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Create a Timeless Bathroom Colour Scheme

Creating the perfect timeless bathroom colour scheme starts of course, with selecting the perfect bathroom tiles. Your new tiles will set the scene for the balance of your design’s colour scheme so starting with this decision first is the very best way to create that perfect designer look. There are many ways to ensure your new bathroom’s design scheme stands the test of time, from using your home’s existing architectural style as a design cue or creating a completely unique and personal experience in the design. 

Follow your Home’s Architectural Style

From traditional period style homes to sleek and modern new builds, using your home’s architectural theme as a guide for planning the perfect bathroom renovation can be an excellent place to start in creating a timeless colour scheme. Focusing on the era and styling of the dominant architectural features of the property can not only assist you in narrowing down your colour and material options but will also help you create a space that is truly timeless as your new bathroom will perfectly complement and embrace the style of the building itself. A beachside home for example could be designed in an elegant yet casual way, making Hamptons bathroom tiles the perfect choice for its interior. An architecturally designed contemporary styled home however could include sleek concrete or terrazzo tiles for an ultra-modern look that will perfectly tie into the home’s theme. 

timeless bathroom colour scheme

Offering a nod to the home’s heritage, this luxurious bathroom design by Perini Renovations uses the stylish Hola pattern tiles to tie in with a period style home while also incorporating a modern touch in the vanity design and bathroom fittings. 

Make it Personal

Another excellent way to create a timeless bathroom colour scheme is to simply choose the colours, finishes and materials that not only work best for your needs and space but also fill YOU with excitement! Step away from current trends and design styles and instead focus on the colours and materials that you find most attractive and aesthetically pleasing. Do you love bold colours? You will find an exciting array of luscious and vibrant colours included in our collections of handmade ceramic tiles for example that can be used to create a stunning feature element in your new bathroom renovation. Do you love the look and feel of aged brass? Select from a range of luxurious brass tapware and bathroom accessories to create an elegant and traditional look in your design. By using your favourite colours, patterns or materials in the design, you can ensure a space that will never go out of style and will always make you feel right at home. 

casablanca handmade tiles

Create a personal touch in your next bathroom renovation using brightly coloured handmade tiles. Our luscious Casablanca wall tiles are entirely made by hand in an array of deeply saturated colour options and a variety of shapes to help you create your own unique style.

Trend Vs. Timeless

If instead, you would prefer to include trending finishes or colours in your new bathroom design scheme, there are ways to incorporate these in a strategic way to ensure your bathroom’s longevity. As trends come and go the best way to include fashionable choices in your design is to incorporate items that can be easily changed around later on if your preferences change and as trends evolve over time. You may want to include a pop of colour in your bathroom fittings and accessories such as tapware, showers and towel rails for example; these items can be easily swapped over later on, allowing for an easy update to your bathroom as trends change in time.

bathroom colour scheme ideas

In the right style of home, gold hardware can truly add an elegant and timeless touch however it may sometimes appear out of place in an ultra-modern home. Thankfully, trending finishes in tapware and bathroom accessories can be swapped around later on as trends change, allowing you to create an entirely new look in your design. Our classic Calacatta subway tiles used in this space make for the perfect backdrop for any type of metallic finish, from chrome to brass.

Black and White Tiles

The endless appeal of classic black and white interior design themes is simply unparalleled. This classic theme can be used in a variety ways, each of which will create an entirely different vibe in your bathroom design scheme. Combining smooth and glossy materials and finishes in a black and white theme for example will create an ultra-luxurious feel whereas using a combination of more toned down finishes such as mattes and textures will create more of an earthy touch. Using a classic black and white palette in your next bathroom design project can be easily customised to create your perfect look!

Greg Natale designer bathroom tiles

The exquisite Greg Natale Bisazza mosaic tiles are used as a feature element in this black and white Art Deco inspired bathroom design, setting the stage for an elegant and luxurious interior scheme.

From keeping in line with your home’s architectural style to combining a range of classic black and white finishes, there are many ways to ensure your new bathroom’s colour scheme stands the test of time. Our team at Perini Tiles can help you curate the perfect bathroom colour palette inclusive of bathroom tiles, cabinetry finishes, paint colours and vanity tops for a timeless and consistent look in your next design project. Visit our Richmond Tile Showroom or book a free online design consultation to get started on your dream bathroom!