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Creative Patterns of Subway Tiles for Interior Design

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From their humble beginnings in the subway stations of New York, subway tiles have certainly come a long way! These classic tiles offer a world of creative options as a result of their small format and simple, rectangular shape which can be used to create many different subway tile patterns from the popular herringbone tile layout to the classic brick bond pattern.

Herringbone Tile Layout

A classic herringbone tile pattern is simple to create using subway tiles thanks to their simple rectangular shape. Each tile is laid at a 45 degree angle, interlocking with the next to form a zig-zag style design. This stylish tile layout creates a strong sense of character in any interior design scheme and can be used to create a bold feature element in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry.

3d tiles Konvek

Our exciting Konvek collection offers a modern take on the traditional subway tile; this range includes a combination of 3D convex and plain subway tiles that create a unique three dimensional effect in any interior design scheme.

Classic Brick Bond Subway Tiles

Perhaps the most popular subway tile layout, a classic brick bond style uses horizontally laid tiles that are staggered in length to the tiles directly beneath and above them. This style effectively elongates or widens a space, making this design a perfect solution for narrow areas.

Lucida_Subway tile pattern

Made in Spain, the elegant Lucida wall tiles are available in a selection of soft colour options in two different sizes. This collection offers a luxurious, handmade look, creating an elegant quality in any interior design scheme.

Vertically Stacked Tile Pattern

Stacked running vertically up the walls, this tile pattern will add a sense of height to your interior design scheme, being especially effective in rooms with a low ceiling. This subway tile pattern does not use staggered tiles to create a pattern; instead, each tile is laid in line with the next for a structured and neat look.

Marbella_Subway tile pattern

Offering the same glimmering qualities as glass mosaic tiles, our Marbella Wall Tiles offer a high gloss wall tile option that will allow light to reflect and bounce through an interior space.

Horizontally Stacked Tile Pattern

Following from the vertically stacked subway tile pattern, running the tiles horizontally across your interior walls will once again create a neat and structured look in your design scheme. This tile layout will create the illusion of added width in a space, being perfectly suited to narrow spaces.

metro_Subway tile pattern

Our Metro Porcelain tiles replicate the organic look and feel of a handmade tile, offering an excellent alternative option for the home. Each individual tile will show variations in its depth of colour to create a wonderful patchwork style effect.

Basket Weave Subway Tile Pattern

A stylish and creative tile layout, subway tiles can be used to create the elegant basket weave layout where groups of three individual tiles are laid together running horizontally stacked followed by another group of three tiles running vertically, with this pattern repeating to create the traditional basket weave style. This tile layout pattern provides a unique take on traditional patterns and can look right at home in modern or classically styled interiors alike.

Taffee_Subway tile pattern

The double glazed feature of our playful Taffee Wall Tiles results in an almost translucent hue, creating a stunning look in the home. This collection includes a selection of soft, pastel colour options in both a plain or bevelled style, allowing you to mix and match tiles for a creative and unique look.

Subway tiles can be used to create a number of different tile patterns or layouts, allowing you to get creative with your interior design scheme. It is important to properly communicate your tile layout preferences to your Tiler to achieve the perfect outcome; working with your Designer or Builder, your tile layout preferences can be included in your design documentation to ensure this information is accurately communicated to all parties involved in your project.

Our Richmond tiles store offers a vast selection of unique and stylish subway tiles in a range of different colours, finishes and materials. Our team can walk you through our available options and assist you in creating the perfect look for your next project!