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Create a Statement in the Kitchen with the Latest Splashback Tiles

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A kitchen’s splashback area allows you more creative freedom in your colour, pattern and texture selections than other areas of the kitchen would. This part of your design scheme offers a blank canvas where you can get much more creative in your colour selections than you would for items such as you kitchen benchtops or cabinetry for example. The latest splashback tiles include a diverse range of luxurious options from timeless terrazzo to dynamic patterns and plenty more, each offering its own unique sense of character and charm in the home.

Create a Feature with Terrazzo Splashback Tiles

Terrazzo tiles continue to be a strong feature of both modern and traditionally styled homes, offering a timeless and unique option. These ultra-durable and immensely strong feature kitchen splashback tiles are often made by hand. Assorted sized and coloured chips of natural stone (usually marble or granite) are scattered through a wet cement tile. When dried, these tiles offer an incredibly long-lasting and durable finish that is ideal for the home kitchen as they can be used as both a floor and wall tile solution that will effortlessly compliment a range of trending and timeless materials such as marble and timber for example. Terrazzo tiles are available in an endless selection of different shapes and colours, ensuring a luxurious option to suit a range of different interior design styles.

Terrazzo Tiles_Kitchen Splashback Tiles

Our luxurious Terrazzo tile collection includes a variety of elegant and modern neutral toned options in a selection of versatile sizes. These luxurious and incredibly strong tiles offer a long lasting tiling solution that can be used to create dramatic features in the kitchen.

Classic Subway Kitchen Tiles

Another timeless solution for the home, subway tiles have been reinvented time and time again since their humble beginnings. Subway tiles were first created to use as a hygienic wall finish in the underground subway stations of New York. A simple, sleek white finish, these tiles created an easy to clean surface finish in these spaces. Since then, the classic subway tile has seen many modern iterations, being available in an endless array of colours and textures to allow for more creative styles to be achieved in the home. Furthermore, their simple rectangular shape allows you to create a wide range of unique tile layouts; subway tiles can be laid in a traditional brick bond layout, they can be vertically or horizontally stacked, laid in a basket weave design, and plenty more! Modern subway tiles can be used in many different applications throughout your home’s interior spaces, making for an incredibly dynamic feature tile solution whether used in the kitchen or bathroom.

Modi Subway Tiles_Kitchen Splashback tiles

Available in a wide selection of rich and earthy nature inspired tones, the Modi collection features a stylish elongated subway tile option that will make for a stunning feature splashback tile in the kitchen.

Dynamic Features with Pattern Splashback Tiles

Pattern tiles allow for the ultimate in creativity, offering the opportunity to experiment with vivid bursts of colour, shapes and styles to create a distinct and charismatic touch in your new kitchen design scheme. Pattern tiles draw inspiration from a range of different styles to create modern interpretations of traditional looks. Classic encaustic pattern tiles for example, will often feature intricate designs and motifs and are often used in period style homes to add a sense of character to the overall design. Modern iterations of these styles offer rich and dynamic interpretations of these classic styles alongside more modern designs such as colour blocked tiles or contemporary geometric patterns. Mediterranean inspired tiles on the other hand will often include bold combinations of colour in more organic, flowing patterns to create dramatic features. These types of tiles are available in a vast range of luxurious designer solutions, allowing for a stylish option to suit any number of modern home styles.

Dolce Pattern Tiles

Our lush Dolce collection includes an impressive selection of dynamic colours and patterns to choose from. These luxurious Mediterranean inspired tiles feature rich tones of blue, orange and green layered in elegant repeating patterns that combine to offer a dynamic splashback tile solution.

Lush & Glossy Glass Tile Splashbacks

Pattern and texture can also be achieved in your new kitchen design scheme with the use of a luxurious glass tile splashback. Glass mosaic tiles can be sourced in an endless range of rich and vivid colours while also offering a wondrous range of stylish patterns to choose from. Certain collections of glass mosaic tiles can even be customised to suit your specific design preferences, allowing you to create stunning works of art using mosaic tiles in your own select range of colours and styles, offering the ultimate in creativity. Glass tiles are famously simple to keep clean and tidy as their sleek and glossy surface finish can easily be wiped clean. Glass is a non-porous and stain resistant material, making it a popular solution as a kitchen splashback. To further enhance your glass mosaic tile splashback’s cleanliness and ease of maintenance, you can pair these tiles with an epoxy grout. Unlike traditional cement based tile grouts, an epoxy grout is non-porous and will actively assist in the prevention of built-up dirt and grime. This type of grout is water resistant and stain resistant, making it an exceptional choice especially when paired with a glass mosaic tile.

Lust Glass Splashback Tiles

Available in a selection of luscious nature inspired colour options, the Lust range includes a combination of honed natural stone tiles and glossy glass tiles, offering a standout textured surface finish that will make for a stunning feature in the home kitchen.

Kitchen splashback tiles are available in an endless array of luxurious options from elegant glass tiles to terrazzo tiles and plenty more. Each of these spectacular designer tile options offers its own unique sense of character and charm in the home, allowing you the opportunity to get creative with your choice of colour, texture and pattern in your new kitchen design scheme. If you’re on the hunt for kitchen tiles in Melbourne, our Richmond tiles showroom houses an immense collection of stylish options to choose from including kitchen floor tiles in Melbourne, wall tiles and feature tiles. Visit us to browse our exiting range of luxurious tiling solutions while our team of experts assists and guides you though the selection process.