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Creating Pattern with White Bathroom Tiles

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Simple white bathroom tiles offer a wonderfully timeless look in your design scheme while also creating the perfect neutral backdrop for more stylised and colourful decorative touches. It can be tricky however to strike the perfect balance of texture, colour or pattern in your design scheme when working with white bathroom tiles. There are many ways to make the classic white tile appear more exciting and inviting, especially by introducing layers of pattern, shape and texture as demonstrated in the following stylish examples.

Create a Statement with Different Laying Patterns

Traditional square or rectangular white bathroom tiles can be used in many different ways in your design to create an element of interest. Rectangular shaped tiles for example can be laid in a traditional stacked format (either running vertically or horizontally across the walls or your flooring), they can be laid in the trending herringbone tile pattern or in the timeless brick bond style as demonstrated below. Using a contrasting coloured grout (deep greys, charcoals or even soft black coloured grouts for example) would create a sharp contrast that will emphasise the laying pattern of your tiles, adding a wonderfully timeless aesthetic to the overall design while also adding a sense of drama and pattern that will elevate the simple white bathroom tile.

Cloud Wall Tiles_White Bathroom Tiles

Our Cloud Wall Tiles are available in a wide assortment of colours that feature a gradual ombre effect on each individual tile to add a sense of character to a design scheme.

Using Different Shapes with White Bathroom Tiles

Using modern shapes to create a sense of pattern in your bathroom’s tiling scheme is another excellent way of introducing more character and personality to an otherwise white colour palette. Triangles, diamonds, penny round tiles and more can all be used to create interest and depth in a bathroom’s design scheme. Once again, you have the option of using a grout of a contrasting colour to draw emphasis on each tile’s individual shape. Alternatively, you may also choose to use a grout that will complement the tile’s colour so as to create more of a discreet feature in your bathroom design scheme.

Our Cleo porcelain tiles are used as a feature tile in this very modern black and white bathroom design scheme. The tile’s colour is complemented with a light toned grout, creating a discreet feature in the space.

Textured White Bathroom Tiles

Textured tiles provide a tactile finish in any design scheme, adding both character and charm. White bathroom tiles that include a textured element will instantly lift your overall design scheme to another level! Textured tiles include designs with etched or raised elements that create pattern as they play on light and shadow in a space. These types of tiles can be as pronounced or as discreet as you’d like with a world of options available to choose from. When using textured tiles as a bathroom feature wall, you may also want to consider including lighting fixtures in the space that will add a dramatic touch as they emphasise the patterns and textures on your selected wall tiles.

Signs_Handmade Tile

A handmade artisan tile collection, Signs features a unique combination of six different textures and patterns that can be laid together to create a stunning visual effect in your next bathroom design project. Unlike most textured tiles, this collection can be used as a floor tile as well as a wall tile, offering you more flexibility in your design scheme.

Using white bathroom tiles in your design scheme will guarantee a timeless choice however this style can sometimes feel a little flat. Using various textures, shapes or tile layout patterns, you can bring life and character to a simple white colour palette! Our team at Perini Tiles can recommend the very best bathroom tile options to suit your own unique style, budget and design with an ever-growing display of modern and traditional tiles available to choose from.