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Create a Statement with Outdoor Feature Wall Tiles

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Outdoor feature wall tiles can be used in your landscape, alfresco and pool design schemes to create a rich and dynamic statement. Creating a unique sense of personality in your outdoor spaces can sometimes pose a challenge as your options can be limited. Incorporating a variety of outdoor feature wall tiles however, will allow you to infuse your home’s outdoor areas with rich colours, patterns and textures, offering you more flexibility in your colour palette. We explore a selection of different outdoor feature wall tiles and how you can include these in your home’s outdoor design scheme to create your own unique sense of style!

Which Tiles are Best for Outdoor Walls?

Outdoor wall tiles can be found in a wide variety of different materials, each offering its own unique set of benefits and applications in your home’s outdoor design scheme. When selecting outdoor feature wall tiles, it is important to specify during your showroom consultation with our team whether or not your tiles will be exposed to the elements or laid in an area where they will be under cover. This will dictate the types of finishes and materials you can use as certain tile types will stand up better than others in different applications.

Toledo Outdoor Feature Wall Tiles

Add a bold pop of colour to your home’s outdoor design scheme with the ultra-modern Toledo collection! Available in a wide variety of retro inspired colours, Toledo is ideal for colour blocked styles or for experimenting with a combination of colours to create a unique look.

Outdoor wall tile options include:

Porcelain Tiles: Perhaps the most popular outdoor wall tile solution, porcelain tiles are famous for their incredibly low maintenance qualities. These tiles are resistant to moisture, heat, scratching and staining, making them one of the most versatile options.

Terracotta Tiles: Terracotta tiles have long been a popular choice, offering a rich and rustic sense of character when used as an outdoor feature wall tile or as an outdoor floor tile along pathways and in verandahs.

Natural Stone Tiles: From marble tiles to travertine tiles, natural stone tiles offer an irresistible charm in outdoor spaces. Their timeless and elegant qualities ensure a rich and sophisticated aesthetic whilst their longevity is next to none!

Ceramic Tiles: Ceramic wall tiles offer a lightweight wall tile solution that is ideal for creating dynamic features in covered outdoor spaces. These tiles are often available in more elaborate textures, shapes and patterns, allowing you to create stunning visual displays in your home’s outdoor spaces.

Glass Tiles: Glass tiles (usually glass mosaic tiles) are a standout feature of outdoor design. Available in an endless array of colours, glass mosaic tiles can be customised to create stunning murals and patterns, making for the perfect solution for outdoor pools or outdoor feature walls.

Concrete Tiles: A classic design choice you may have noticed as a paver in period style homes, concrete tiles (also referred to as cement tiles or encaustic tiles) will often feature elaborate patterns and luxe colour choices. These tiles can be used as a floor tile or wall tile in covered outdoor spaces, adding a rich and vibrant vintage touch to your design scheme.

Paver Natural Stone Tiles

Natural stone tiles are a classic choice for creating features in outdoor spaces, adding a rich and timeless touch to any style of home. Our Paver collection is available in an array of options that are designed to complement our Crazy Paver Large Tiles for a cohesive look.

Outdoor Feature Wall Tiles: Tiling your Home’s Façade

A great way to include more of a personal touch to your home’s outdoor spaces is to clad the facades with elegant outdoor wall tiles. It is important to note that your home’s outdoor walls will need to be able to support the added weight of the tiles – Make sure to discuss your options with your Architect and Builder to ensure the correct materials are included in the preparation of your walls before tiling your home’s facades.

Bata brick Tiles_Outdoor Feature Wall Tiles

The luxuriously rustic Bata collection is a porcelain tile option that can be used to clad your home’s exterior facades, adding a stylish brick style finish combined with the many benefits and immense longevity of porcelain tiles.

Porcelain tiles are the most popular solution for this type of application as their impressive strength and durability allow for a low maintenance solution. A non-porous material, porcelain tiles will not require sealing, further enhancing their low maintenance qualities. These types of tiles are available in a wide range of options to suit any style of architecture from rustic, brick look subway tiles to sleek, contemporary concrete inspired tiles.

Adding a Luxurious Touch to your Alfresco Area

Outdoor feature wall tiles are often used in alfresco spaces to add a touch of personality in the space. In covered alfresco areas where your outdoor wall tiles will not be exposed to the elements, you will notice that you have much more freedom in the types of tiles and finishes you can use. Although most outdoor tiles can be used in this type of application, the most popular choices include ceramic tiles, encaustic tiles and glass mosaic tiles. Each of these categories offers an impressive selection of more decorative wall tile options including rich colours and patterns, elaborate mosaic tile murals and more.

Create a Unique Look with your Choice of Pool Tiles

When tiling your new pool, there are a few different options you can choose from depending on the look you want to achieve and your budget. If you prefer to keep things minimal, tiling your pool’s waterline only is the way to go. This will protect the pool’s exposed shell from the elements while also creating a barrier between the shell and contaminants that may cause staining or discolouration (for example, as a result of ingredients in lotions or sunscreens that may transfer onto the pool’s exposed shell). If you are restricting your pool tiling to the waterline only, you may want to consider using a selection of elegant outdoor feature wall tiles that will add a luxurious sense of colour and pattern in your home’s outdoor design scheme. Porcelain tiles that are specified for use in outdoor pool areas are an excellent option here as they are available in a wide range of shapes and styles. Glass pool tiles are another classic option, offering an endless variety of colours that can be combined to create stunning murals and patterns. These same tiles can also be used to tile the entirety of your pool if your budget allows; this technique will offer you the best longevity and durability of your pool, completely protecting the pool’s shell while also allowing you complete freedom in how you choose to incorporate colours and patterns in your pool.

Murray_Pool Tiles_Outdoor Feature Wall Tiles

The stylish Murray porcelain tile collection can be used to add a touch of colour, shape and pattern to your pool’s waterline. Available in a selection of stylish colours in both gloss and matte options, the tile’s soft, undulating surface finish will create a shimmering display against the water.

Mosaic Outdoor Feature Wall Tiles

Creating feature walls in your outdoor spaces is not restricted to alfresco areas and building facades; you can also create stunning feature elements on your garden walls too! This technique will once again allow you to create a stunning personal feature in your home’s outdoor spaces while offering you the opportunity to get creative with how you choose to display your tiles. Porcelain tiles and glass mosaic tiles are often the most popular solutions for this type of application as there are many options available in these tile categories that can be comfortably used in outdoor applications where the tile will be exposed to the elements. Create stunning murals and works of art using your selected tiles to add a personal, artistic touch in your home’s landscaping design scheme!

When creating your home’s outdoor design scheme, seeing just how many uses there are with outdoor feature wall tiles will allow you to further explore your creativity to create a space that is truly personal to you. From luxurious porcelain or glass pool tiles to elegant encaustic or terracotta tiles for alfresco spaces, there are many exciting ways you can incorporate wall tiles to enhance your home’s outdoor features. Our Melbourne tiles store is constantly being updated with the latest in outdoor tile options from all around the world. Visit us to view our immense collection in person or start your tile selection journey in our online store where you can order tile samples to see in your own home.