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Concrete Kitchen Tiles: Encaustic Tiles for the Home & Kitchen

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Concrete kitchen tiles (commonly referred to as encaustic tiles) have been used in interiors for hundreds of years, with their roots dating back to ancient times. These tiles provide a versatile and durable design solution for interior spaces while also adding a strong sense of character and charm with their dusty colour tones, smooth texture and intricate patterns. Concrete tiles have long been used throughout the home, being ideal for covered outdoor areas, in hallways and entryways. These tiles can also make for an exciting feature element in the laundry, bathroom and of course, in the kitchen.

What are Encaustic Tiles?

Encaustic tiles (or concrete/cement tiles) are made of a combination of wet cement that often includes pigments to create bold colours. The wet cement mixtures are poured into moulds or stencils before being passed through a hydraulic press to achieve a smooth, flat finish and remove any pockets of air within the tile itself. The tiles are then left to dry, resulting in a smooth, elegant and timeless piece that is a true work of art! You will find more in depth information on the rich history of encaustic tiles in our guide.

New Paradise_Concrete Kitchen Tiles

Designed by the talented Jason Grant, the New Paradise collection includes a range of different shapes and playful colour options that are suitable for use as a floor or wall tile throughout the home.

How to use Concrete Tiles in the Home

Concrete tiles have long been a favourite option for the home, making for an excellent choice for covered outdoor areas (such as verandahs or patios for example) as well as an interior flooring solution for hallways, living spaces and entryways. These tiles are also an excellent solution for the bathroom however they are often best avoided on shower floors as ingredients within many body care products can be harmful to them. They can comfortably be used as bathroom feature wall tile however and will make for a luscious finish in the kitchen and laundry as either a splashback or floor tile option.

How to use Concrete Kitchen Tiles

Concrete kitchen tiles can be used on both the floors and walls to create a dramatic and timeless statement in your design scheme. These hard wearing and durable traditional tiles make for a long lasting finish in either application. Thanks to the many exciting designs available, you are sure to find a perfect match for your new kitchen design scheme!

Atlantic_Concrete Kitchen Tiles

Our Atlantic encaustic tile collection offers a modern take on the traditional patterns and styles often seen in concrete tiles by combining a variety of colours with geometric patterns. This unique collection has been created by a selection of world famous designers in collaboration with Bisazza Italy and includes an impressive range of patterns, colours and designs to choose from.

Concrete kitchen tiles continue to be created using traditional methods, making for a wonderfully tactile finish in the home. Concrete tiles can be used to create a statement splashback that can include vibrant colours, geometric patterns or classical designs for a traditional look in your design scheme while patterned geometric designs or even solid coloured concrete tiles can be used as a kitchen flooring solution to provide a long lasting finish that is durable enough to withstand the higher amount of foot traffic that the home kitchen will experience.

concrete tiles

The stylish Concreto collection includes a range of colour options as well as patterns to choose from, allowing you to find that perfect look for your new kitchen.

It is important to note that encaustic tile are a porous material and as such, will require sealing in order to be properly protected from staining or marking. Their elegance and charm as well as their unparalleled longevity more than make up for this factor however! You will find more detailed information, including recommended products for sealing and cleaning your new concrete kitchen tiles in our Resources page.

Our Richmond tile shop houses an immense collection of encaustic and encaustic look tiles that can be used throughout your home to create vibrant and colourful designs.