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Concrete Look Outdoor Tiles: Modern Trends for Outdoor Areas

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Concrete tiles have always been a go-to choice for outdoor areas thanks to the material’s impressive strength and longevity. These tiles provide a sleek and modern neutral toned backdrop to the lively and energetic colours of Aussie gardens, making concrete tiles especially popular. It is always important to note that although concrete is a man-made material it is porous in nature (similar to natural stones for example) and as such, can easily absorb liquids, oils and grimes without proper care and regular sealing. Modern tile-making technology has paved the way for more versatile options that are simpler to maintain and often much more affordable than traditional concrete. These tiles are made of porcelain and are specifically designed to simulate the delightful variations in colour and texture often seen in concrete while also offering a range of options from traditional concrete looks, terrazzo looks and even encaustic style options.

Modern Concrete Outdoor Floor Tiles

Concrete has been a favourite choice for outdoor applications for decades thanks to its incredible durability, strength and longevity. Concrete tiles are a popular choice for alfresco areas, paving and pathways, outdoor pool-sides and patios making concrete a timeless classic option for the home. As concrete is a porous material, using a non-porous porcelain concrete-look product instead is an excellent alternative choice for busy homes.

The elegant and modern Platform collection can be used to create a continuous look between your indoor and outdoor spaces, providing a wonderfully luxurious finish in the modern or contemporary styled home.

For those that are after an alternative option to traditional concrete that won’t require the same level of maintenance, porcelain concrete look outdoor tiles will give you the same style while providing a non-porous surface finish that will not require sealing to keep clean and tidy. These tiles can even be used in any adjoining indoor spaces (such as the living room or kitchen for example) to create a seamless connection between your indoor and outdoor living areas, perfect for the contemporary styled home.

Terrazzo Look Outdoor Tile Options

Traditional terrazzo tiles are made using assorted pieces of natural stones such as marble or granite as well as coloured glass chips that are set into a concrete tile, giving theme their distinct speckled pattern. As with traditional concrete tiles, terrazzo tiles are also porous meaning they will require sealing in order to help protect them from absorbing liquid spills and grime.

Aggregato porcelain tiles

Made in Brazil, the stylish Aggregato collection provides the perfect representation of traditional terrazzo finishes. These elegant outdoor tiles are available in a modern large format, allowing you to minimise grout lines in your outdoor design scheme.

Porcelain tiles will once again provide a non-porous and low maintenance finish for your outdoor areas while offering an ultra-realistic terrazzo look that can be enjoyed for many years to come! These stunning tiles will include the same variations in colour, tone and texture that are often seen in authentic terrazzo tiles, providing a classic and timeless look in your outdoor areas.

Decorative Outdoor Wall Tiles: Encaustic Look Tiles

Classic encaustic tiles were made popular in Victorian era architecture as their dusty colour tones and repeating patterns made for the perfect complement to the highly decorative style of the time. These tiles continue to be a popular choice for the home, being an exceptionally popular option as a decorative patio tile or decorative outdoor wall tile option thanks to their warm characteristics which add a charming quality to an outdoor design scheme.

The timeless Canaria porcelain tiles offer a modern interpretation of the traditional encaustic tile patterns using durable, non-porous porcelain for a low maintenance finish in covered outdoor areas.

Modern porcelain tile options that are designed to simulate the look and chalky matte feel of traditional encaustic tiles continue to use traditional patterns and colours while also introducing more contemporary design options to choose from. You will find a vast range of decorative outdoor wall tiles that include bold, vivid colours, structured geometric patterns as well as more traditional colourways and patterns, allowing you the ultimate in creative freedom when looking to add a personal touch to your outdoor design scheme.

Concrete and concrete look porcelain outdoor tiles can be used in many different ways in your landscaping design scheme offering a versatile option that is suitable for a range of different applications. Our team at Perini Tiles can recommend the very best outdoor tile options to suit your application; visit our Richmond Tile Showroom or schedule a free online design consultation to start working on your perfect outdoor colour scheme.