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Creating a Feature with Geometric Tiles

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Geometric tiles can come in all sorts of styles or options from concrete tiles that feature ornate patterns on their surface to elegant mosaic tiles that interlock together to perform intricate designs, or luxurious and sophisticated natural marbles that are combined to create a show-stopping look. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to adding a stylish and personal touch in your home using geometric tiles as a feature!

Create a Feature with Concrete Geometric Tiles

Concrete tiles have long been a popular choice for the home as well as public spaces, providing an incredibly durable and hard wearing surface finish that will last a lifetime. Authentic concrete tiles continue to be made by hand using traditional techniques that have been passed down from one generation to the next. Iron stencils are filled with dyed cement mixtures to form patterns and designs in the individual tile. The tile is then passed through a hydraulic press where it is almost completely hardened in an instant before being left out to air dry. These types of tiles can usually be used as a floor and wall finish and will often feature vivid colours and intricate geometric designs, allowing you to experiment with a range of different options in creating the ultimate feature in your home!

Greg Natale Concrete tiles

A stunning handmade concrete tiles by Greg Natale, the Pavimento collection includes a variety of different patterns and colour options that will create a dramatic feature element in any area of the home! These tiles can be used in the kitchen or laundry as well as in living spaces for an elegant and sophisticated timeless style.

Sophisticated Marble Tiles

An opulent natural stone, marble is available in a wide range of naturally occurring colours and patterns. From the classic milky white of Carrara marble to the deep charcoal/black of Nero Marquina marble, this natural stone provides a timeless and rich look in any style of interior design. As there are so many different varieties of colourful marbles available, contrasting colours can be combined to create a refined and polished look in any style of home design, from classic to contemporary.

Labyrinth marble tiles_geometric tiles

Combining Nero Marquina, Thassos and Carrara marbles, the luxurious Labyrinth collection includes a wide variety of geometric pattern tile options, each with its own unique characteristics and style.

Combining Geometric Tile Shapes

Another exciting way to introduce more pattern in your home is to include a variety of tile shapes rather than classic square tile options that have patterns printed directly onto their surface. Combine a unique tile shape (such as diamond tiles, fish scale tiles and more!) with a tile grout of a contrasting colour to create a bold and intricate pattern in your home. Mosaic tiles are perhaps the most straight forward option to achieve this look as each smaller shape is attached to a mesh backing, making installation a breeze! Ceramic, natural stone or glass mosaic tiles can be sourced in an impressive selection of different shapes with each tiny mosaic tile interlocking with the next to create a stunning geometric pattern.

mosaic-tiles-marrakech_geometric tiles

The stylish Marrakech mosaic tile collection offers a vast range of colour options in an intricate star pattern. These stunning geometric pattern tiles can be used in the kitchen or bathroom to create ornate feature walls, adding a glamorous finishing touch to any design scheme.

Creating Texture with Mosaic Geometric Tiles

Tactile textured elements in the home will create a cosy yet refined finish. An abundance of textures in your interior design scheme adds a soft and warm touch that can easily be introduced with the use of wall tiles such as our stylish finger mosaic tile collections for example. Incorporating a variety of different textures in your tiling scheme will not only create a warm and inviting atmosphere but also introduce a strong element of pattern and energy in your design scheme, allowing you to experiment with a variety of finishes and materials in order to achieve the look and feel you are after in your home.

Suti_finger mosaic tiles

Made in Japan, the luxurious Suti collection offers a contemporary yet timeless aesthetic in the home while introducing a wonderfully tactile design element in your new interior design scheme.

Creating a feature in your home is simple with so many different geometric tile options available that will introduce a luxurious mix of colour, shape or texture in your new interior design scheme. From luxe mosaic tiles to elegant concrete tiles or even natural marble tiles, there are many different options available that will help you achieve the exact look you are after!

Our team at Perini Tiles will assist you through the tile selection process, offering expert advice and tips at every step of the way. Whether you are shopping for tiles online or visiting our Melbourne tiles store, we are always on hand to assist!