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Decorative Floor Tile Ideas for the Home

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Decorative floor tile options can be used throughout your interiors as a means of introducing pattern and colour to your interior design scheme. Feature floor tiles can instantly lift your design, whether you are looking to bring life to your bathroom and laundry or the kitchen and living space. There are many exciting decorative floor tile options available from vintage patterns to natural stone tiles and of course, the classic patterns of chevron and herringbone tiles.

Decorative Floor Tiles: Vintage Patterns & Designs

Vintage pattern tiles are always on trend thanks to their classic vibe and elegance. These decorative floor tiles use repeating patterns in a range of dusty colourways to add life, energy and a charming quality in any interior design scheme. Modern options are available in concrete (referred to as encaustic tiles) or in porcelain, each of which will provide a long lasting, durable and simple to maintain surface finish for your home’s flooring.

Busan_Decorative Floor Tile

Spanish made, our Busan pattern tile collection includes a spectacular range of pattern and colour options. These vintage pattern tiles can be used in all areas of the home including as an outdoor tile in covered spaces such as verandahs and patios.

Herringbone & Chevron Floor Tile Patterns

These two decorative floor tile patterns offer a classic and timeless aesthetic in the home and can be designed to suit just about any interior design style from traditional to contemporary. Both of these tile patterns are achieved using rectangular shapes that are laid in interlocking patterns to create pointed peaks in your flooring layout. In the case of chevron tiles, each individual piece is not a perfect rectangle but rather a parallelogram shape that fits in perfectly with the next to create the pattern. No matter which tile layout you select, you will find that either of these stylish options will create a wonderfully timeless look when used as a flooring solution throughout the home.

Stoneware_Decorative Floor Tile

Our classic Stoneware collection is made of a durable porcelain material. Designed to perfectly simulate the authentic look and feel of a natural stone product, these tiles are available in four elegant colour options in the classic chevron pattern tile format.

Natural Stone Floor Tile Solutions

Natural stone decorative floor tiles have long been a favourite choice for the home. These types of tiles offer a rich and refined aesthetic that simply cannot be achieved with any other material. As with all natural products however it is always crucial to note that due to the porous nature of the material, ongoing sealing will be required in order to reduce the likelihood of staining or discolouration. Perini Tiles recommends specific types of cleaning products and sealing solutions for each variety of natural stone, ensuring you make a well informed decision when it comes to selecting natural stone floor tiles.

mosaic-tiles-tappeto_Decorative Floor Tile

An innovative natural stone collection, the Tappeto tiles feature varying shades of marble that are laid in an intertwining pattern to create an intricate geometric style. These tiles offer a luxurious and almost ethereal quality to any interior design scheme whether in a traditional home or a modern architectural build.

Whether you opt for traditional encaustic or porcelain pattern tiles, natural stone or simple shapes laid in interesting ways, tiles can be used in any number of ways to create a sense of pattern, energy and character in any design scheme. Our Richmond Tiles Showroom boasts all the latest in decorative floor tile ideas with our displays being constantly updated to reflect both timeless looks and trending styles.