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Crazed Tiles: All your Questions Answered

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Crazed tiles will feature a luxurious crackle effect on their surface which adds a rich and tactile quality to any interior design project. When selecting these tiles, there are a few things to consider in order to ensure they will be the most ideal solution for your intended application. In this post, we explore the most frequently asked questions surrounding crazed tiles to help you make the best informed decision in your next tiling project.

What is Crazing in Tiles?

Often referred to as tile crazing or crackle, crazed tiles will feature tiny, hairline “cracks” in their surface. This crackle effect is formed by exposure to extreme temperatures (especially during the kiln baking process that ceramic and porcelain tiles go through) and is a design feature of certain collections of tiles where specific glazes have been incorporated in a tile’s design to deliberately create the popular crazed style. It is important to note that the tiles themselves are not damaged or faulty but rather, simply feature a crackled texture in their glazing that is a part of their character and design.

flounder fish scale tiles_Crazed Tiles

Elegant, rich and vibrant, the stylish Flounder collection features a classic fish scale tile design. These luxurious ceramic tiles are designed to emulate the characteristic appearance of an authentically handmade tile, complete with variations in their tone and texture. The tiles feature a crazed tile effect that further enhances their handmade appearance.

Crazing can also occur in laid tiles over time, especially in porcelain or ceramic tile collections. Once again, this is not a fault in the tile and the structural integrity of your already laid tiles is not compromised however, this can simply be a result of the materials used in the tile’s creation expanding at different rates over time. This can also be a result of rapid temperature fluctuations or extensive movement of a structural wall within the home.

Are Crazed Tiles Damaged?

Crazing in tiles is not a fault in the product and with the right care, your tiles will not pose a problem in your home as this is a characteristic that is quite normal of ceramic products. A cracked or broken tile is another issue altogether however! Damage to tiles can occur as a result of excessive force on the tile which in turn will cause an obvious break in the tile’s body. This scenario is different from tile crazing as the tile is damaged and will usually require replacing.

Do Crazed Tiles need Sealing?

Yes, Perini Tiles recommends crazed tiles be sealed at the time of installation and then every couple of years or so thereafter. This is because the hairline craze or crackle effect of these types of tiles still can expose the inner body of the tile beneath the glazed surface. As such, we would recommend that any tiles that feature a crazed effect in their design be sealed in order to be best protected over time. Sealing is also recommended so as to avoid your chosen tile grout from seeping into the fine cracks of the crazed tile and showing through.

Phi Phi Crazed Tiles

Our Phi Phi collection includes a wide selection of playful colours and neutral tones. Phi Phi features a luxurious high gloss crazed finish that enhances their dynamic look and colouring. These stunning feature tiles can be used as a wall tile throughout your home’s interior spaces as well as a floor tile in low traffic residential spaces (such as a powder room for example).

Does Crazing Affect the Integrity of my Tiles?

Crazing will not affect the integrity of your tiles as this is a normal characteristic (and a well sought after feature of many different types of tiles!) of ceramic and porcelain tile products. If however, your tiles are obviously broken or deeply cracked, this is a different scenario altogether and is not the same as tile crazing. In these situations, tiles may have been damaged as a result of excessive force on their surface or a dramatic shift in your home’s structure. It is advised that you reach out to your Tiler to inspect the tiles and diagnose the issue.

Where Can I Install Crazed Tiles?

Crazed tiles are a versatile design solution that can be used in most applications throughout your home. These tiles make for a luxurious kitchen splashback tile or bathroom feature wall tile for example, being available in an endless variety of colours, shapes and styles that will allow for a myriad of different designer looks to be achieved. Although crazed tiles can be used in a wide variety of applications, they are not recommended for use as a pool tile or within a steam shower as the extended exposure to moisture may damage the tile. In these situations, there are many different options available to use instead including certain porcelain tile collections or glass tiles for example.

Casablanca Handmade Tiles_Green Tiles

A dynamic handmade tile collection, Casablanca is an Australian made tile option that can be customised to suit your colour and shape preferences. These striking feature tiles also feature a lush crazed effect that adds to their characteristic charm and appeal.

Will Tile Grout go into the Cracks?

Grout can enter into the super-fine crackling effect of crazed tiles and can be difficult (if not, impossible!) to remove. With this in mind, it is important to seal your crazed tiles prior to installation, again after installation and then, every couple of years or so thereafter. This process will not only protect your tiles against moisture but will also prevent tile grout from entering the fine cracks of the tile’s crazed surface.

Crazed tiles offer a wonderfully rich and tactile look, being a popular design solution for the kitchen, bathroom or other feature walls throughout the home. These tiles will add a strong touch of personality and charm in any design aesthetic, creating a luxuriously rich quality. Crazed tiles are available in an endless selection of luxurious colours, patterns and styles, with a lush designer option available to suit any style of interior design!

If you are on the hunt for the perfect crazed tiles, we welcome you to view our ever-growing collection of stylish designer tiles in our Melbourne tiles store where our team is always on hand to help you through the selection process.