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Complementing your Feature Wall Tiles with Grey Flooring

Grey floor tiles offer a wonderfully neutral foundation for your design, creating a strong sense of grounding without being too overpowering in your overall interior design scheme. The beauty of grey flooring is that this tone will pair extremely well with a large variety of different colours and textures to create a perfectly balanced design, providing the perfect contrast to bolder, more vivid colours, textures and materials that are most often used in feature tile collections.

Marble Feature Tiles

Natural marble tiles are available in a wide assortment of options, from bold jade varieties, the softer blush tones of Rosa Portugues marble, and of course the classic stylings of New York and Calacatta Marbles. Each and every different variety of marble will pair extremely well with different shades of grey, making for a high impact contrast in your design that is soothing and balanced. 

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The soft grey and white tones of the Hellin bathroom floor tiles allow the bold colouring of the Jade Marble feature wall tiles to stand out, creating a soft yet striking contrast in this elegant bathroom design. The varying shades of grey featured in the floor tiles also act as a means of uniting the white elements in the space: The flecks of white in the marble wall tiles as well as the white bathroom fittings, creating an elegant and balanced look.

Using floor tiles that feature varying shades (as demonstrated by the luxurious Hellin collection above), you can easily tie in different colours and materials, using these shades as a reference. As the Hellin collection shows soft, dove greys combined with a near white tonal variation, this particular tile will blend in perfectly in a bathroom that uses whites, greys or charcoal as well as a bold feature colour that will set off the entire look.

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A designer made porcelain tile, our Open collection perfectly simulates the natural veining and colouring of marble, creating a low maintenance alternative option to natural materials.

Alternatively, using a solid coloured floor tile will create more of a modern or contemporary look, boldly contrasting with the other elements of your design. The organic lines present in our Open porcelain tiles perfectly simulate the veining of a natural marble stone. In the above example, these soft fluid lines have been contrasted by a deep grey, solid coloured floor tile that creates a striking contrast while also acting as a means of grounding the overall design. 

Handmade Tiles

Many collections of handmade tiles often feature luscious, vivid colours paired with soft, organic lines and the undulating surface finish of a traditionally handmade product. Colours and shapes vary from tile to tile, creating a spectacular patchwork effect that instantly draws the eye making handmade tiles an excellent feature element in any design project. 

Grey floor tiles provide the perfect neutral foundation for these bolder feature tiles, allowing the exciting colours and patterns to be the main focus of your design without any distractions. Softer, light to medium grey tones are often the perfect accompaniment to handmade feature tiles as these tones complement the often bold colourways of these collections, providing just the right level of contrast. You will also find that darker toned grey floor tiles are often best paired with lighter coloured wall tiles in order to create a sense of balance in the space. 

Grey floor tiles

Our Arabian Handmade Tiles are used in this soothing bathroom design scheme to create a statement or feature wall, combining varying shades of green and emerald for a natural look. The soft grey tones of the floor and wall tiles allow the handmade feature wall to take centre stage.

3D Feature Tiles

Three dimensional effect feature tiles are becoming increasingly popular in interiors thanks to their unique ability to create a stunning display of light and shadow. Offering a wonderfully tactile surface finish, 3D feature tiles are the perfect solution to creating a sense of depth and dimension in any design scheme. These popular tile designs are available in a wide range of colours, patterns and shapes, with soft pastel hues being especially popular. 

Colours such as mint green, soft lemon, rose or blush and powder blue are especial favourites in 3D tile collections as their lighter tones allow for crisper shadows that will further enhance the raised surfaces and patterns. Although it may seem tempting to contrast these lighter pastel tones with darker hues, using a light to medium grey floor tile is in fact, the perfect fit! These hues will all work well together to create a strong sense of comfort while also ensuring a wonderfully light filled space. 

3D patterned tiles

Available in a stunning array of raised effect geometric designs, our Biscuit collection creates a playful vibe in your design scheme through the use of shape, pattern and colour.

Dark Grey Floor Tiles

Dark grey floor tiles are often a perfect fit for more modern or contemporary interior design styles as they create a stronger sense of grounding and contrast with your chosen feature wall tiles. These darker tiles can be used as a feature in themselves, making for a highly durable and easy to maintain flooring that also serves as a striking decorative element in your design. 

Rectangular shaped floor tiles especially can be used in a wide variety of laying patterns, from the traditional brick bond style to the vertical or stack bond layouts. With the right size and shape you can also create stunning herringbone or chevron layouts for a characteristic and warm touch to your design scheme. 

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Our Italian made Carnivale collection perfectly simulates the nuances and tonal variations of concrete in a hard wearing porcelain material. The collection is available in an exciting range of neutral colourways as well as styles and shapes such as the trending chevron patterns and herringbone tile layouts.

Grey floor tiles offer the perfect neutral surface for an impressive range of different feature tile options. From 3D effect tiles to vividly coloured handmade surfaces and plenty more, the combinations truly are endless! Our team at Perini Tiles can guide you through the selection process, assisting you with not only floor and wall tile options but also paint colours, cabinetry finishes and even benchtop selections. Visit our showroom or book a free online design consultation to get started on your next creative project!