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Creating Luxurious Interiors with Marble Look Tiles

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 Marble look tiles offer a stunning alternative to traditional natural stone, providing a range of unique characteristics and benefits. These elegant tiles are available in a wide selection of classic and contemporary tile formats and styles, allowing for an endless range of designer looks to be achieved. We explore the differences between real marble tiles and marble-look tiles as well as a few hand-picked options that show just how versatile and varied these modern tiles can be!

Marble Look Tiles Vs. Real Marble Tiles: What is the Difference?

As the name implies, marble look tiles are not real marble and are simply designed to look like marble. Real marble tiles are made using quarried natural stone slabs that are cut to size. These types of tiles will feature naturally occurring veining and variations in pattern as well as a range of different marble types to choose from. Each different type of marble has its own unique style from the soft whites and greys of Carrara or Calacatta marbles to lush Jade green marbles or the deep charcoal tones of a rich Nero Marquina marble. Marble look tiles are usually made of porcelain or glass and are often used as an alternative solution to real marble tiles for a variety of reasons; these range from cost factors to cleaning and maintenance concerns as marble look tiles usually do not require sealing while natural stone tiles will. Marble look tiles are usually created using a high definition digital image of a marble slab that is printed onto the surface of the tile itself to create a realistic representation of marble. Although the incredible natural beauty of real marble tiles is next to none, these elegant tiles may not always be the right choice for a particular application so exploring different options is an excellent way of accommodating for a variety of needs when designing your home.

Jumble Porcelain Tiles

Marble look tiles can be used throughout the home to create dynamic and modern interior design styles. Our Jumble collection for example, is a rich porcelain tile option that combines a medley of different natural stone inspired pieces to create a bold patchwork effect.

Sustainable Design using Recycled Glass Tiles

Sustainable options for the home are becoming increasingly popular as we shift to better solutions that are not as harmful for the user or for the environment as their predecessors were. Glass for example, offers a sustainable choice for the home as glass is a material that can be put through the recycling process time and time again without compromising on the product’s integrity or quality. As such, you will notice many modern sustainable options for the home use recycled glass to create stylish new materials and finishes from kitchen benchtops to tiles and more. Our collections of recycled glass tiles offer a sustainable solution for the home that can be used throughout the kitchen, laundry or bathroom to create a lush look while also being more considerate of the materials used in the home; you will find more tips on creating a sustainable design scheme in our quick guide to creating an eco-friendly bathroom.

Zafra Marble Look Tiles_Recycled Glass Tiles

Our Zafra collection of marble look glass tiles are made using over 90% recycled glass. This elegant and luxurious wall tile option is available in a wide selection of tile shapes and formats, allowing you to experiment with a range of patterns. Being made of glass, these tiles feel cool to the touch, just like real marble tiles! Zafra will not require sealing and is resistant to staining and moisture, making them a popular bathroom tile option.

Large Format Marble Look Tiles

The term ‘large format tiles’ often refers to tile sizes larger than 600 x 600mm. These tiles will usually be made of porcelain as this material offers an incredibly strong and dense surface finish for both floors and walls. Large format tiles are a popular choice for those looking to reduce the appearance of grout lines in a design, being especially effective for tiling smaller spaces as their larger size will actually reduce the amount of visual clutter in a room, enhancing the perception of space. Large format marble tiles can be sourced in a wide range of exciting colour and pattern options, effortlessly mimicking the luscious organic look of a real marble tile. When purchasing large format marble look tiles, taking note of the tile’s V Rating is an important step. This rating refers to the amount of pattern variations you can expect in your tile order; as a general rule of thumb when it comes to choosing marble look tiles, the higher their V Rating is, the more pattern variations you can expect to see which in turn will enhance the tile’s realistic natural stone appearance.

Foggia Marble Look Tiles

Available in an impressive 600 x 1200mm large format, our Foggia collection includes a selection of ultra-realistic marble inspired options, each of which will create a sophisticated and timeless look in your design scheme. As with most porcelain tile options, Foggia is a non-porous tile that will not require sealing, providing a surface finish that is resistant to moisture, staining and heat.

Classic Carrara Marble Look Tiles

Carrara marble is perhaps the most popular natural stone option. Mined from the mountains of Carrara, Italy, this popular marble option features a soft white/grey base with luscious grey veining. Carrara marble will offer a more subtle look in comparison to other natural stone varieties, being ideal for creating luxurious and sophisticated design schemes without being too busy. As a result of the immense popularity of this natural stone option, you will find a range of luxurious marble look tiles available that offer a stunning representation of the real thing. Marble look tiles available in a classic Carrara style include timeless square tiles, herringbone tiles, chevron tiles as well as timeless subway tiles, being an incredibly popular solution for use as a bathroom wall tile or kitchen splashback tile.

Raffaello Marble Tiles

Suitable for use as an interior floor and wall tile. Our Raffaello collection is available in a selection of versatile formats, including a classic subway tile option.

Marble look tiles offer an excellent alternative solution to real marble tiles. These modern tile solutions are available in an endless range of exciting options, representing a variety of rich, earthy natural stones while also being a low maintenance alternative that is perfect for busy homes.

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