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Creating a Light Filled Space with Gloss Tiles

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Gloss tiles can be used strategically in your home’s interior design scheme to introduce more light and depth to your interiors. This technique is perfect for areas of the home that need brightening up: dark hallways, smaller bathrooms, kitchens or laundry rooms, and more. By incorporating gloss tiles in your interior design scheme, streams of natural and artificial light will be able to travel and bounce throughout the space, effectively brightening up any dark spots to create a light filled space. There are many exciting glossy tile options available to choose from with some of the most popular options being subway tiles, handmade tiles as well as metallic tile options that will add light as well as a touch of glamour to your interior design project!

Gloss Subway Tiles

The beauty of subway tiles is that their shape can be used to form an endless range of patterns from the classic brick bond style pictured below to the herringbone tile pattern and plenty more. Due to their smaller size and simple rectangular shape, subway tiles make for a perfect choice in the kitchen, laundry or bathroom as a feature element of your design scheme. Subway tiles can be found in a large range of different styles, textures and finishes, with gloss tiles being one of the most popular subway tile solutions. Another benefit of using a gloss finish in your subway tile kitchen or laundry splashback or in the bathroom is that the surface provides a sleek finish that can easily be wiped clean, offering a low maintenance solution for these busy (and messier!) areas of the home.

Lucida_Gloss Tiles

The Lucida collection is available in a selection of soft colours as well as gloss white tile options for a timeless look. These subway tiles can be used to create a range of different tile patterns or layouts from the classic brick bond pattern shown in the example above to the elegant herringbone tile pattern. Sleek, glossy and glamorous, these handmade look tiles will add a tactile finish in any space of the home while creating a light filled atmosphere.

Handmade Gloss Tiles

Handmade tiles offer a rustic and tactile look in the home thanks to their softly undulating surface finish, uneven edges and varying colours. These qualities are all a result of the hand making process, ensuring no two tiles are exactly the same to create a wonderfully lustrous and tactile quality in any application. Handmade tiles will often feature glass-like baked on glazes that form a protective barrier across the surface of the tile itself, eliminating the need for sealing. The undulating surface finish of the tiles paired with the glossy glaze creates a wonderfully liquid reflection, allowing light to bounce around the room while creating a dynamic feature element in your overall design scheme.

casablanca handmade tiles_Gloss Tiles

Our timeless Casablanca collection of handmade tiles presents a luxurious combination of textures, shapes and colours. This elegant handmade collection is available in a wide range of colours from deep aquatic blues, luscious greens and more. You also have the option of custom ordering your own preferred shapes and colours, allowing you complete control of your creative vision.

Metallic Wall Tiles

Metallic finishes in the home will further enhance the ability for light to travel through your interior spaces while also adding a layer of depth to your design scheme. You can introduce layers of metallic and glossy surface finishes throughout your interior design and decorating schemes with the use of luxurious wall tiles, hardware or fittings and decorative pieces, each of which will work together to lift the atmosphere of your home and create a space that is full of light and shine!

Chrysos_Metallic Tiles_Kitchen Tiles

Our luxurious Chrysos collection features a metallic glaze that reflects light throughout the home’s interior spaces while also offering a sense of depth in your design scheme. These elegant wall tiles are available in a selection of classic metallic options: Copper, Steel and Gold.

If you are looking to add more light and glamour to your home’s interior design scheme, using gloss tiles or metallic tiles will instantly brighten up and dark area while creating a sense of depth and elegance. From glossy ceramic wall tiles to handmade tiles or luxe metallic tiles, there are many options available that will enhance your interior design scheme. Our team at Perini Tiles can assist you through the tile selection process whether you are visiting us in person or shopping for tiles online!