in three stylish colour options to suit a classically styled home.

Handmade Look Kitchen Tile Ideas

Handmade or handmade look tiles are another timeless choice for a classically styled home. These tiles incorporate irregular edges and surfaces to create a warm, handcrafted quality that is perfect for a range of kitchen styles from traditional designs to contemporary looks.

render tile splash back

A Spanish made ceramic wall tile option, Render effortlessly represents the authentic charm and characteristics seen in handmade products, offering a cost effective alternative solution.

Terrazzo Kitchen Tiles

Terrazzo has long been a favourite choice in the world of interiors thanks to the product’s longevity, durability and unique beauty. An authentic terrazzo tile is creates using a randomly placed chips of marble, granite or even coloured glass that are embedded in a concrete tile. These stylish tiles can be used to create a modern look in the kitchen, often being used as both a floor tile and as a splashback tile. You also have the option of choosing from a range of porcelain terrazzo-look options; find out more in our guide here.


Terrazzo tiles provide a versatile solution when used as a kitchen tile as they offer a hard wearing floor finish as well as wall tile solution.

Classic Subway Tile Splashback Tiles

Subway tiles are another classic option for the kitchen splashback, providing a simple and elegant wall tile solution that will effortlessly complement a range of interior design styles. Subway tiles have evolved to include a vast range of options, from handmade look tiles to natural stones and even variations on the classic brick style tile shape! Find out more about the many creative design solutions of subway tiles in our guide.

Made in Spain, our Lucida collection includes classic subway tiles and square wall tiles, each offering a luxurious handmade appearance to complement your interior design scheme.

Reflecting Light: Metallic Kitchen Tile Ideas

An excellent way to create a lighter atmosphere in your new kitchen is to use a high gloss or metallic finish on your splashback. These finishes will allow light to bounce around and travel through the space, instantly creating a light-filled environment. You can also use these sorts of finishes to brighten up and otherwise darker kitchen colour scheme, as demonstrated in the luxurious design below.

Chrysos_Metallic kitchen tile ideas

Our elegant Chrysos collection uses a metallic glaze to create a luxurious, light look that perfectly complements a darker kitchen colour scheme.

Natural Stone Kitchen Tile Ideas

Natural stone tiles provide an incredibly hard wearing and long lasting finish in the kitchen. It is however, important to understand the proper care and maintenance involved when it comes to natural stone tiles in order to ensure their longevity. You will find that natural stone tiles such as marble for example are an excellent choice for complementing a range of interior design styles, especially the popular Hamptons kitchen style.

Carrara Marble Tiles_kitchen tile ideas

Carrara marble is one of the most popular choices in kitchen tiles, instantly creating a luxurious, elegant and timeless quality in any style of interior.

Geometric Pattern Tiles

Geometric patterns create a stylish and modern look in the kitchen that will perfectly complement a contemporary styled home. The bold, structured lines of geometric pattern tiles can be used in your kitchen design scheme for instant ‘Wow Factor’, creating a stylish feature element in the home.

Cube Splashback Tiles_kitchen tile ideas

Our Cube collection uses bold, structured line-work to create a dynamic pattern tile option that is an excellent fit for a modern or contemporary styled home. These stylish tiles can be used for kitchen floors or walls, adding a bold touch to your overall design scheme.

Kitchen tiles can be used in any number of ways to help you create the exact look you are after in your new kitchen! Our team at Perini Tiles can assist you with your tile selection, expertly coordinating your materials and colour options for your next kitchen renovation. Visit our Richmond tiles store or shop for your new kitchen tiles online using our sample delivery service to review your options.