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Decorative Bathroom Wall Tiles

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Decorative bathroom wall tiles can be used in your design to instantly add a dramatic touch while also allowing you the opportunity to get creative with your colour palette. The bathroom itself offers a unique space to design as your wall tiles will essentially make up the bulk of your colour scheme, making this an all-important decision in creating the exact look and feel you are after in the space.

Terrazzo Bathroom Wall Tiles

Terrazzo bathroom wall tiles offer a stunning feature in any style of interior. These tiles are not only a popular choice for classic homes (such as Art Deco inspired designs) but will also create a stunning a choice in modern or contemporary styles. Complement your terrazzo decorative bathroom wall tiles with soft neutral tones for a perfectly balanced look in your new bathroom.

Positano Collection_Decorative Bathroom Wall Tiles

The delightful Positano collection offers a hard wearing and durable surface finish for the bathroom. These terrazzo-look tiles are made of porcelain, offering a wonderfully realistic replica of authentic an authentic terrazzo material.

Mosaic Wall Tiles for the Bathroom

Mosaic tiles, whether made of glass, natural stone or porcelain, are available in a vast range of shapes, colours and textures, allowing for the ultimate in creativity when designing a bathroom. These unique options allow for a range of decorative bathroom wall tile solutions in creating stylish patterns and even murals as a dramatic feature in your new bathroom design scheme.

Greg Natale Bisazza_Decorative Bathroom wall tiles

Greg Natale’s mosaic tile collection for Bisazza uses a combination of striking colours and shades to create intricate works of art, perfect for adding a dramatic touch to the bathroom.

Handmade Bathroom Tiles

Handmade tiles offer a luxurious yet earthy and warm finishing touch the bathroom thanks to their unique surface finish and soft, uneven edges. These tiles will also often feature bright, heavily saturated colours and a sleek, smooth glaze that acts as a protective barrier across the tile’s surface (look for glazed ceramic tiles or glazed handmade tiles!) that will ensure there is no need for sealing. These qualities make handmade tiles an ideal choice as a decorative bathroom wall tile feature, creating a stylish yet timeless look in your design scheme.

Pastelle_handmade look tiles

Our Pastelle collection is designed to simulate the unique look and feel of an authentic handmade product, offering the same style at a different price point. The collection is available in an array of elegant colour options, allowing for a creative designer tile solution for the bathroom.

Timber-Look Decorative Bathroom Wall Tiles

Timber is a material that is often avoided in the bathroom as the increased level of moisture and humidity in this space can eventually damage natural timbers. Timber look porcelain tiles provide the next best solution in design schemes where you are looking to include the earthy warmth of timber. These tiles are available in a range of shapes, textures and authentic timber colour options, complete with variations in each individual tile to create a realistic look. Furthermore, you also have the freedom of using them as a decorative flooring option as well as a wall tile solution, providing a flexible design solution.


Our modern Huski collection perfectly replicates the look and feel of real timber, allowing you to include the warmth and elegance of timber in the bathroom as a unique finishing touch.

Creating a dramatic and timeless touch in your next bathroom design scheme can easily be achieved with a range of different designer tile solutions. These unique decorative bathroom wall tiles each offer their own individual look and character to a home’s bathroom, allowing you to explore your creative side as you combine various materials and finishes!