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Decorative Tiles for Laundry Splashbacks: 5 Top Choices

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When designing your new laundry room, maintaining a consistent theme with the rest of the home is an important step in the colour selection process. Decorative tiles for laundry walls are an excellent solution when it comes to creating a sense of continuity in the home. With so many different wall tile options available, you are sure to find a solution that will perfectly tie your home’s colour scheme together! We look at five top choices in decorative tiles for laundry splashbacks, each presenting its own distinct sense of character and charm, to help you create the perfect look in your new laundry room’s colour scheme.

Marble Decorative Tiles for Laundry Rooms

Marble tiles are a favourite option for the home, offering a strong sense of character and a rich, timeless aesthetic. As marble tiles are often also used in the kitchen or bathroom, incorporating them into your new laundry design scheme as a splashback tile offers the perfect solution to creating a sense of continuity in the home, effectively connecting each space. Blush marble tones continue to be trending, pairing exceptionally well with gold or brass tapware, warm timber tones as well as crisp whites, offering a flexible choice that is both trending and timeless.

Rose Stone Marble Tiles_Decorative Tiles for Laundry

Our Rose Stone collection features a real marble tile in an elegant blush tone. The collection includes a selection of different tile formats, from classic penny round mosaic tiles to timeless subway tiles, each featuring a stunning combination of pink, grey and white veining.

Mediterranean Inspired Decorative Wall Tiles

Mediterranean inspired interior design continues to be trending, combining rich yet soft patterns and colours to create a breezy and casual vibe in the home. Elegant pattern tiles can be sourced in a wide selection of styles to suit any design aesthetic, allowing you to effortlessly complement your home’s overall colour scheme. Our Mykonos collection for example, reflects the classic Mediterranean interior design trend, featuring varying shades of blue atop a smooth white backdrop. These lush porcelain tiles can be used as both a floor or wall tile in the home, being an exceptional choice for use as a laundry splashback tile as they provide a luxuriously low maintenance solution.

Mykonos Blue Tiles

Available in a selection of pattern tile options as well as a solid blue tile, the lush Mykonos porcelain tiles can be used as a laundry floor tile as well as a decorative wall tile. A stunning feature tile option, Mykonos introduces a touch of the Mediterranean into your home!

Contemporary Geometric Patterns

Add a contemporary finishing touch in your new laundry design scheme using geometric pattern tiles! Tiles cut into intricate geometric shapes will create a strong feature element in the space, adding a glamorous and modern look. These types of tiles are available in an endless selection of shapes and styles from diamond tiles to star tiles and plenty more. Our Stellar collection for example, offers a smooth, matte finished wall tile solution that is also made of porcelain, offering a durable and hard wearing option that is ideal for the busy laundry.

Stellar Designer Tiles_Decorative Tiles for Laundry

Available in a selection of four neutral tones, our Stellar porcelain mosaic tiles can be used as a decorative tile in the laundry, being a stunning choice as a splashback tile.

Decorative Tiled for Laundry Splashbacks: Combining Tiles Shapes

A great way to add a unique touch in your new laundry room is to combine different tile shapes in your splashback. Classic square tiles and subway tiles are the perfect pair for this style of design as each shape will perfectly line up with the next, creating a stylish pattern in the laundry room. Our Bala collection pictured below combines subway tiles and square tiles in a repeating pattern to create a unique and stylish look in this rustic themed laundry design.

Bala Decorative Tiles for Laundry

Made in Italy, our Bala collection includes both square and subway tile formats that can be used individually or combined to create a luxurious patterned look.

Adding Texture with Handmade Look Tiles

Traditionally handmade tiles will feature variations in their texture, shape, thickness and colour as a result of the hand crafting process. Each individual tile is unique from the next and when they are placed together, they create a distinct and charming look. Handmade look tiles offer the same designer aesthetic at a different price point, offering a more accessible option for the home. Although machine made, these tiles will still feature variations from one tile to the next to create a similar look as an authentically handmade tile product.

Avanos Handmade Look Tiles

Our luxurious Avanos collection is expertly crafted in Brazil. These handmade look tiles effortlessly emulate the look and feel of an authentically handmade product, allowing for a more accessible option for the home.

Decorative tiles for laundry rooms are available in a wide assortment of styles, shapes and sizes, allowing you to experiment with a variety of different options to create that perfect look in your next home renovation or design project. Our team at Perini Tiles can assist and guide you through the process of curating the perfect colour scheme in your home, creating a sense of continuity between your laundry room and other interior spaces. Visit our Melbourne tiles showroom or shop for tiles online here!